Top 5 Tips for Applying Stunning Colored Eyelash Extensions

December 30, 2022 by The Lash Professional. 

Are your clients tired of the same old black or brown eyelash extensions and considering switching things up to try something bolder and more daring? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Colored eyelash extensions can be a fun and unique way to add flair, giving clients' makeup a flawless and glamorous look.

Even though trying lashes of different colors can be thrilling and fun, there are clear guidelines a lash technician must adhere to. You may wonder what these basic guidelines for applying stunning colored eyelash extensions are.

This article will guide you through the top 5 tips for applying stunning colored eyelash extensions to achieve the desired results. So, get ready to add some flair to your client’s lashes and help them stand out in a sea of sameness.

Top 5 Tips for Applying Colored Eyelash Extensions

Don’t Rush the Pre-Treatment Stage

Before you begin applying the colored eyelash extensions, it’s essential to start by preparing the lashes with pre-treatment. The treatment process includes cleaning the natural lashes using a gentle cleanser.
Next, you need to apply a primer that helps extensions adhere effectively. Rushing the pre-treatment step messes with the entire process and leads to undesired results. Even though you may get tempted to rush or skip the pre-treatment stage, don’t ruin the client’s moment to shine.
Whether doing it to yourself or your client, the pre-treatment stage is all that makes the difference between having a good or bad experience. When pre-treatment, ensure you wipe out dust, grime, or makeup around the lashes. This lets you start with a clear base and sets you up for success. 

Always Use a Map

Never underestimate the importance of using a map or mapping when applying colored eyelash extensions. Failure to use a map increases the chances of getting lost.

Using a map lets you know where to place each lash extension. Besides, a map guides you to achieve the desired symmetry before getting to work. Using a lash map is vital for applying colored extensions; however, it’s even more vital if you’re working with layers.

That way, you can easily determine which extension to place on a given layer of natural lashes. Whether working with layers or not, put your mapping skills into practice as early as possible.

Pro tip: Often, keep your eye open or ask your client to keep their eyes open to establish the center of the eye accurately. 

Place The Eye-Extensions Correctly, Pointing in The Right Direction

Getting your lash direction correctly comes with a lot of practice. One thing that most people get wrong is the lash direction which stems from the incorrect placement of the under-eye patch. So, ensure you have the under-eye patch placed correctly. If you get the base direction correctly, ensure the outer corner lashes fan outwards, not straight ahead.

The eyepatch should be placed gently from one side and pressed down along the rest of the eye line. Follow a “sunrise-like” pattern to achieve the proper shape. Also, ensure the lash tips point in the direction that your style requires.

Last but not least, have a small mirror at hand. It’s an excellent tool for work, especially when doing delicate procedures like applying colored eyelash extensions. 

Match The Eye’s Color

Select lashes that compliment and suit your eye color. Choosing the right colored eyelash extensions enhances the eye’s natural color.

For example, brown eyes are enhanced by warm tones such as caramel and golden, whereas blue eyes benefit from cool tones like navy or purple.

Consider the eye’s natural color when choosing colored extensions for your project. Matching the eye’s color gives a flattering and cohesive look.

Play With Layers

Your placement of layers influences the effects you can achieve as a result. Therefore, you need to place colored lashes at various layers. If you want to blend the lashes with black extensions while remaining visible, put them in the middle layer.

Note that putting the lashes in the bottom layer gives clear visibility, which may not be what you’re after. Therefore, prioritize having the lashes at the middle layer. In addition, you need more volume of colored lashes if you’d like them to stand out as a lash artist.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, applying colored eyelash extensions should be done in the correct procedure for the best results. This includes being gentle and avoiding excessive pulling. Check out the Lash Extension Certification for more information on placing the best lashes.

Remember to choose a color that complements the natural lash color and skin tone, and be sure to properly care for your extensions to maintain their vibrant color and longevity. Whether you choose a bold and bright hue or a more subtle and natural shade, colored eyelash extensions can add a pop of personality to any look. 

With these tips, your clients can confidently rock colored lash extensions and show off their unique style.

Tax Write-Offs for the Beauty Industry: Lash Tech's Guide The Lash Professional

Tax Write-Offs for the Beauty Industry: Lash Tech's Guide

Tax Write-Offs for the Beauty Industry: Lash Tech's Guide

March 22, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

Artists don’t have to worry about taxes, right? Wrong. Sorry, lash babe, but if this is your first year on your journey toward a lash empire, you may be in for a surprise: You have to file your lash tech taxes. Yuck.

But there’s some good news: There are plenty of tax write-offs for the beauty industry. And with this quick and simple guide, you’ll have everything you need to take full advantage of them. Read on to get the scoop on cosmetologist tax deductions and how you can use them to make your business even more profitable.

Understanding Cosmetologist Tax Deductions

Before we dive into the deep end with a long list of tax write-offs for the beauty industry, you may be wondering “What even is a tax deduction?”. It’s pretty simple: Cosmetologist tax deductions are items you can use to reduce the amount of business income you have to pay taxes on. So, if you pull in $100K and come up with $20K in tax deductions, you only have to pay taxes on the remaining $80K.

That’s the goal, right? Nobody wants to pay their hard-earned income to the IRS, but we all have to. However, if you put these tax write-offs to work when you do your lash tech taxes, you won’t have to pay as much as you think.

Examples of Tax Write-Offs for the Beauty Industry

We know what tax deductions are now, but what does that mean in real life? Tax write-offs for the beauty industry can look a lot of different ways. Here are some of the most important ones to think about when it comes time to file your lash tech taxes:

  • Equipment. Tweezers, extension tools, glue, remover, primer, the extensions themselves, chairs, and any other equipment or supplies for your lash business may qualify as tax write-offs.
  • Rent. If you’re renting a space for your business, the rent you pay each month very likely will count as a cosmetologist tax deduction.
  • Advertising. You don’t have to pay for advertising for your business, but it’s a good idea to consider it if you want to grow your lash empire. A bonus? It’s a tax write-off for the beauty industry.
  • Licensing fees. The costs of your beauty license (as defined by your state’s laws) may be deductible from your lash tech taxes.
  • Improvements made to your business. When you put money into your lash business, you usually can deduct it from your taxes. Not all improvements qualify as tax write-offs for the beauty industry, so it’s important to check with a tax professional.
  • Business insurance. If you have business insurance like workers’ compensation, you may be able to subtract what you pay for it from your taxable business income.

It’s important to keep in mind that many of these cosmetologist tax deductions will only apply in specific situations. These write-offs are a good starting point, but it’s best to talk to a tax professional about what you can actually deduct.

Costs to Keep Track of when It’s Time to File Lash Tech Taxes

Ready for the truth? If you only start thinking about beauty industry tax write-offs around tax time, you’re going to have a hard time. Why? Because your friendly neighborhood IRS professional wants you to show your work. You can’t just guess that you spent $20K on rent. You need to prove it.

With that in mind, you need to keep detailed records about everything you spend for your lash business throughout the year. Keep receipts and break them down by dates and categories. Here’s a list of costs it can be helpful to keep track of:

  • Rent
  • Gas mileage when you travel for anything related to your business
  • Anything you spend sprucing up or redecorating your business space
  • Fees you pay for your business bank account and cards
  • Everything you pay for your website and other promotional assets
  • Any fees you pay for professional services for your business, such as legal fees, tax preparation fees, and similar

Grow Your Business with the Lash Professional

No one ever said lash tech taxes are easy, but they definitely start to feel a lot easier once you get a handle on all the possible tax write-offs for the beauty industry. At The Lash Professional, if there’s anything that can make a lash artist’s life easier, we’re here for it. And cosmetologist tax deductions are definitely going to make your life easier.

While we can’t do your taxes for you, we can hook you up with everything you need to start or grow your lash business. If you’re thinking about starting your lash business, check out our startup course. And if you want to level up your lash skills, we have courses for that, too. Something else our team can help you with? Contact us online or give us a call at (480) 588-5160.

Free Eyelash Extension Marketing Materials and Templates The Lash Professional

Free Eyelash Extension Marketing Materials and Templates

Free Eyelash Extension Marketing Materials and Templates

January 31, 2022 by The Lash Professional. 

Hey, babe, we have some troubling news. Just like money doesn’t grow on trees, customers don’t fall from the sky. The horror! You have to catch the attention of potential clients with a banging lash extension marketing strategy.

We know! It’s an extra step, but luckily, marketing your business can be fun. And with the help of your, ahem, favorite lash professionals it should be an easy task. We’ve got your back — keep reading.

Eyelash Extension Marketing Tips and Tricks

Focus Your Marketing Campaign

Babe, we like to think that we can do it all, and we can! But when it comes to your marketing campaign, it may be beneficial to focus on a few key elements so you do a few things fabulously instead of everything mediocrely.

What does that mean?

If you’re just getting your business off the ground, you might not yet have the budget for a massive print media campaign. In that case, you could do well by focusing your marketing on social media posts, getting your name out there in the community by using relevant keywords. Of course, you could also decide to print some brochures and hand them out to passers-by to introduce yourself both to new customers and other businesses!

You have options! Just don’t try to do them all at once.

Take Advantage of the Internet

Now, before picking up some outdated marketing tell-all book, it’s worth remembering that in the digital age, what constitutes effective “marketing materials” is just a liiiittle different from the past.

Print ads, brochures, and flyers may have done the job a few years ago. Nowadays, social media posts, email marketing, digital ads, and SEO all play an outsized role. People spend so much time online that a marketing strategy that doesn’t try to reach them on the web is likely doomed to failure. That won’t be you, though, right? Nope!

Don’t get discouraged! We love a handy and shareable aftercare card. Just make sure you’re also including marketing materials that consider online users.

Build Trust

You’re asking your clients a lot to trust you near their peepers. Trust takes time to build, and it starts with your marketing materials.

Your eyelash extension marketing materials should reflect reality. It’s one thing to include touched-up photos in your marketing materials, but another to post or share things that are false about your facilities or services. Let your before and after lash extension photos speak for themselves. No need for deceptive editing.

Don’t overpromise and underdeliver! Just be your honest, authentic, lash-loving self in your eyelash extension marketing materials to make a good first impression.

Personalize Your Marketing Materials

The most important thing to remember when creating eyelash extension marketing materials for print, digital, or social media is to make sure they’re engaging, shareable, and reflect your brand.

Include your logo (if you don’t have one, make one!), a catchy slogan or tagline (Don’t have one? Write one!), and of course, your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail, Facebook and Instagram profiles, and so on).

Likewise, make sure your brand is cohesive across all marketing materials. If you have a fun brand persona, let that shine, from your eyelash extension Instagram account to your print brochures. If you want to reflect a more serious tone, maybe opt out of GIFs and memes on your materials. Understand your brand, and do what’s right for your brand.

Eyelash Extension Marketing Materials Samples and Templates

Don’t think we left you hanging. We have some free (yes, free) eyelash extension marketing templates and materials for you to consider.

  • Postermywall has hundreds of eyelash extension marketing templates. Download a template that speaks to you or draw inspiration.
  • Word of mouth referrals might be the best marketing tool. Give your clients something to talk about and share with potential clients with a beautiful aftercare card.
  • This eyelash extension marketing material isn’t necessarily free to you, but it could be free to your clients. Free lash swag is an unexpected gift at the end of an appointment that also serves as a way to get your brand in the community.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! Feel free to make any of these eyelash extension marketing material suggestions your own, and start raking in those clients.

Make Yourself More Marketable with The Lash Pro

By the way, you can do something else to make yourself more marketable aside from sharing flashy eyelash extension marketing materials.

The Lash Professional has a wide range of lash extension classes that can help you build up your eyelash extension skills, or build upon the knowledge you already have. Providing quality lash extension services to your clients will lead them to recommend you to others. Since word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective marketing strategies, this is not an aspect of marketing that you should ever overlook.

To make sure you’re the best lash tech that you can be, check out the many online courses offered by The Lash Professional today. They’re convenient and affordable and can help you lash with expertise and confidence!

Lash Retail Tips on Selling Lash Retail The Lash Professional

Lash Retail Tips on Selling Lash Retail

Lash Retail Tips on Selling Lash Retail

September 8, 2017 by The Lash Professional.

How to sell retail, and the benefits of selling retail.

Selling lash retail can be an important part of your job. It’s also a great way to make additional income for your business. However, we understand that sometimes it can feel intimidating and awkward. While its important to stay current and knowledgeable about the best products on the market, you never want to be pushy or make the client feel pressured to purchase something they are not interested in. We believe that if you are knowledgeable, excited and informative about the products that you carry, clients are more likely to listen to your suggestions.

Here are a few pro tips that we have come up with to help you get excited about selling lash retail!

Carry products you love!

1) Carry quality lash retail that you truly love and believe in! It’s much easier to talk about and and sell products that you have personal experience using, and/or have witnessed the results of, on others. If you love a lash product and truly think that it works wonders, tell your clients! Clients love to get the inside scoop, and “pro tips” that you use to keep your own (or other clients’) lashes looking their best!

Share your experiences!

2) Be honest, not pushy. No one likes that overly pushy sales person when they are shopping. The last thing you want is to make your client feel uncomfortable or pressured to purchase something that they are not interested in. Alternatively, if you truly love a product and you think that your client would also love it and/or benefit from using it, then tell them. Share your experiences, and simply explain why you believe they could benefit from its use.

Don’t sell, let the products sell themselves.

3) Only suggest products that you truly believe will benefit your client. And don’t do it on every visit, even if you carry a lot of products that you love. If clients are coming to you regularly for appointments, and you are suggesting a new product each time they come in, they may start to discredit your personalized suggestions, even if you mean well by it.

Be honest.

4) Develop a trusting relationship and good rapport with your clients. When your clients trust you as lash specialist, and truly believe that you have their best interest in mind, they are more likely to listen when you make product suggestions, especially when it comes to their overall lash longevity and health.

Less is more!

5) Less is more! We suggest carrying only few items that you really love and want to share with your clients. (For example, we suggest carrying only one lash serum, one lash cleanser, one mascara, and one makeup remover.) Having too many options can be confusing for clients, especially if you are suggesting competing product lines.

Buy in bulk.

6) Profit from sales. When offering retail in your salon, buy in bulk. We offer savings for items ordered in bulk quantities. Therefore, you can price items at a reasonable rate for clients, but still make a profit off of items sold.

Take care of your clients.

7) Taking care of client’s needs. If a client is looking for a good way to clean their lashes, wants to find an oil free mascara, or wants to try out a growth serum, it is helpful to have products on hand for purchase. Also, when a client uses products that keep their lashes clean, strong and healthy for longer, it makes your job as a lash artist much easier.

Hopefully these tips give you a better understanding of the benefits of carrying and selling lash retail. Also, we hope it gets you excited to share the products that you love with your clients!




Best Videos, Courses, and Resources on Eyelashes Extensions The Lash Professional

Best Videos, Courses, and Resources on Eyelashes Extensions


July 9, 2021 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

Hey there, lash babes! Today we have something special for you. We’ve compiled the best lash extension videos, courses, and resources! Yes, you read that right — we’ve created a one-stop shop for everything lash-related you’ll need to succeed right at your fingertips.

The Lash Professional has done the dirty work of researching the best eyelash extension video training, certifications, and much more. There’s no need to spend hours scouring the internet for these awesome lash resources because we already did it just for you and created an easy-to-navigate page.

Let’s get started with the lash extension videos first!

Best Videos on Eyelash Extensions

As you may already know, there are tons of eyelash extension videos on YouTube that are free to watch. We even have our own YouTube channel filled with educational videos for all you lash artists out there. Below are the top-tier Lash Professional video recommendations for learning all about lashing like a pro.

    The Lash Professional YouTube Channel

    The Lash Professional YouTube channel is home to the best eyelash extension videos available. Here are some of the videos we suggest you check out!

    Other Fab Lash Videos

    Watch these lash extensions videos to brush up on your skills or learn a new method!

    More YouTube Channels We Recommend

    There are plenty of lash babes killin’ the game who have YouTube channels of their own! Here are just a few gals we think are perfect to learn about lashing from.

    • Danielle MountDanielle is a beauty boss who slays it with videos about business, motivation, and beauty. She has awesome tutorials, vlogs, and Q&As we just love!
    • LashBox LALydia, the global education director at LashBox LA runs a wicked channel filled to the brim with lash guides, step-by-step tutorials, and plenty of tips!
    • Kari DesignsKari is a super sweet lash babe who shares her best advice on YouTube. She has videos reviewing products, about her lash journey, and even a lash room tour. Check out Kari’s channel!
    • FabuPRO. Yulia Da Silva’s channel, FabuPRO is a great resource for lash stylists because Yulia is super knowledgeable about all things lashes. She shares her expertise and her fun personality in her videos.

    All of these YouTube channels are run by lash bosses just like you! Watching videos is one of the best ways to learn about eyelash extensions because you can get step-by-step instructions and see different techniques. Step up your game with these eyelash extension videos!

    Best Courses on Eyelash Extensions

    To become a certified lash technician, you need to complete at least one eyelash extension training course. There are plenty of options to choose from at different price points, but we recommend taking The Lash Professional classes. Our reliable sources tell us they guarantee high quality training!

    Our courses are taught by professionals at a moderate price and are perfectly suitable for any lash babe!

    The Lash Professional Lash Extension Classes

    The Lash Professional lash extension classes are perfect for anyone training to become a professional lash artist or are current lash artists alike! We offer a variety of different eyelash extension courses to suit your needs.

    The Lash Professional eyelash extension courses are $375 each and you can choose from both live in-person and online class options. At the end of a course you will even receive an official lash certificate to hang proudly in your lash studio!

    Fabu Academy Lash Extension Classes

    Yulia Da Silva’s Fabu Academy has all the tools you need to become a lash master. Fabu Academy classes run at $297 and include an official lash certificate once you finish the course. It offers easy-to-follow guided coursework and a complimentary starter lash kit.

    After completing a lash training course, you will be ready to show off your mad skills to the world and dazzle clients. Giving clients the lashes of their dreams is the most rewarding part of the job and makes every day worth it. Becoming a lash technician will be one of the best decisions you ever make, hands down!

    Lash Out Pro Lash Extension Classes

    Lash Out Pro’s lash extension classes are another option you could go with to become a certified lash technician. They offer future lash pros a three-part online training course for $199 plus $220 for the eyelash starter kit.

    The course focuses on health and safety, application and removal techniques, as well as pricing and marketing your lash business. It is a great intro into the lash industry and will set you up for success!

    Whatever course you choose, you will be in good hands. Schedule your lash extension classes now and become the best lash artist around town! You’ve got this, girl.

    Best Resources on Eyelash Extensions

    We have to be honest, babes, you aren’t performing at your best if you aren’t improving your skills! Trends and techniques are constantly evolving, and it’s an ongoing process to stay on top of the game. Check out our favorite places to learn all about lash extensions.

    The Lash Professional Blog

    The Lash Professional Blog is the place to be as a lash artist. We have tons of educational blogs ranging from guides to lash extensions and eyelash extension kit essentials to how to set up your studio.

    If you are looking for high-quality reading material about eyelash extensions and the profession, look no further. We have everything you need!

    Here are some of the essential blog posts we recommend to become a knowledgeable boss babe.

    Other Blogs We Recommend

    Diversify your reading material with these lash ladies killing the game and providing helpful material as they do.

    • LashBox LAHailing from the City of Angels, LashBox LA has a blog that is just as educational as it is aesthetically pleasing. This blog’s posts are sure to wow you with their beautiful images and unique topics!
    • GladGirlBabe, you’ll be glad you stopped by the GladGirl blog. These lash ladies have over 30 years of experience in the industry! And they’re sharing all of that experience on their blog with you. Why wouldn’t you check it out?!
    • EBL LashesEyelashes by Lindy’s blog shares lots of informative articles about the eyelash extension industry as well as tips and tricks! Finding helpful lashing advice is easy on the EBL Lashes blog.

    Read up on the latest lash trends and build your knowledge base. Become the lash gal who knows it all!

    Get Started Today

    Start your lash journey today! Check out all the resources and guides we offer at The Lash Professional and head to our shop to pick up all the supplies you’ll need to become a lash pro!

    Now that you have all the resources you need, get started today and show the world the boss babe you are!

    How to Create Natural Looking Lash Extensions for Your Clients The Lash Professional

    How to Create Natural Looking Lash Extensions for Your Clients

    How To Create Natural Looking Lash Extensions for Your Clients

    July 20, 2021 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Educated. 

    It may come as a shock to lash artists around the world, but not every client is looking for a dramatic lash look. Crazy, I know! But it happens more often than we expect. If a client comes in wanting natural-looking lash extensions, we need to know exactly what to do to achieve that lash look. Here are some things to consider when creating natural eyelash extensions!

    Key Elements of a Natural Lash Look

    Whether your client wants a natural set or not, there are a few key elements that should be considered before every client. The first is the CLDC, or the curl, length, diameter, and color of lash extensions. The second is the material your lash extensions are made out of. We’ll take a look at each of these factors in more detail so you can be fully prepared to wow your clients with the most natural lash extensions.


      Start by choosing a natural curl. The D Curl lash extension, and sometimes even the C Curl, are not very natural. These are curls we use when we want to lift or dramatize the lashes. For a more natural look, consider starting off with the B Curl eyelash extensions. Take some time to study your client’s natural lashes’ curl…and match it! Anything curlier than their natural lashes may not appear natural. Not sure where to start? Reference our Eyelash Extension Curl Chart to gain a better sense of what curls will work for the au naturel style.


      Use a natural length! Never in the history of ever has anyone (ever) had 15 mm lashes (naturally – and if they have, they are a rare being!). So no, you wouldn’t want to use 15 mm length on your client who is requesting a natural eyelash extension look. Depending on your client’s natural lashes, you’ll generally stay at around 12mm and under in length for natural-looking lash extensions!


      Stick with a natural diameter. This isn’t a hard thing to do, babes. Simply match the extension diameter to your client’s natural lash diameter or something only slightly thicker. Our natural lashes are not thick. I mean I have THICK lashes, but even so, they are only about .15 mm in diameter. So, try to steer clear of .18 mm, .20 mm, and anything thicker! Too thick of a diameter may not be the look your client is wanting.


      One of the best ways to achieve a natural look is to choose a natural color! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to avoid the purples and pinks, but don’t skip out on considering brown! Black lash extensions are the most common, but brown lashes sometimes add that little extra “oomph” of next-level natural-looking lash extensions! Black lashes aren’t a bad way to go, but give brown lashes (like The Lash Professional’s Brown Lashes) a try! You might be surprised at just how natural and stunning they look on your client.


      The last element in designing the perfect natural-looking eyelash extensions is the material. Here at The Lash Professional, we’re a big fan of the faux mink lash! However, silk and synthetic lashes are also viable options for a natural look. Whichever you decide, be sure to stick with the CLDC basics to achieve your client’s dream lash look.

      A combination of these factors, in just the right variation, will give your client exactly what they are looking for! Figuring out that perfect equation is up to you. Remember each of these when choosing the right lashes, keeping in mind that the more curl you choose, the less length and diameter the lash should have. The more length you choose, the less curl and diameter the lash should have! Follow our handy chart as a guide to creating the best natural-looking lash extensions.

      There are just a few more factors to choose from before you reach into your professional lash kit to get the supplies you need and start lashing! We’ll dive into those in the following sections.

      Choosing Classic vs. Volume Lashes

      Now that you’ve chosen the perfect lashes to use on your client who’s requested natural eyelash extensions, you’ll need to make a critical decision — are you going to do classic or volume?!

      Yes, it’s possible to do natural-looking volume lashes! All you have to do is consider the CLDC first (of course, your diameter will need to be in the volume lash range of .03mm-.10mm). To achieve the most natural lash extensions with volume lash fans, just keep your fans smaller; less than five lashes per fan should do the trick. Classic lashes (like these L Curl lashes or classic C Curl lashes) are a safe choice, but try to spice it up a little and do a natural-looking volume set! Below you can see the difference between a natural volume set (left two photos) and a natural classic set (right two photos).

      You may even consider doing a hybrid natural lash look, combining a mix of classic and volume! Hybrid lashes look great and are an easy way (when you’ve chosen the right CDLC) to create a natural-looking eyelash extension set. You can even complete this look in a shorter amount of time because of the ability to fill more space at once, leaving your client more time in the day to flaunt their new natural lashes!

      Choosing Eyelash Extension Style and Pattern

      Just as you can do classic or volume lashes to create natural-looking extensions, you can create just about any style and pattern, too. You will, however, want to consider two things when designing or planning your style and pattern.

      • “Natural” lashes are shorter toward the inner and outer corners, so consider this when planning.
      • “Natural” lashes are never all the same length, so choose a few lengths to use and stagger throughout the set.

      If you can remember those two things when determining a style and pattern, you’ll be good to go! Obviously, a look such as the “cat-eye” isn’t necessarily a natural style, but it may complement your client’s eye or face shape. With the right combination of CLDC and material, this could be a stunning natural eyelash extension set.

      Asking for Natural Lashes

      New lash clients may be unsure of what exactly to ask for when it comes to achieving a natural eyelash extension look. To help your client prepare for their lash appointment and come equipped with all the information they’ll need to achieve their dream lash look, consider offering the following tips:

      • Start with research! Instagram is a great place for clients to see previous lash looks and find an example of the look they’d like. If you’ve compiled a portfolio of your work online, you can even provide them that link so they can see your fantastic lash skills.
      • Share what tools you have. If your shop is fully stocked with every kind of lash out there, let your clients know that the sky’s the limit.
      • Be open to questions! New to the world of natural eyelash extensions, your client is bound to have some questions and will want to be clued into the lash extension process. Be patient and answer their questions to the best of your ability so they feel comfortable and ready to enter the lash life.

      I’ve given you the main points to consider when creating natural-looking lash extensions, the rest is up to your expert judgment! You are in this lash industry for a reason, so I know you can create some of the most stunning work ever!

      Slay the natural lash look game with these helpful tips and be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see the awesome work you are doing!

      Eyelash Growth Cycles: A Guide for Lash Artists The Lash Professional

      Eyelash Growth Cycles: A Guide for Lash Artists

      Eyelash Growth Cycles: A Guide for Lash Artists

      February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

      As lash artists, losing lashes is the last thing we want! But did you know that we actually lose lashes regularly during the eyelash growth cycle? That’s right — every few months, you grow a whole new set of beautiful, natural lashes! If you’re wondering how this growth cycle works or how you can promote healthy natural lashes during this cycle, we’ve got you covered. We hope you’re ready to learn because class is in session!

      Eyelash Growth Cycles

      Ready for a biology lesson, babes? We’ve got the rundown on eyelash growth cycles. At any given point, your eyelashes are in one of three phases — Anagen, Catagen, or Telogen. Let’s take a look at each one and what these mean for growing those stunning natural lashes we all dream of.

        Anagen Phase

        The Anagen phase, or the active growth phase, is where your eyelashes begin to bloom. Your natural lashes are using a blood supply to fuel their active growth during this stage of the eyelash growth cycle. Only a small portion of your lashes will be in this phase at one time, which is why your lashes still hold their luscious look. The Anagen phase can last anywhere from 4-10 weeks, giving your lashes a chance to grow to their full potential.

        Catagen Phase

        During the Catagen phase of the eyelash growth cycle, your eyelashes have reached their full length and stop growing by shrinking the hair follicle and detaching from the fuel supply. Your lashes will stay in this transition phase for about 2-3 weeks before moving to the final phase of the eyelash growth cycle.

        Unfortunately, in the instance that a lash falls out or is removed during the Catagen phase, the eyelash will be unable to grow back until the cycle finishes and the Anagen phase begins again. That’s why lash artists have to be so careful with lashes because we never know when they’re in this transition phase!

        Telogen Phase

        In the final phase of the eyelash growth cycle, your lashes live out their final days before the Anagen phase begins again. This is known as the Telogen phase and lasts about 4-8 weeks. In this shedding phase, your newly grown natural eyelashes begin to slowly fall out of the hair follicle in order to make room for new lashes. If you notice your lashes falling out all on their own, don’t stress! It’s just the Telogen phase working its magic.

        Tips for Growing Healthy Eyelashes

        Whether you’re trying to grow your own stunning set of natural lashes or looking to offer advice to your loyal clients, we have a few favorite tips and tricks to growing long, luscious lashes during the natural growth cycle!

        Invest in a Lash Serum

        It never hurts to give our lashes a little help in the growing department! Investing in an eyelash serum or offering this high-quality lash product to your clients can promote beautiful lashes throughout the eyelash growth cycle. The Golden Rule when it comes to lash serum? Make sure you know what’s in the lash serum! If you wouldn’t put it on your own lashes, you won’t want your clients using it either. Research the best brands of eyelash serum and understand when to use it before applying.

        Avoid Rubbing or Pulling on Lashes

        You never know what growth phase your lashes are in, and the last thing you want is to damage your lashes or experience lash loss by being too rough with your natural eyelashes! Avoid any harsh movements against your natural lashes, such as rubbing away makeup or pulling at your lashes as you apply a serum.

        Thoroughly Remove Makeup

        And when we say thoroughly, we also mean gently! Makeup build-up in your lashes can stunt the growth of your natural lashes and prohibit the eyelash growth cycle from functioning properly. We know you love applying that mascara for a dramatic night-out look, but make sure that you carefully and thoroughly wash it off at the end of the night before your head hits the pillow!

        Follow All Lash Aftercare Steps

        As lash pros, we know just how to take care of natural lashes and eyelash extensions alike! But sometimes, our clients could use a little help with knowing just how to handle their new lashes. Luckily, we’ve created a downloadable lash template that you can hand out to all your clients! This guide comes equipped with an eyelash growth cycle explanation and the best lash aftercare steps to keep eyelashes happy and healthy!

        Your clients rely on you to know your stuff, so hopefully, this eyelash growth guide can help you explain why caring for your natural lashes is so important! Interested in learning more about all things lashes? Check out our eyelash extension classes to become the most knowledgeable lash babe in town!

        How To File Taxes as a Lash Artist: Requirements, Tips & Advice The Lash Professional

        How To File Taxes as a Lash Artist: Requirements, Tips & Advice

        How To File Taxes as a Lash Artist: Requirements, Tips & Advice

        September 1, 2021 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

        Congratulations — your dreams have come true and your lash business is absolutely booming! However, while we’re thrilled about this growth, the increased income can make tax season a little daunting. Luckily, we’ve got all the information you’ll need to file taxes as an artist, including the lowdown on cosmetologist tax deductions. Read on to learn how to file your taxes as a successful lash artist.

        Tax Requirements

        Filing taxes as an artist is an overwhelming feat. There are many aspects to keep track of when filing taxes — it makes total sense to feel unsure about what information is vital. But don’t worry because we have you covered.

        When it comes to filing taxes as an artist, most lash artists are considered “self-employed” in the eyes of the IRS. This means that your personal and business taxes are intertwined. You must meet the IRS’s criteria to distinguish yourself as a business. If you’re feeling unsure about where your business falls based on these criteria, don’t be afraid to ask a professional for their assistance.

        Once you’ve established yourself as a business on a federal level, you’ll need to take a closer look at your state’s specific criteria. Every state has unique guidelines for filing taxes as a business, so be sure to research these before submitting your forms. The last thing you want is to have your taxes filed incorrectly!

        Once you’ve confirmed your business status and before tax season rolls around, you’ll want to start keeping track of all your expense and income items. This includes information such as:

        • Income from your sales
        • Advance payments
        • Salaries paid out
        • Office rental cost
        • Cost of equipment and supplies
        • Business insurance

        These are only a few things you’ll need to file your taxes as an artist. Next, we’ll give you a few tips to expedite the process and ease your nerves.

        Tips for Filing Taxes

        On the bright side, many lash babes before you have gone through this exact situation — us included! We have a few tips up our sleeve to help you through the process. So as you prepare to file your taxes, keep these tips for filing taxes as an artist in mind.

          Look into Write-Offs

          Cosmetologist tax deductions could save you a ton of money! When you’re ready to file your taxes, consider what you may be able to write off as a tax deduction. This may include rental fees, business supplies, licensing costs, and more. Make sure you keep track of these expenses so when the time comes to write off expenses, you can do so accurately.

          Consult with a Tax Professional

          When in doubt, ask the professionals! You’d want your clients to come to you with their questions, so why wouldn’t you consult a tax professional when you need help?

          Tax professionals are trained in all aspects of filing, including self-employment. These professionals can help you identify viable cosmetologist tax deductibles as well as help you file your taxes. Ask questions, raise concerns, and follow along in the process so you can learn how to properly file your taxes moving forward.

          Keep Your Tax Information Organized

          Organization is essential, lash babe! As the year goes on, keep an organized system to track your expenses. When the tax season rolls around, you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips. There’s no need to search for hours for that one receipt that could save you money!

          Additionally, you’ll want to file your previous tax forms away for safekeeping. That way, you’ll be able to reference previous tax years if necessary.

          Consider Overestimating

          It’s better to overestimate your tax payments than underestimate and have to fork over extra cash. When planning how much your tax expenses are likely to be, always lean toward the higher side. If you end up overestimating, that just means you’ll have more cash in your pocket than you thought you would.

          Level Up with The Lash Professional

          Though filing taxes as an artist can be overwhelming, it’s also a sign that your business is growing! Filing taxes = success, right? And if you haven’t started your business yet, now’s your time to shine! Check out The Lash Professional’s course on how to start your own lash business!

          Things to Know Before Starting an Eyelash Extensions Business The Lash Professional

          Things to Know Before Starting an Eyelash Extensions Business

          Things to Know Before Starting an Eyelash Extensions Business

          February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

          Hey, lash babes!

          Today, we are going to talk all about how to start a business doing eyelash extensions. We will take you through the steps you will need to complete before starting your lash business. If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss and wow clients with your lash designs, you’re in the right place!

          If you are just starting to plan your eyelash extensions business, congratulations! This is going to be an exciting and rewarding venture. The Lash Professional is here to help you along the way. Read on to learn more about starting an eyelash extensions business.

          How To Start an Eyelash Extensions Business

          There are lots of moving pieces that work together to start an eyelash extensions business. But, don’t worry! You’ve got this, babe. Let’s take a look at what steps you need to take to start your business.

            Take a Training Course and Get Certified

            The first thing you will need to do is take a lash training course and get certified. Luckily, we offer the best eyelash extension training courses for up-and-coming lash artists.

            First, you will learn all about the pre-application steps such as health and safety measures and the natural lash growth cycle. Then, our lash professionals will teach you about extension curl types, application techniques, and styling for different eye shapes. Lastly, you will learn how to safely remove extensions and how to price your eyelash extension services.

            After you complete a lash extension course, you will get a certificate you can proudly hang in your lash studio. Next, prepare for launching your business by taking The Lash Professional’s Lash Business course.

            This course specifically is great for those looking to start their own lash business.

            Build Your Lash Stash

            When you take one of The Lash Professional training courses, you will receive an eyelash extension starter kit with everything you need to do lash extensions. This kit includes extensions, tweezers, lash adhesive, gel remover, and more. We even offer large eyelash extension starter kits with extra supplies.

            Start practicing with these supplies until you feel confident; then, you can expand your lash stash and purchase more products. Check out The Lash Professional shop for all things lashes!

            Research and Practice

            The next step in how to start an eyelash extensions business is to watch tutorials, read articles, and practice. Practice is key! The more you practice, the better your lash looks will turn out. Find friends or family members who would love an elevated lash look and use them as models. Remember to take pictures of your work to share on social media for your business.

            You also can read blogs and watch video tutorials to fine-tune your skills. Thankfully, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created an eyelash extensions resources guide. After finishing this article, head over to see all the amazing tutorials, YouTube channels, and blogs we recommend.

            Set Up Your Lash Business

            The Lash Professional Eyelash Extensions Business course will go through all of these things, but it’s important to choose a legal business structure that works for you. Determine the location of your business, price your services, create a monthly budget, figure out your taxes, etc., before launching your lash extensions business.

            You will also want to choose a lash booking system for clients to book appointments through.

            Market Your Business

            So, you’ve launched your fabulous eyelash extensions business, and you’ve worked with your first few clients. How do you spread the word about your business and gain more clients? Through lash extension marketing, that’s how!

            Use social media to promote your services, tell everyone you know, and maybe even create a client referral program. This will boost your new lash business to the next level. Choose at least one social media platform to be active on for your business. The more you get your name out there, the more clients you will create gorgeous natural lash looks for!

            Woo hoo! You’ve successfully started a lash extension business. You are well on your way and have turned your side hustle into a full-blown business. Keep marketing your business even after you have a steady stream of customers and enjoy the fun of being your own boss.

            Keep Slaying the Game

            Now you know how to start an eyelash extensions business. So go out and get started, boss babes!

            We are so excited that you are on your way to becoming a professional lash artist. We know you are going to wow your clients and have them coming back for more. We hope this guide to how to start a business doing eyelash extensions was helpful in your lash artist journey.

            The Lash Professional has the highest-quality eyelash extension suppliestraining courses, and educational resources available. Be sure to check out our other blogs. We’re sure you will learn something new!

            Should I Add Professional Eyelash Extension Services? The Lash Professional

            Should I Add Professional Eyelash Extension Services?

            Should I Add Professional Eyelash Extension Services?

            April 27, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

            Eyelash extensions are a high profit service with a low overhead cost that will boost your business and bring you clients. Be prepared to watch your business grow quickly!

            Providing eyelash extensions to your clients is about more than just enhancing their natural beauty. The friendships you will build, the laughter you will share, and the inspiring stories you will hear are only a few of the treasures you will unlock in your new career as a lash artist! We believe that connecting with other women is a main key to becoming the best version of YOU.

            What better way to connect with sisters, both existing and new, than through providing the most beautifying service in the beauty industry?

            Sign up now!
            How to Choose A Lash Extension Training Program The Lash Professional

            How to Choose A Lash Extension Training Program

            4 Reasons Our Lash Extension Training is the Best

            May 3, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

            Okay, we totally get it, you have a million of options for your lash education. And, we can honestly say that you have a million FANTASTIC options (including us, of course).



            The Lash Professional understands that everyone learns differently. That is why our extensive manual wasn’t written by one single person.  One person couldn’t do the job justice. Our extensive eyelash extension manual was written by a group of lash artists who have been in the industry for years upon years upon years. These women combined their expert knowledge and different teaching methods to create a manual that was able to teach every learning style. But, they didn’t stop there. The manual was then sent to another group of experienced lash artists for review and feedback. After months and months and some more months, The Lash Professional was able to release the manual. A manual that more than 10 experienced lash artist’s touched with their knowledge and personal style. Not only was our manual created this way, so was our class. This group formed what The Lash Professional is proud to call our Eyelash Extension Education.


            Part of our lash extension training is hands-on. Actually, that’s incorrect, a huge portion of our lash training is hands-on. With that being said, if our classrooms has more than 5 trainees, we provide 2 experienced lash instructors. We do this, because we want to give you the time you need to succeed. AWESOME. The more instructors per class, the more personal time for you. No brainer! Bring on the education.


            The Lash Professional knows that learning a new skill, with new people, can sometimes be a little overwhelming. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on your education. The energy of your learning environment is extremely important for your success. The Lash Professional takes great pride in creating an uplifting, supportive learning environment so you can focus on what’s important: your education.


            So, you took the eyelash extensions training course but while practicing you had some questions come up. Guess what, you’re trainers are still available. Your education doesn’t stop after your training. It’s endless. Yep, that’s right. You can email your trainers with questions, anytime. We get it, there is tons of information and somethings questions can come up after the training course. The Lash Professional trainers are here to make sure you have the knowledge you need to become successful in the lash industry. Also, you may retake the class. Yep, that’s right! You may take the same class as many times as you wish FOR FREE. Again, we are here to help you become successful in the lash industry and we will do anything in our powers to make that happen lash sister.

            We are so excited to be able to offer this hand-on, detailed training to you. We hope we get the opportunity to meet you! And, sometime soon.

            How to Attract Clients to Your Lash Salon & Grow Your Business The Lash Professional

            How to Attract Clients to Your Lash Salon & Grow Your Business

            5 Ways to Attract Lash Extension Clientele

            June 19, 2017 by The Lash Professional. 

            The most important part of growing a successful lash business, is building and maintaining a loyal clientele.

            Eyelash extensions is a service that need to be maintained regularly, in order to have a successful lash business, it is very important to do what you can to keep your clients happy and loyal. Happy clients are also a great source of advertising, because if they love your work (and you) they will tell everyone they know, sending more clients your way, which is the best type of advertising, because its FREE!

            Here are a couple of tips for creating a great customer experience for your lash business:


            1. Create a comforting and welcoming environment.

            The client’s experience begins the second that they walk through the door. Therefore, make their first impression a good one! (Greet them with a friendly face and tone. Have an aesthetically pleasing environment. Play calming and soothing music.)

            Make sure that your work station is clean and organized, that your lash bed is comfortable and cozy, and that the temperature of the room is set appropriately. (We suggest having additional blankets on hand during the colder months, so clients can get cozy, relax and even doze off if desired.

            2. Try to read your client’s energy and adapt accordingly.

            While it’s crucial to be super friendly and professional with every client, it’s also important to read your client’s energy and to pick up cues to the experience they are looking for.

            Are they super chatty and want to get to know you, or talk about their day?

            Either way, remember to be both professional and kind. You want your client to feel comfortable, safe and taken care of.

            3. Keep your clients well-informed.

            If this is your client’s first experience with extensions, explain the natural lash shedding cycle, aftercare and upkeep. This is not only so they know how to best care for their lashes after their appointment, but also so they have reasonable expectations for the retention of their extensions. (We recommend giving a handout to first time clients with instructions for aftercare, as something they can reference later if they have questions.)

            Send your clients home with their own spoolie brush (or mascara wand) for combing through their lashes to keep them laying straight, fanned out, and looking their best.

            4. Get to know your client.

            Inquire as to why they are getting extensions. Are they getting married? Maybe going on a vacation? Or are they simply getting lashes to make their morning routine easier?

            This also gives you an opportunity to give them more specific tips for aftercare and retention. (Examples: How to keep your lashes looking best when on vacation, or when getting professional wedding makeup done.)

            If you do end up chatting with your client throughout their appointment, try to remember a few key details about them & something you may have talked about.

            If needed, make a few notes in their file, so you have something to refer back to. This not only shows that you were paying attention, but also that you care to get to know them.

            Be professional, but friendly. You want your clients to look forward to their appointments with you, not only because if the great work that you do, but also because they enjoy their time spent with you.

            5. Go the extra mile.

            Did your client have an abnormal amount of fall out, or possibly go through a shedding cycle? Did they just have their wedding, or come back from vacation, with their lashes slightly more out-of-sorts than usual? If so, spend a little extra “courtesy lashing time” on them.

            Spending even just an extra 15-30min, free of charge, to get their lashes back to full and fabulous, shows not only that you take pride in what you do, but also that you care about them looking and feeling their absolute best.

            **Yes, we agree that your time is valuable, and if the same client is coming in with mass-shedding issues every time, you may need to spend some time talking with them about possible causes for the extra fall out, or you can start booking out longer appointments for them, or even have them come in to see you more often. But, if its a rare occasion, and you do have the time, hook them up! They will be forever grateful!

            Being a little flexible on your working hours is another way that you can go the extra mile for your client. On occasion, being willing to stay late or come in early for a client that needs a last minute appointment, or to get in before a trip or special event, shows that you care.

            Clients will become loyal fans of yours, not only because you do good work, but also because they feel well taken care of, and that you have their best interest in mind. Nothing is more valuable for your lash business than client references. If your client has a good experience, they will share it with the people closest to them. If they have a great experience, they will shout it out over the rooftops for everyone to hear. Give your client a reason to rave about you, and watch your clientele grow!!

            HAPPY LASHING!!