Download or Create Your Own Eyelash Extension Consent Form

Download or Create Your Own Eyelash Extension Consent Form

Download or Create Your Own Eyelash Extension Consent Form

December 10, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

Hold your tweezers, babe. Before you start lashing a new client, you should have them sign an eyelash extension consent form.

To learn what to include in the waiver and write one that covers all the crucial information, keep scrolling!

What is The Point of an Eyelash Extension Consent Form?

If you’re going to dedicate time and effort to creating a lash extension consent form, you need to know its purpose. The truth is, every lash professional uses this helpful tool. Here’s why!

The eyelash consent form allows you, the lash artist, to filter out problem clients. By requiring clients to sign on the dotted line, you remain in control of who’s coming into your studio. If a client refuses to sign, you know that it’s not a good match and that they could cause harm to your business.

Oh, did we mention that a consent form can help clear up any confusion? By writing about what the client can expect and making each party’s responsibilities clear, you’re more likely to have a pleasant experience free from unrealistic expectations.

To protect yourself and make clients feel comfortable, an eyelash extension waiver is a must. So let’s get started!

What to Include in an Eyelash Extension Waiver

To write an eyelash extension release form that’s as perfect as a fresh set, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Here’s what to include so that you and your client are on the same page.

    Outline Client Responsibilities

    An educated client makes for a smoother lash application process and post-appointment experience. In the lash extension consent form, lay out the steps a client needs to follow to preserve her lashes. Have a place next to each point for the client to initiate to agree to abide by these guidelines.

    Manage Client Expectations

    It’s also important to let clients know that you do not guarantee a specific result or the amount of time that the lashes will last. You’ll still strive to create the most beautiful set possible and prep correctly for better retention. But, if the lashes fall out prematurely or the client is very hard to please, you can point to the terms laid out on the eyelash extension waiver that she agreed to.

    Protect Yourself

    Every eyelash consent form should include a release. This is simply a statement that the client will sign off to show that they know the risks and choose to move forward with the lash application. To understand what this looks like, check out this section from our eyelash extension consent form template:

    All risks and potential complications, including but not limited to redness, irritation, and allergic reactions to either the adhesive and or eye pads, have been fully disclosed to me. I certify that I understand these risks and potential complications and that I knowingly and voluntarily consent to the application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

    As this section states, the risks and complications associated with the lash application process have already been explained to the client. You can do this before the appointment with a pre-appointment eyelash extension waiver that you email to the client right after they book the appointment. That way, they have time to read the details and sign off before they come to the studio. Check out the template at the end of this article.

    How to Create a COVID-19 Eyelash Extension Consent Form

    Everyone is extra worried about health and safety these days. So it’s important to create the extra consent form centered on COVID-19 guidelines. But don’t worry, babe, we’re here to help.

    ay Out Client Guidelines

    You’re doing your part to create beautiful lashes while offering a clean and healthy environment. Each client needs to be aware of this and be considerate of others. In an easy to read bulleted list, write statements that clients must certify are true. For instance:

    I have not experienced any fever, cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms of sickness in the past 14 days.

    I have not been exposed to anyone that is COVID-19 positive in the past 14 days.

    I have not traveled out of the country in the past 30 days.

    Add more relevant statements to this list and place a line for a client’s initials. Then, jump into the next section of the form—the in-studio procedures.

    If you require clients to wash hands when they arrive, wait outside if there are more than a certain number of people already inside or refrain from bringing anyone to the appointment with them, put this information into the COVID-19 Eyelash Extension Consent Form.

    Share Your Sanitization Practices

    Make your clients feel safe and comfortable by explaining how you are working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You can place the list of new procedures at the top of the eyelash consent form, around the studio and on your social media pages.

    Then, explain that while you are taking the necessary precautions, you cannot guarantee that clients will avoid COVID-19. Place a line for a signature or initial so that clients can confirm that they understand the risk.

    Create Your Eyelash Extension Consent Form

    Lash babes, if you learn one thing today, let it be this: A consent form protects you and your business from potential legal recourse and informs all clients of your processes. So, it’s time to get to work. Start drafting your eyelash extension consent form, and while you’re at it, feel free to stop by and download some goodies that we’ve prepared just for you.

    Guide to Choosing Premade Volume Lashes - The Lash Professional

    Guide to Choosing Premade Volume Lashes - The Lash Professional

    Guide to Choosing Premade Volume Lashes

    January 27, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

    Premade volume lashes are where it’s at. Clients and lash artists alike love the way premade volume lashes make their eyes appear bigger and brighter. Using premade volume lashes saves time without sacrificing quality. This ensures fabulous lash artists like yourself stay busy, taking on many happy customers in a day.

    With this guide, you’ll learn:

    • What premade lash fans are
    • What to look for when choosing premade lash fans
    • How to choose the best premade lash fans
    • The benefits of using premade lash fans, and so much more!

    Keep reading for the know-how on selecting premade volume lashes for your business.

    Choosing Premade Lash Fans: What to Look For

    It’s worth putting in the work to select high-quality premade lash fans for your clients. Here’s everything you need to know to start your search.

      What are Premade Lash Fans?
      Premade lash fans are volume fans that come ready to be applied to a client’s lash. Eyelash extension suppliers create these eyelash extension fans. Premade volume lashes can be applied to a client’s lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent lash extension would be applied.

      How To Choose The Best Premade Lash Fans

      The best eyelash extension fans will have a thin, easy to adhere base and multiple lash lengths.

      Another thing to consider when choosing premade volume lashes is your client’s desired end look.

      Premade lash fans with short stems that are 2D or 3D work best when you’re going for a natural volume look. For added drama and a fluffier look, try wider premade volume lashes, such as 4D or 5D lash fans. To achieve the most volume and that “fresh eyeliner” look, look for super-wide, super fine eyelash extension fans.

      Lash tech tip: Grow your knowledge and client list by mastering volume lash application. Take The Lash Professional’s Volume Lash Training online or in person today!

      It’s possible to find premade lash fans to suit any look your client desires. The Lash Professional’s D Curl Premade Fans are great for new and experienced lash artists. These fans come with multi-length lashes in 3D and 5D. Their natural matte sheen is flattering and versatile, a perfect fit for any eye.

      Can You Premake Lash Fans?

      It is possible to premake lash fans, though the process is time-consuming. To do so, use curved lash tweezers designed for volume lashes. Handmade eyelash extension fans require lash artists to put individual lashes together in a fan shape.  Lash artists who swear by this technique have often had years to perfect this skill, allowing them to move quickly when making lash fans by hand.

      Premade lash fans are a great option for newer lash technicians who’re interested in doing volume work while continuing to perfect their lashing skills. Many veteran lash artists also enjoy premade lash fans because of the time they save.

      Benefits of Using Premade Volume Fans

      Babe, there are so many benefits to using premade volume lashes. Because the lashes come ready to apply, lash artists can apply them quickly without stopping and making fans by hand. After all, time is money when it comes to lashing.

      Additionally, premade volume lash fans are easier to apply than handmade fans. Though the bases are thin, they’re specially designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily pick them up.

      Lash tech tip: Still learning how to rock the volume lash game? This sticky strip volume application method is one helpful technique to try.

      Eyelash extension fans also allow lash artists who haven’t been technically trained in doing volume lash sets to begin doing them. Applying premade volume lashes uses the same technique one might use when applying a classic set. For lash artists eager to increase their income and offerings through volume sets, premade volume fans offer a great solution.

      Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Premade Volume Lashes?

      Premade volume lashes are an incredible solution for lash artists interested in growing their technique and their businesses. It’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t be interested in using these premade solutions with all of the benefits. It all comes down to personal preference. Some lash artists pride themselves on doing everything by hand and enjoy making handmade lash fans.

      We recommend giving premade lash fans a try. They just might be the thing your lash business has been waiting for. At The Lash Professional, we’re passionate about helping women own what beauty means to them.

      Our educational programs are top notch and empower lash artists with the supplies and know-how to succeed in the industry. Plus, we offer a variety of products, from premade volume lashes to high-quality tweezers.

      Shop premade volume lashesin our store today!

      9 Best Eyelash Extension Tools You’ll Wish You Found Sooner - The Lash Professional

      9 Best Eyelash Extension Tools You’ll Wish You Found Sooner - The Lash Professional

      9 Best Eyelash Extension Tools You’ll Wish You Found Sooner

      September 28, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

      No eyelash extension room is complete without the highest quality eyelash extension tools. Generic tools just won’t do — you need the best of the best to really wow your clients! Build your eyelash extension kit with the most reliable eyelash extension tools in the industry. And don’t forget the decor, too — your room can be functional and chic all in one! Keep reading to learn more about these tools and where to find them.

      Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools

      Searching for tools can take precious time away from honing your skills. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite eyelash extension tools to make your search a little easier and free up your lashing time.

      Eyelash Gel Pads

      Bulky eyelash pads tend to get in the way and cause problems as you create beautiful lashes for your clients. The Lash Professional’s eyelash gel pads are sleek and ultra-thin, effectively holding lower lashes out the way so you can work your magic. These pads are even latex-free to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in your clients.

      Eyelash Extension Tape
      Eyelash extension tape is a lash artist’s best friend! This eyelash extension tool makes creating beautiful lashes a breeze. Use tape for holding down lower lashes, providing better access to natural lashes, lifting extensions, and more. With this tape, no lashes will be left untouched.

      Crystal Clear Eyelash Extension Stone

      Who says functionality can’t also be glamorous? The crystal clear eyelash extension stone is the perfect way to access your products quickly. Simply clean off the stone with acetone or cover it with our disposable stone covers before placing your products for a clean surface every time.

      The best part? This stone also stays cool 24/7 so your adhesive drops last so. much. longer. Never waste product again with this pretty extension stone.

      Eyelash Mannequin

      Practice makes perfect — and that’s where the eyelash mannequin comes in! This silicone mannequin is a must-have addition to your eyelash extension room. You’ll have the opportunity to try out every lash look in the book with these removable eyelids. Be prepared to create every lash request from your clients with this practice mannequin.

      Lash Extension Tile Box

      Organization is key when preparing for your lash sessions. The Lash Professional lash extension tile box helps you achieve just that. Designed with double spaces to hold 7-15mm lashes, this tile box makes finding the lashes you need much easier.

      You’ll be able to manage your stock with this tile by organizing your lash lengths in one convenient location so you never run out of lashes again.

      Disposable Mascara Wands

      Cleanliness is so, so important when it comes to crafting beautiful and safe lashes. Our disposable mascara wands are a great eyelash extension tool option for a clean application every time.

      Additionally, the mascara wands are built using soft bristles that carefully apply mascara without pulling harshly at eyelash extensions. Send your clients home with their own set for perfect lash maintenance. These wands work on every style and length of lashes, so every client can feel comfortable applying their mascara.

      Rechargeable Portable Lash Nano Mister

      Enjoy the utmost convenience with our rechargeable portable lash nano mister. Equipped with a reusable bottle, this mister is a top choice for safely sealing lash extensions. The built-in timer ensures that lashes are misted for the right amount of time. Its small size makes it easily portable, so you can take this tool on the go if need be!

      Eyelash Extension Pillow

      Your clients will absolutely adore this eyelash extension tool! Made with non-allergenic memory foam, the eyelash extension pillow is perfect for clients and artists alike. Clients can enjoy comfort and support during their appointments. Lash artists, on the other hand, gain a convenient place to set tools and can rest assured their clients’ heads will lay at the perfect angle to easily create lash looks.

      Glamcor Classic Elite Eyelash Extension Light With Touch Sensors

      The last eyelash extension tool we’ll be highlighting today is the Glamcor Classic Elite eyelash extension light. The built-in touch sensors and four-stage dimming make it easy to use and adjust. This bright light prevents discoloration, leaving you with a clear and visible canvas for your lashes.

      Enjoy High-Quality Tools with The Lash Professional

      When you’re ready to invest in some new tools, look no further than The Lash Professional! Our durable, reliable, and high-quality eyelash extension tools are ideal for every lash babe across the country. Your clients will be thrilled with your selection of tools and feel comfortable in your lashing room every time. Find the best tools, wholesale products, glue, primer, remover, and — of course — lashes at our shop today!

      Go get ‘em, babes!