April 24-26
Classic, Volume & Mega Volume
3 Certifications
3 models (1 per day)
15% off TLP products for life
AFFIRM AND PAYPAL Financing available 
Houston lash training details

OKAY LADIES, NOW LET’S GET IN FORMATION! Houston, it’s a good thing you are known as the world capital for space exploration because your lashes are about to be out of this world!

Get ready for a combined classic, volume, and mega volume online eyelash extension training in Houston with the best trainers in the industry. Learn how to create lash looks that will rival QUEEN B herself!

So what will this lash training in Orlando cover? Let’s take a closer look!

The online eyelash extension training course gives you full access to our extensive library of instructional video tutorials so you can learn at your own pace. Our master lash trainers created these videos to teach lash babes like you all you need to know about classic, volume, and mega volume lash extensions.

You will need a mannequin to practice the lashing techniques taught in this online lash extension course for Orlando. Lucky for you, we know the place to find the best reusable mannequins for lash extensions. The other eyelash extension tools such as adhesive, cleanser, and more will be provided to you when you register for your class. We will send you a lash kit full of all the supplies you will need to complete the online training portion!

Online and Live Lash Training in Houston

The Lash Professional is all about learning how and when you can! That’s why we offer a mix of online and live eyelash extension training courses. 


We understand you lash babes have busy schedules, which is why we created a class that has a perfect mix of online and live. Our online lash training should be taken before the live class. It is designed to let you learn the information and more of convenient pace. Start your learning journey with detailed video instructions where you can watch each technique brought to life! As you work your way through our in-depth curriculum, you’ll have your inclusive lash kit and a detailed manual by your side. 


After you complete our online lash training we meet for 3 days to take your skills to the next level. Our live course gives you the opportunity to learn in real-time from experienced lash professionals over the course of 3 days. Once you’ve completed the course, you can throw a celebratory lashing event to show off your new certification!

Benefits of Training with The Lash Professional

Network with Other Lash Babes

Networking is key to growing your clientele! You’ll have the chance to meet fellow lash artists, swap techniques and stories, and even market your business. If you’re traveling from another location, a fellow lash professional from elsewhere may know someone in your area who is looking for a new lash artist.

Gain a New Confidence

From new lash artists to trained pros looking to advance their skills, lashing babes alike can gain renewed confidence in their abilities with these courses. You’ll have the chance to refresh old skills or learn all new techniques that can improve your lash extensions and wow your clients!

Learn How to Stock Your Studio

If you’re new to the industry, you may be wondering what supplies are really necessary for your studio. With our extensive lash kit, you’ll learn exactly what tools and supplies you’ll need to meet your clients’ expectations and impress them with your skills. You may even gain some inspiration from fellow lash artists about how to set up your studio!

Don’t miss out on the chance to hone your skills and learn from a caring community of lash professionals! 



Pre- Application

Product Knowledge

Health & Safety

Workspace Preparation

Natural Lash Growth Cycle

Allergies & Irritants

Anatomy of the Eye

Adhesive Bonds 

Client Consultation

Body Positioning


Diameters of Extensions

Extension Curl Types

Extension Style & Design

Weight of Extensions

Styling for Eye Shapes

Creating Symmetry

Securing Bottom Lashes

Irritation Minimization

Isolation Techniques

Proper Adhesive Usage

Post- Application

Completion Steps

Retention Troubleshooting


Full Gel Removal Process

Single Extension Removal

Client Aftercare

Pricing Your Lash Services


Pre Application

Product Knowledge

Health & Safety

Workspace Preparation

Natural Lash Growth Cycle

Allergies & Irritants

Anatomy of the Eye

Adhesive Bonds

Mastering Humidity

Lash Cure Mister Theory

Volume Application

Volume vs. Classic Lashing

Volume Lashes vs. Clusters

Volume vs. Premade

Diameters of Volume Extensions

Extension Lengths

Extension Weights

Base Placement

Styles of Fans

Troubleshooting Fans

Styles of Sets


Volume Techniques

Fluff and Fan Method

One by One Method

Shimmy and Fan Method

Adhesive Pulse Method

Sticky Strip Method

Pinch Method

Tweezer Pinch Method

Volume Fan Wrapping

Post Application

Retention Troubleshooting

Removing a Volume Fan

Removing a Volume Full Set

Volume Pricing


Pre Application

Product Knowledge

Health and Safety 

Natural Growth Cycle

Handmade Fans vs Premade Fans

Extension Curls, Diameters and Lengths

Weight of Extensions

Determining Correct Weights to Use

Signs of Stress on Natural Lashes

Advanced Fan Creation

Mega Volume Tweezers

Advanced Adhesive Knowledge

Creating the Perfect Base

Perfecting Fan Widths

Creating Symmetry and Consistency

Correcting Split Bases

Advanced Attachment

Mega Volume Techniques

The Pinch Method

The Tweezer Pinch Method

The Sticky Strip Method

The Fluff and Fan Method

The Adhesive Pulse Method

Advanced Styling

Mapping Layers

Advanced Layering Effects

Creating Dimensional Sets


Mega Volume Pricing


Yearly Profit



6 Mixed Lash Trays

2 Precision Tweezers

TLP Tweezer Case

N1 Adhesive

N3 Adhesive

N5 Adhesive

Lash Tile

Lash Cleanser

Practice Lashes


Lash Wands

Liquid Applicators

Paper Tape

Plastic Tape




Students must provide models (one per day).

Classes are held Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday or Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The online portion must be completed before the 1st day of class.

Classes are non-refundable but transferable. Students can reschedule at no additional charge up to 7 days before the scheduled date of the course.

Financing available through Affirm and PayPal!

If deposit option is chosen the remaining balance is due a week before the 1st day of class.

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