Falsies and lash extensions are now a popular beauty trend. With this, you don't have to use mascara to get long, full lashes. For this purpose, is lash bonder necessary?

As the cosmetics and aesthetic beauty industry grows, it is essential to dissect the need for adhesives, or bonders – the assisting products used to stick falsies or extensions to your natural lashes.

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Is Lash Bonder the Same as Glue?

A lash extension bonder is an adhesive activator or eyelash extension sealant. It is an accelerator used in eyelash extension procedures. When used in conjunction with eyelash extension adhesive, it is required.

The lash extension bonder is not a glue but an adhesive agent utilized in the eyelash expansion application strategy.

Enhanced Adhesion

One of the critical roles of a lash bonder is to strengthen the adherence of the lash extensions. Doing so helps avoid early separation and ensures that the extensions remain in place for longer.

Longevity of Extensions

A lash bonder substantially increases the durability of lash extensions. It creates a tight link between natural and synthetic lashes, lowering the probability of extensions falling out prematurely.

Professional Finish

Using a lash bonder not only prolongs the extensions' life but also helps to a professional and polished appearance. It aids in creating a smooth mix of natural and synthetic lashes, resulting in a more natural look.

The Controversy

While many lash artists swear by using lash bonder, some believe it is not entirely required. This raises the question of whether creating long-lasting lash extensions without using a lash bonder is feasible.

Is Lash Bonder Necessary?

Considering the opinions and criticisms of professionals and the public, the following factors will help you decide whether lash adhesives are necessary.

Skills of the Lash Artist

Some lash artists can produce exceptional adherence and endurance without using a lash bonder. The approach utilized throughout the application procedure is critical in identifying the need for additional adhesives.

Quality of Adhesive Used

The quality of the glue utilized during the lash extension process is critical. A high-quality glue with good bonding qualities may eliminate the requirement for a separate lash bonder.

The Bottom Line

Summarizing the discussion on 'Is lash bonder necessary?', it is concluded that the utilization of lash adhesive still needs to be determined. While it undoubtedly provides benefits, such as improved adherence and lifespan, the requirement of its usage varies depending on the lash artist's competence and the grade of the glue used.

The Lash Professional claims to give you long-lasting lash extensions with a versatile blend of talent, high-quality supplies, and guidance on post-treatment care. We make the lash bonder a valuable but not a mandatory procedure component. As the beauty business evolves, you should investigate solutions that meet your needs and expectations!

January 31, 2024 — Umair Nazaqat