Waking up with a fresh face and sparkling eyes is indeed a beautiful fantasy – the reality is the opposite: rough eyebrows and eye gunk with sebum or dryness of your face. Have you ever noticed that eyelashes are also a bit distorted from their original flaunting shape? If yes, do you know how to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping?

Occasionally, you are confronted with the reality of twisted eyelashes following a night of tossing and turning. Although it may appear to be a minor issue, curved lashes may affect the appeal of your eyes. But don’t worry, The Lash Professional presents a complete guide on repairing bowed eyelashes caused by sleeping.

Understanding the Root Cause: Why Do Lashes Bend?

Before finding answers to how to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping, it is crucial to understand why your eyelashes are bent when you sleep. The friction between the pillow and your lashes is the root cause. Because of the strain and movement, the delicate lashes are prone to bending or even breaking. Understanding the root reason is the first step in finding a feasible remedy.

Morning Ritual: Water and Cotton Swabs

Resist the desire to panic when you wake up and observe your twisted eyelashes. To treat the condition, start your day with a calm morning routine. Begin by sprinkling slightly lukewarm water on the eyelashes. Doing so helps to soften and make the lashes more supple. Now, dip a clean cotton swab with water. Make the cleansing procedure as mild as possible and avoid potent chemicals.

Lift and Curl Technique: A Step-by-Step Guide

The following steps shall help you how to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping:

Dampen the Lashes

Gently dampen the curved lashes with a wet cotton swab. This procedure makes the lashes more flexible and less likely to break.

Use Your Fingertips

Lift and curl the lashes with your fingertips using clean hands. Begin at the bottom of the lashes and work your way up in a smooth, sweeping motion. This procedure may need some patience, but it is critical to prevent hurrying and risking further harm.

Hold and Repeat

To straighten persistently bent lashes, curl them for a few seconds. It allows them to keep their new form. A rep for any lashes that want more treatment.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Bent Eyelashes

Practice the following safety measures to prevent bent eyelashes during sleep:

Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Replace your pillowcases with silk, a smoother material that lessens friction and reduces the likelihood of lash bending when sleeping.

Avoid Waterproof Mascara

While waterproof mascara is great for some times, it might cause lashes to become brittle. To make your lashes more flexible, apply basic mascara on a daily basis.

Remove Makeup before Sleeping

Make it a practice to remove your entire makeup before going to bed. Doing so not only protects the lashes but also the general health of the skin, allowing it to breathe in a clean environment while you’re resting.

The Bottom Line

The secret to how to fix bent eyelashes from sleeping is kindness and patience. The morning ritual is a quick and easy technique to return your lashes to their natural, attractive curl. Remember that prevention is as vital as treatment, so integrate these steps into your evening regimen to wake up with lush, unbent lashes every day so you can confidently enjoy the morning glow!

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November 20, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat