Have you ever looked in the mirror and questioned the length of your once-luscious eyelashes, compelling you to think about 'Why are my eyelashes getting shorter constantly?'. For years, the zeal and zest to have the natural richness of eyelashes has been a beauty standard for generations.

However, if you have observed that your lashes are gradually becoming shorter, you're not alone. This intriguing occurrence might be caused by numerous reasons described below:

The Grace of Natural Aging

Everyone goes through a natural aging process. Sadly, lashes are not immune to aging effects. The growth and development of eyelashes fade with time. It results in reduced length and density.

Furthermore, the synthesis of essential proteins like keratin, which is required for lash health, may decrease over time. So, if your eyelashes appear to be betraying you, blame it on the passage of time.

Makeup Addiction – A Hazardous Cycle

While cosmetics can help in the enhanced appearance of your facial features and raise your confidence, they can also contribute to the progressive shortening of your eyelashes. Excessive mascara application, especially if not properly removed, can cause lash clumping and break during the removal process.

Using potent makeup removers or forcefully massaging your eyes might further exacerbate the condition. Be mindful that careful care is the key to keeping those beautiful lashes.

The Influence of Stress

Stress is a dangerous culprit that affects many elements of your well-being, including the health and length of your eyelashes. Chronic stress may alter the regular hair growth cycle, resulting in excessive lash shedding. If you have been feeling more stressed, it may be time to integrate some stress-relieving activities into your routine, not just for your mental health but also for your lashes.

Poor Nutrition, Poor Lashes

Your lashes, like the rest of your body, require sufficient nutrition to thrive. A lack of critical nutrients, particularly vitamins, such as biotin, and minerals, such as iron, can lead to thinner and shorter lashes.

Consider revising your diet to incorporate a mix of nutrients that promote general hair health. Include vitamin and mineral-rich foods in your diet, or visit a healthcare practitioner for appropriate supplements.

Eye Rubbing

While rubbing your eyes may bring temporary relief, it might have long-term effects on your eyelashes. Rubbing can cause hair follicles to weaken, resulting in breakage and, eventually, shorter lashes. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes frequently, try to figure out what's causing it – whether it is allergies, exhaustion, or a habit, and solve it.


Thinking about 'Why are my eyelashes getting shorter?' demands the contribution of your efforts to learn the reasons behind lash shortening and finding a remedy for longer lashes. To improve lash health, embrace the natural aging process, use mild and no-makeup kits, control stress, nourish your body, and prevent undue rubbing.

Remember that the route to longer lashes is about caring for the delicate hair that frames your windows to the soul, not simply about beauty.

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November 20, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat