A pervasive misconception about eyelash extensions, especially amongst new clients, is that there is only one kind of eyelash extension. In fact, there are many different kinds of lash extensions, from the more natural-looking J curl lash to a more lifty B curl, and on to the C, D, and even L+ curl lashes. Each of these different lashes has different curls, diameters, and effects, from barely noticeableto incredibly dramatic


The type of lash extensions and curls you use with your clients depends not only on the look they're going for but on what type of natural lashes they have. Your clients' natural lash types can make a big difference. They can rule out some kinds of lash curls, or necessitate specific curl types. You keep hearing about different types of curls, but what are the most popular or common types of lash curls? 

In general, the most common lashes for eyelash extensions are C curl lashes, with D curl lashes coming in right behind in terms of popularity. Inevitably, the question arises: Can you mix C and D curl lashes? Yes, absolutely. However, before mixing any of them up, it's essential to know what C and D curl lashes are, and how they work.

The 411 on C and D Curl Lashes

Before you can get into mixing C and D curl lashes, you need to know the details of each. Only then can you answer those clients who ask "Can you mix C and D curl lashes?" with confidence.

C curls

C curls cause the eyes to pop, but not overly so. When attached to natural lashes, C curls open up clients' eyes considerably, achieving a lifted look you'd normally get with a lash curler –– but doing so by default. With this more natural curl effect, C curls are what many people imagine as the ideal for eyelashes. Understandably, C curl lashes are some of the most popular for both clients and lash artists.

D curls

As for D curls, you could say the "D" truly stands for "Dramatic." D curls achieve a fuller look and more intense lift; it is almost as if the lashes are reaching for the eyebrows. These lash extensions unequivocally make a bold statement, never failing to grab and hold the attention of those who see them. If your clients are going for a doll-look, then look no further than D curls.


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Get CC'd on This

Mixing C and D curl lashes can indeed create unique, stylish looks. But there's a lesser-known middle ground between C and D curl lashes, calledCC curl lashes. When clients want more dramatic lashes than they could get with C curl lashes, but don't quite want to make the jump to D curl lashes, the CC curl is the best option to amplify your clients' natural beauty.


If you're planning on mixing C and D curl lashes for a client, here's a suggestion: Incorporate CC lashes, too. With D curls on one end, CC curls in the middle, and C curls on the other end, your clients’ eyelashes will pop as never before. This is a creative way to blend different curls, creating lashes full of lift, volume, and flair like nothing else out there.

When Certain Lash Curls Don't Work

If your clients want a specific type of curl, but it wouldn't work with their natural lashes (or if mixing C and D curl lashes, for example, would work better), tell them. For example, C curl lashes work best with those whose lashes are already somewhat naturally curly, but D curl lashes don't work as well for those with straight lashes (as the strain of the curl could end up hurting eyelids).

Your clients are looking to you for your expertise. Don't be afraid to share it, and steer them in the right (and most beautiful) direction!

What is the Difference Between C and D Lashes?

Understanding the difference between C and D curl lashes can significantly enhance your overall look.Lash curls, especially the C curl and D curl eyelash extensions, have distinct characteristics that impact your eyelash extensions' final appearance.


C curl eyelashes are recognized for their more natural, subtly uplifted shape, ideal for clients aiming for a less dramatic look. The C curl lash resembles the shape of natural lashes, providing a gentle, elegant lift. On the other hand, D curl lashes extensions are known for their more dramatic and noticeable curvature. The D curl eyelash creates a more pronounced lift, delivering a striking, glamorous effect. It's perfect for those seeking a more pronounced, eye-catching appearance.

C curl vs D curl eyelash extensions:

When comparing c vs d curl lashes, the key difference lies in their curvature. C curls have a more gradual curve, while D curls offer a sharper, more intense bend. Both cater to different lash curls preferences and eye shapes, allowing individuals to choose based on the desired outcome.

Whether you buy lash extensions or get them done professionally, understanding the differences in lash curls is essential. If you're after a natural, everyday look, C curl lashes extensions might be the ideal choice. For special occasions or a more dramatic appearance, the D curl would be a great option.

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To enhance your beauty and find the perfect fit, consider experimenting with both types of curls to determine which suits you best. The choice between C curl vs D curl lashes depends on your style and the look you want to achieve. By considering these differences, you can select the ideal lash curl that perfectly complements your eyes and overall aesthetic. 


Finding Your Perfect Fit among C, D, and J Curl Extensions:

Give me suitable optimize and engaging, attractive title of given content "Enhance your gaze with various lash curls like C, D, and J curl extensions. C curls offer a natural lift, while D curls provide a more dramatic effect. Comparing C vs. D curls, it’s about the subtlety of the bend. J curls, with their unique shape, offer a blend of both. Understanding these lash curls is crucial to choose the perfect extensions. Experiment with C curl, D curl, or J curl lash extensions to find the ideal fit for your style. Choose wisely, as the right lash curl can significantly boost your eye appeal and overall confidence."

How To Improve Your Lash Artistry

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March 15, 2024