Lash extensions provide fluttery, full-lash appearance without the trouble of applying mascara every day. Yet, many people are concerned about how to put on eyeliner with lash extensions. You can enhance your eye-look without jeopardizing your lash extensions with a few secret tips.

Let's take a look at how to put on eyeliner with lash extensions so that it doesn’t disturb the luscious voluminous look of your captivating gaze!

Preparation is Essential

Make sure your eyes and lashes are clean and dry before applying eyeliner. To remove any residue or oil buildup, use a mild, oil-free makeup remover. To keep the lash adhesive's integrity, completely dry them.

Choose Eyeliner Formulas Wisely

Choose oil-free eyeliner formulations since oil-based cosmetics might damage the lash glue, producing premature shedding. Gel or liquid eyeliners with a tiny brush tip are great for accuracy without causing lash straining. Pen eyeliners can also be used, but they must be soft and sharpened for a flawless application.

Technique Is Important

Begin by holding the eyelid tight to allow for a smoother application. Place your pinky finger on your face to balance your hand while drawing a perfect line. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and work your way outward in little strokes. Keep in mind that less is more! A small line is enough to draw attention to your eyes without overwhelming your lash extensions.

Removal with Care

When removing your eyeliner, use oil-free makeup removers or micellar water. Gently brush a cotton swab or pad down the lash line without rubbing or pushing. Doing so protects both your extensions and your natural lashes.

Eyeliner Styles to Consider

A fine, tight line along the upper lash line works wonderfully for a modest appearance. Experiment with a winged or cat-eye design for a more dramatic look. To preserve the life of the lash extensions, make sure the eyeliner does not come into direct touch with them.

Precision with Lash Line Instruments

Applying eyeliner to the lower lash line may appear difficult with extensions, but it is doable. For a softer, smeared appearance, use a soft pencil liner or a fine brush with powder eyeshadow. To avoid potential contact with the extensions, apply lightly, focusing on the outside half.

To keep your eyeliner from smudging or transferring onto your lash extensions, simply sprinkle a translucent setting powder over the liner. This helps to keep the eyeliner in place without interfering with the lash glue.


Understanding how to put on eyeliner with lash extensions is possible with a few careful measures. Remember to emphasize oil-free formulations, use accuracy, and be careful when applying and removing the cosmetic products. You can enhance your eyes while maintaining the attractiveness of your lash extensions with these professional techniques.
December 05, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat