If you’ve ever got eyelash treatment, you might have questioned yourself, ‘Why do my eyelash extensions feel crunchy?’ at some point in life.

Have you ever had the strange impression that your eyelash extensions were crusty instead of soft or fluttery? There’s no need to worry because it is a common issue among lash aficionados, compelling many to wonder, ‘Why do my eyelash extensions feel crunchy?’.

Therefore, it is vital to reveal the probable causes of this crumbling eyelash sensation and how to keep your lashes beautiful and flutter-worthy without the crunch.

Residues of Excessive Adhesive Glues

The presence of extra adhesive residue is one of the critical causes of crunchy eyelash extensions. Lashing experts utilize specially designed glue to bind the extensions to your natural lashes during the application process.

However, if the glue is not applied carefully, it might seep into adjacent lashes, leaving a sticky residue that hardens over time, causing undesirable crusting.

Choose none other than The Lash Professional because our experts are proficient with years of experience. They keenly pay attention to each of the details during all sorts of eyelash applications and treatments.

It is recommended to clean your eyelashes on a regular basis. For this purpose, you can use our eyelash extension cleanser or remover to cleanse the remains of glue. Doing so preserves the richness of your natural lashes.

Extensions and Inflexibility

Another reason behind ‘Why do my eyelash extensions feel crunchy?’ is the overload due to too many extensions or mascara applications. Each natural lash can only hold a specific weight. Surpassing this limit can lead to stiffness and an uncomfortable crunch.

Our lash experts use a safe extension-to-natural lash ratio that ensures that the extensions enhance your lashes without impairing their elasticity.

While scheduling your lash appointment with us, convey your desires to your lash artist explicitly, and believe in their skill to achieve the ideal combination of volume and comfort.

Lack of Moisture and Conditioning

Your eyelash extensions, like your hair, require moisture, water, and proper conditioning to be silky and flexible. If your lashes have a brittle feel, it might be an indication that they are dehydrated. Dry lashes can be exacerbated by environmental conditions, such as low humidity or high heat, making them more brittle.

To combat this, include a lash-friendly conditioner in your cosmetic care routine. Our eyelash extension-specific solutions are formulated to feed and moisturize your lashes without disrupting the adhesive connection.

The Frictional Predicament

Rubbing or friction against your eyelash extensions might lead to an unpleasant, crunchy sensation. Excessive touching, forceful makeup removal, or sleeping face-first on your pillow can cause the extensions to lose their softness and stiffness.

Gentle treatment is recommended to keep your lashes supple. To prevent friction when sleeping, avoid touching your eyes, use a gentle makeup remover, and consider investing in a silk or satin pillowcase.

Clock’s Ticking: Time for Refill

Your extensions will shed naturally with your natural lashes as they go through their growth cycle. If your extensions have a crunchy feel, it might be an indication that they need to be refilled. Too much time between fills leads to unequal extension distribution, resulting in stiffness and an unnatural sensation.

Maintain your lash extensions on a regular basis to keep them in good shape. During each session, your lash artist may examine the condition of your lashes and make any required adjustments to keep them looking and feeling their best.

The Bottom Line

Thinking about ‘Why do my eyelash extensions feel crunchy?’ can be caused by numerous factors, including excess adhesive residue, lash overloading, a lack of moisture, friction, and late refills. You may experience long, pleasant lashes that enhance your natural attractiveness without the undesirable crunch by recognizing these probable reasons and following suitable maintenance measures.

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November 15, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat