Eyelash extensions are a fantastic technique to obtain voluminous and fluttery lashes without using mascara daily. These extensions, often composed of synthetic strands or silk, are individually affixed to your natural lashes to give them a fuller, longer appearance. They come in various lengths, curls, and thicknesses to accommodate varied tastes. But can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

One of the prevalent issues among lash extension fans is whether using mascara on these extensions is safe or even essential. The quick answer to this question is yes. If you feel like your lashes have gaps in between them, you can apply slight mascara coats to fill these spaces for a fuller and voluminous look. However, some experts suggest that you should not prefer applying mascara on the lash extensions.

Mascara Substitutes for Extensions

If you're wearing classic lash falsies, applying mascara would be manageable. If you have voluminous or hybrid lash extensions, it would be a better decision than the mascara application, which would make it off-limits.

Therefore, it is suggested to go for mascara substitutes instead of finding positive answers to 'Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?'.

Lash Sealer or Coating

Instead of mascara, use a lash sealer or coating formulated specifically for extensions. These solutions aid in the protection and extend the life of your extensions while causing no damage.

Applying Eyeliner

You can also apply a long-wearing or thin liquid liner to make the base root of your eyelash extensions thicker.

Lash Cleansing Routine

Using a mild lash cleanser, you may maintain your extensions clean and voluminous without mascara. This technique eliminates dirt, grease, and makeup residue, cleaning the extensions.

Significance of Professional Guidance

While using mascara on eyelash extensions is typically prohibited, consulting a competent lash specialist is essential. They can provide tailored recommendations depending on the type of extensions you have and the style you want.

Why Should You Avoid Mascara on Extensions?

For maximum safety measures, you should avoid putting mascara on eyelashes for the following reasons:

Damage Risk

Eyelash extensions are sensitive and easily harmed by the components in mascara. Most mascaras contain oils, waxes, and other ingredients that might damage the extensions' adhesive connection, leading them to separate prematurely.

Clumping and Flaking

Although mascara is intended to create volume and length, using it on extensions can cause clumping and flaking. Mascara strands can adhere to extensions, creating an unappealing and sloppy look.

Difficulty in Removal

To avoid tugging or hurting the extensions, remove mascara from the extensions in delicacy and gentle ways. Regular makeup removers may not be suited since they may include elements damaging to the extensions' life.

The Bottom Line

Summarizing the debate on 'Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?', it is concluded that despite being a normal practice, you should avoid applying it. The attractiveness of eyelash extensions is based on their ability to provide gorgeous lashes without mascara. While it may be tempting to accentuate them with mascara further, this is a dangerous option that might jeopardize their endurance and attractiveness. Instead, check into lash sealers or focus on keeping a clean regimen to keep your extensions looking great.

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November 22, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat