10 Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

November 13, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to mascara? Looking to find a qualified salon to get your eyelash extensions? We have you covered! The following is a list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC to make the process of selecting the right salon for you a little easier.

Eye Design New York

Eye Design New York kicks off the list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC. This is a glamorous, top-notch salon that truly takes care of their customers. Their lash technicians are considered to be experts in the industry. Customers describe the Eye Design Specialists as knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented, and attentive. 

Customer review:

“HANDS DOWN THE BEST. and the nicest. it doesn't get better than this. the clean environment, the extremely professional and articulate staff, and the wonderful - talented - eye design specialists. highly recommend.” —Healing E

Dazzling Lash Bar

A beautiful studio, a cozy blanket, cashmere lashes and a glass of rosé—can’t get any better than that! Dazzling Lash Bar is also well known for staying updated on the latest trends and incorporating these as part of their services. Some of these services include the Mega Volume and Russian Volume lash extensions. If you visit this salon, expect nothing but excellent customer service.

The Lash Loft

The Lash Loft tailors their eyelash extension service based on the clients’ unique wants and needs. Unlike other salons, Lash Loft doesn’t have a standard amount of pieces to apply, it’s all about you. The Lash Loft’s customers describe this salon as an inviting, clean, beautiful environment with excellent customer service.


EyeLoveLash takes the fifth spot of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC. This salon is rated by several customers as a lash studio with lash extensions that last. You can also rest assured that your technician will always be up to date on skills and industry trends. EyeLoveLash strongly believes in constant self-improvement for all of their eyelash specialists. A clean, courteous, professional, and relaxing environment awaits!

Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions

Say yes to the perks! Aside from its high-quality and professional service, Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions are quite popular for their amazing perks. New customers receive a 50% off discount of a new set in addition to a free mink upgrade!

Customer review:

I have been coming here for years. The employees are friendly and professional, and always greet you when you come in. Service is fast. I love my extensions and I have had the best experience here over the years. The more you go, the more perks you get. Definitely recommend! — Kelly G

Extend Eyelash Extension

High quality, affordable, accommodating. This is what you can expect at Extend Eyelash Extension. This salon is popular because of its welcoming and highly professional environment. You’ll love your new gorgeous lashes for a reasonable price, and the complimentary foot massage! Also, did we mention the perks for returning costumers?

Allure Lashes

At Allure Lashes, it’s all about you, the customer. To begin the lashing experience, Allure offers thorough and highly informative consultations, which are especially beneficial for those getting lash extensions for the first time. Allure strives to provide only the best products and techniques for a great experience. Beautiful results and going above and beyond for their clients wins Allure a spot on this list!

Customer review:

“Best lash place I've tried! Went here on a friend's recommendation and each time my experience has been very positive. Warm, welcoming, and informative staff. I don't lose a single lash in the first week and they stay very well for several weeks after that!” —Jenna  B

Whitney in the City

Aside from knowledge and experience, Whitney in the City takes this spot on the list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC because of their outstanding customer service and ability to connect with their clients. This salon also offers hair and makeup services. 

Customer review:

Whitney is absolutely amazing! She has such an amazing ability to know intuitively what your lash extensions should look like to make them flatter your face the most. Whitney is so friendly and an absolute darling when it comes to the comfort of her clients. Her lash application is perfection, and there is not a better lash artist in New York City!” — Claire S

Face & Body NYC

Looking gorgeous begins with Face & Body NYC! This salon aims to provide the highest quality service and gentle products for fabulous and strong lashes. Their talented lash technicians recommend the best lashes for you based on your eye shape, resulting in a unique flattering look. 

We hope this list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC helps you find a salon that fits your wants and needs. Best of luck on your eyelash journey!

Want to learn how to do lashes in New York? Click here to sign up for online eyelash extension training.
What to Look for in an Eyelash Extension Chair

What to Look for in an Eyelash Extension Chair

What to Look for in an Eyelash Extension Chair

July 23, 2020 by The Lash Professional. 

Hello, lash lover. You may be a skilled eyelash extension technician, but is your equipment game on point? Every queen deserves a proper throne. And having a comfortable and elegant lash extension chair is a great way to make your clients feel like royalty. 

So take a seat, babe, and grab a notepad. Today, we’re sharing the top three things to look for in an eyelash extension chair. Let’s get started! 

Adjustable Settings That Allow You To Expand Your Services

Like a healthy relationship or a rewarding career, your lash chair should allow you to grow over time.  Look for a chair with an adjustable back and a footrest that can be moved back and forth. A chair that easily shifts from an inclined position into a fully reclined state opens the door for more service offerings. Do you want to offer facials to make your clients glow? Go for it! Are you a multi-talented eyebrow microblade technician looking to add that to the menu? Get it, girl! 

Investing in a high-quality adjustable chair may feel like a giant leap. Remember, you are setting yourself up for more opportunities to branch out and grow your client base. Girl bosses don’t get to the top without investing and developing along the way. If you’re unsure about an eyelash recliner chair, purchasing a lash bed is a great starting point.

Design And Color That Match Your Studio 

Real talk—the look and feel of your studio impact how clients perceive the service and business. When selecting the perfect eyelash extension chair, looks matter. Since you can’t recruit an HGTV interior design duo to create a dream lash extension chair, aim for the next best thing. Put your designer cap on and focus on finding a chair that effortlessly fits your space’s current color palette and aesthetic.  

Lash chairs come in an array of colors, the most common being black, white and neutral tones. There are also different shapes from curved chaise style chairs to modern recliners with sleek metal elements. As you browse through lash chairs, picture each one in your studio. What matches? What clashes? Move forward confidently with the chair that complements your decor. 

Protective Warranty for Peace of Mind 

Good news for lash babes everywhere—the lash industry is projected to grow into a $1.5 billion industry by 2023! As the industry skyrockets, more suppliers will offer specialty made products for lash professionals.

For now, many lash providers turn to larger industries like the spa sector for supplies. As you shop for a lash extension chair, you’ll notice that most of them are labeled as massage chairs or spa chairs.

Here’s our advice: check to ensure that the chair’s supplier offers a warranty for the item.

From one lash pro to another, protecting your equipment can save you headaches and costs down the road. In addition to obtaining a warranty, treat your eyelash recliner chair with care to make it’sit a worthwhile investment. 

Finishing Touches That Make All The Difference 

The right set of lash extensions enhance the face for a beautiful effect. In the same way, a few enhancements to your eyelash extension chair can make a world of difference. First off, make sure that the chair is secure. You don’t want a client to feel like the chair could tip over at any moment. If possible, consider bolting the chair to a platform. That way, the chair stays in place as you work your magic. 

You can also add comforting additions to the chair that boost the luxe feel. A plush blanket or a heating pad are awesome additions. Depending on the headrest of your eyelash recliner chair, adding a lash pillow may be a helpful addition for comfort. The Lash Professionals Lash Pillowhas a cloud-like feel for ultimate relaxation. 

Time to Lash Out!

You know what to look for in a lash extension chair. Now go out and get it! With the right equipment, your studio will gleam, and your clients will gush about your plush setup. 

Wishing you a client list as long as a fresh set of lashes! XOXO

How to Recycle Your Eyelash Mascara Wands for Wildlife The Lash Professional

How to Recycle Your Eyelash Mascara Wands for Wildlife

How to Recycle Your Eyelash Mascara Wands for Wildlife

June 27, 2017 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

How you can recycle your old/used mascara wands AND save the lives of wild animals!

Have you ever wondered what to do with those disposable eyelash wands after using them during the lash appointment? While we typically recommended offering the tiny brush to your client at the end of their appointment, for at home lash maintenance, we have found over the years, that many of our regular clients don't always want to take wands, since they "already have so many stacking up at home." Because these disposable eyelash wands are made from a material that can not be completely sterilized and reused on another client, they are often tossed out if the client does not need or want a replacement for their purse, make-up bag, etc.

Recently, one of our lovely employees stumbled upon an organization who is recycling those old mascara wands and using them in a creative and meaningful way! The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina collects the old/used lash wands and re-purposes them to provide care for injured wildlife. The wands are used to remove tiny pests, such as fly eggs and larva, from the fur of wild animals. The volunteer based non-profit has found that the brushes work perfectly for this job, because the bristles of the tiny brushes are so close together!

As we started telling our clients about this project, we found that they have been super excited to take part as well, by bringing in their old lash wands that they have laying around their house or in their purse, rather than just tossing them. (This is also a good way to encourage them to take the new wand, which should be switched out regularly, as the old wands can collect debris and bacteria over time.)

This organization has already received hundreds of mascara eyelash wands donated from across the country, and is still looking for more!

For more information on how to donate your old wands, or to view their website visit: www.appalachianwild.or
or watch one of their videos on YouTube:

(The organization asks if you are donating, to please wash the wands in soapy water first, to remove any residual mascara. Which we have found not to be an issue with our used wands, as we suggest avoiding mascara with your extensions anyway.)

Christmas DIY Client Gifts

Christmas DIY Client Gifts

Christmas DIY Client Gifts

December 11, 2017 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

Over the next few weeks we will be seeing a majority of our regulars due to the holiday season. These regulars have stuck with us through thick and thin (lashes and times!). We love our loyal clients, but how do we show them? Buying a gift for all our clients, even just the loyal ones, would break the bank. Here are a few little DIY Christmas Client Gifts that I’ve used in the past that will save you some pretty penny as well as allow you to add some personal flare to each one!

Cookie Client Gifts

Is it just me, or does everyone go a bit over board with baked good in the winter? There is just something so comforting about fresh sugar cookies and an attempt at Santa with icing that is way too runny! Well, this is the perfect opportunity to make something inexpensive for your clients and add a little personal touch. This recipe is easy and full-proof. I always keep them round and finish them off with a lash, but the decorating possibilities are endless! Now some of you may be thinking, “ When does this crazy lady think I’ll find time for this?!”. For you, my dear, I have a shortcut… Go to the baked goods section of just about any local grocery store. Grab some pre-made round sugar cookies and some Betty Crocker icing, too! No bake time and no messy mixing of icing!

Ornament Client Gifts

This is another super easy DIY. I know Hobby Lobby is a SouthWest thing, but find the equivalent in your area; any craft store. Generally, stores like this will offer some on-going 40% off coupon for any one item! Snag a big thing of shatter proof ornaments, I usually get a color that is cohesive with the studio. Grab a paint pen, try black or white to keep it simple. Now, just write something lash-y! Lash Love or Lash Vibes 2017! I usually do an “XO, Sedona” on the back to personalize it! Ta- da! $10-$15 bucks should cover at least 25 client ornaments!

Goodie Bag Client Gifts

Again, check out a local store for a big bag of chocolate and some little mesh bags, or plastic Christmas bags! In total this shouldn’t cost more than $10! Put some chocolate, a lash wand, and a little personal Christmas note in each for your clients! If you are low on lash wands, click here to stock up!

Happy Lash-Gift-ing !



Lash Party Ideas for the Independent Lash Artist

Lash Party Ideas for the Independent Lash Artist

Lash Party Ideas for the Independent Lash Artist

February 5, 2018 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

Lash Bashes and Lash Socials are becoming more and more popular throughout this industry. Why is that? It is merely another marketing technique for independent lash artists to find amazing and loyal clients! By having and advertising lash parties, you’ll be able to find local lash lovers and be able to connect with them on a more intimate level! Connecting with your clients will create a long-lasting lash relationship!

Here are some lash party ideas and tips for hosting a successful Lash Bash.

Where’s the lash party at?

Decide where you will host the lash party. If you have a large enough studio/salon space, start there! Getting potential clients familiar with your space is important! That being said, be sure it is party-ready! Don’t stress about spending tons of money on decorations. A few streamers and balloons along with subtle lash touches will be enough. Try to feature lash brushes and cute images that clients can relate to!

What’s the deal?

No really, what’s the deal? A lash deal is VITAL to this operation! The most successful technique I’ve seen is merely creating a “coupon” for lashes. This is your selling point. You can advertise it as a raffle, game prizes, or just a hand out! This part of your party is so important, though, so don’t forget!

Who's ready to party?

Women are ready to party! Women are going to be your main demographic. The next choice you need to make is what age group of women you want to focus on so you can cater to their specific interests! If you are looking for young women, try a Facebook or Instagram campaign to advertise your lash party! 

According to Sprout Social , Facebook and Instagram show 59%-88% usage among women in the 18-29 year age range. Creating a shareable add or post is a sure-fire way to reach your target and get your party started! WOOT WOOT!

If your social media game could use some help, we have a post that explains how to use social media togrow your lash business.

Pop the Champagne!

Champagne, in my opinion, is a MUST MENTION among the lash party ideas! The objective of your lash bash is to show potential clients what you are made of and champagne is the way to do it.

Why you ask? Well, it represents class and elegance, which is always a favorable image to display in an industry of women. It will also aid in a good time!

As the American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” So, create a champagne bar! Don’t buy anything too expensive, and set it out with a variation of juice and fruit. Something to remember, though, whenever you serve alcohol you have to serve food to soak it up. The fruit on your “champagne table” can double as a healthy food option. If you are unsure what else to serve, check out these lash cookie ideas!

    Stock up for your next lash party!

    With the lash world constantly changing and evolving, it is important as professionals that we stay ahead of the game! These lash party ideas and tips should help you score. If you need to stock up for your next great lash bash, check out our full line of lash products tested and approved by industry experts.

    Lash brushes as a party favor?! YES PLEASE!
    Cosmetology Career Path: From Colorist to Lash Marketing Pro

    Cosmetology Career Path: From Colorist to Lash Marketing Pro

    Cosmetology Career Path: From Colorist to Lash Marketing Pro

    March 19, 2018 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

    Did you know The Beauty Industry is the fastest growing industry?!

    Professionals generally get licensed with the intension of working in a specific field in the beauty industry. After learning of the never-ending types of jobs in the beauty industry, though, they end up doing something completely different! How do I know this? Well fellow lash lovers, I, myself, was one of these professionals! Let me take you on a journey through my cosmetology career path and encounters throughout this amazing industry, so you too might see the long list of possibilities!

    Before we get started, I would like to mention that in the state of Arizona, where I reside, The State Board regulates cosmetology and esthetics. That being said, my journey started in cosmetology school! I was so sure that I would be a hairstylist, focusing on color! I love color and everything about it. No, not just hair color; art and paint and photography; just about anything that has vibrant fun colors. I assumed that would make me very successful with hair color. But my cosmetology career path far surpassed my expectations.

    Cosmetology to Lash Extensions: My Personal Journey

    My first job out of cosmetology school was, yes, in a salon. I went straight to work for myself! I rented a salon station at a country club spa. It was beautiful. I saw beautiful women and beautiful hair everyday. But I quickly learned that I wouldn’t be working with color much. Most of the women I saw just needed a blowout or a retouch of color. I made good money but was very deterred to not be working with what I loved: color! I decided to explore other options

    After working at the country club, I moved on to assist for the owner of a very reputable salon. I was sure I had found the place I belonged. It, too, was beautiful; Chandeliers everywhere and marble floors. After a short amount of time, though, I realized I didn’t enjoy assisting. Though I learned so many techniques and tricks, I wasn’t even touching color. I decided to move on.

    Next, I began to work at a spa. It was a resort spa! This spa was actually named, by Forbes, one of the top 5 spas in the world! I did all kinds of services there and I saw people from all over the world. I created fun and crazy hair color and cuts, but I just wasn’t enjoying myself. It was very fast-paced and high stress. Some people do well with work like that. I don’t do well with work like that. So I left.

    Devastated and not sure what my next move would be, I began to work the front desk at a lash salon. In my mind it was a temporary position. I wanted to take a break from the craziness that was the beauty industry. I just wanted to answer phones and breathe. Which I did...and ended up falling in love with lashes in the process. I soon became the office assistant and from there was given an opportunity to take an eyelash extension course and started lashing.

    I loved lashes!

      Submerged into a totally different world than where I intended to be, I was surrounded by beautiful women with beautiful hearts (and beautiful lashes). Soon, I was promoted to the director of social media and marketing for the salon owner’s lash supply company! Yes, I am referring to The Lash Professional! I am able to work with colors and imagery through marketing and photography! Who would have guessed?

      Careers for Cosmetology and Aesthetics Students

      Throughout my journey I encountered many different positions or potential workplaces:

      • The State Board: That’s right, you can work for The State Board! There are hundreds of positions available within this organization, from working the front desk to doing salon checks.
      • Cosmetology School: Teaching is a great career in the beauty industry! It is not, however, limited to schools. Teaching can include school but may also mean private classes, continued education, or product awareness! In a school though, there are director positions, instructor positions, career placement positions and so on!
      • Rented Salon Station: The salon that I worked at was small, but there were nail technicians, massage therapists, and stylists! The next salon I worked at employed front desk agents, shampooers, extension specialists, contracted stylists, and even had private salon suites that were all owned and regulated by the head honcho, the man I assisted for!
      • A Spa: At this spa I worked with spa concierges, spa attendants, a spa director and manager, estheticians, and they even had a little salon boutique! Positions in spas and salons, along with these types of jobs in the beauty industry, will only continue to expand.
      • The World of Lashes: From starting in a salon that offered lashes, sugaring, and spray tans and moving into an office position when I'm responsible for marketing and sharing the things I love, being lash professional has proved to be a versatile career opportunity!

      Endless Opportunities for Cosmetology and Aesthetics Students

      Is this all the industry has to offer? Heck no! The beauty industry covers everything from fragrance and skin and hair care, to supplier jobs! There are also opportunities in marketing, operations, sales, product development, commercial, and so many more! There are endless possibilities and types of jobs in the beauty industry…and it's growing more rapid than any other industry!

      Do you know what the best part of the beauty industry is? Growth. What does that mean? You don’t need to know where you want to end up, just know where you want to start! Your growth and journey as a professional will pave your cosmetology career path, or your esthetic career path! The possibilities are truly endless. Do some research and keep it moving; I promise you will find something you love!

      Continue Your Education Through Our Lash Courses!

      Catchy Lash Business Names

      Catchy Lash Business Names

      Catchy Lash Business Names

      April 9, 2018 by The Lash Professional.

      Finding the right name for your lash business is the first and most important step in starting  a business. Creating a professional name and brand will be what connects clients and keeps them with you; it will make you successful for years to come! There some things you will want to consider before settling on any lash business names, though! These four considerations will guide you in the right direction.

        1. Easy to Remember: Creating a lash business with a difficult name will immediately eliminate client retention. Establishing a name that is simple or catchy and easy to remember will ensure your clients not only remember you and come back, but will tell other people about you, too! You want a name that will ensure your success: straightforward, simple, and memorable!

        2. Original:  Have you ever been standing in that wine isle at the super market trying to make an uneducated guess on which wine will pair best with your pint of triple chocolate rocky road ice cream? I’m not sure about you but I always go for the wine with the original name or logo; the one that stands out! Every industry is the same. Creating a unique, original name will work wonders with attracting clientele. It will ensure you stand out in this industry. Make sure you do a little research before settling on a name to be positive there is not another business with it!

        For example, say you decide you want to be called Lashes by Lily. That sounds super catchy, right? When a client put’s Lashes by Lily into their Map to see how long they can sleep in before their appointment, maps will show similar results, as well! That means Lashes by Lindy, Lashes by Leslie, and Lashes by Liana will all show up and that creates a new obstacle for your business.

        3. Searchable: Searchable means that people who are looking for “lashes” can easily find your business (via the internet). It should have a clear and relevant name. The goal is to be the FIRST result to pop up when potential clients search “Lash salon” or “Lashes in my area”.  For that reason, most people choose to use “lash” or “lashes” as their searchable word. I wish I could say there are alternatives but incorporating “lash” into your business name is going to give you the best search engine optimization (SEO - read all about the ins and outs of it on Entrepreneur.com!) in this industry. It’s the word(s) that you choose to pair it with that will make your business unique.

        4.  Branding: The name that you settle on for your lash business will need to flow well through all aspects of your business. Doing so will help you to establish a brand. There are two huge parts to establishing a brand: logo and story. Start with a logo. Considering your logo when choosing a business name will be incredibly beneficial. A logo will allow clients to be able to use visual memory when identifying your business, not just linguistic memory! Make sure your business name has plenty of logo possibilities.

        The second step in branding is a story, meaning your business’s back story! This story should flow well with your name and your logo and will guide you in creating a mission statement and all the little things that follow choosing a name. Clients who can relate to or become emotionally connected to a business’s back story will be clients for life!

        The Lash Professional optimizes all four of those categories. Our business name is easy to remember and is straightforward. It is original and there are no other supply companies with a similar name! The Lash Professional is incredibly searchable for professional lash artists who may be searching for “Professional Lash Supplies” or “Supplies for Lash Professionals”. Finally, our name was so easy (and fun) to brand! Our logo is simple and cohesive with the name and our brand. 

        Lash Business Names

        Instead of just guiding you in the right direction this time, I’ve decided to give you a Get Out of Jail Free card (CHA-CHING) with some specific examples to make sure your awesome new business gets off to the right start! Here are some salons with great names that have become incredibly successful:

        • LA Lash @lashes – This lash salon is the perfect combination of simple and specific. Their name immediately makes it clear where they are located and what they do! What better strategy could you have?! Anyone searching for lashes in LA will be sure to come across their cute space.
        • The Lash Loft @thelashloftsalonandspa – The Lash Loft is a little New York City salon. They totally had the right idea when creating their name. It’s catchy, memorable, and attracts the right demographic for the area.
        • The Lash and Sugar Co. @thelashandsugarco – This salon is a local Arizona Salon that has a very clear and catchy lash name! They offer lashes and sugaring, so the name is perfect. It is easy to remember, searchable, and branded beautifully! They are one of The Lash Professional’s partnered salons, too.  Once you get your business up and running, check out our Salon Partnership Program for discounts and perks!

        These examples should give you what you need to start brainstorming! Try answering these questions to get your brain juices flowing. Pull out a piece of paper and respond to these questions with one-word answers:

        • Who is your target demographic?
        • What do you have to offer to this demographic?
        • What words will resonate with your target demographic?
        • Who are your competitors and what are their names?
        • What sets you apart from your competitors?

        Testing Your Lash Business Name

        You’ve established a list of some effective and relevant words for your business. Now, start to smoosh them together! Come up with a couple (one, two, or three-word) business names. Revisit the four considerations and ask yourself these questions.

        • Can the name be easily remembered? Will my clients be able to tell their friends about me?
        • Is it unique and original? Will this name make me stand out amongst my competitors?
        • Is it searchable to my target demographic?
        • Is there a story behind it and can it be easily branded?

        If you are stumped and just need some generated examples, try a name generator like the one from Shopify.com! Keep in mind, these are computer generated and some names that may sound good for a retail store won’t always sound good for a lash business (such as “cheap lashes” …no no no!). Although generated names like "Unique Lashes" and "Lash Me" may not always end up being THE ONE, they sure will help you think of the perfect name for your business!

        Starting a new business can be scary if you let it... Don't let it! Have some fun with it and make it uniquely yours.

        For more tips and tricks for aspiring lash artists like you, browse our list of advice articles here!

        The Lash Professional


        What to Look for in a Lash Extension Bed

        What to Look for in a Lash Extension Bed

        What to Look for in a Lash Extension Bed

        June 4, 2018 by The Lash Professional.

        Sometimes we need to take it back to the basics and talk about the little things that help to make us successful. Without a lash extension bed, lash artists wouldn’t make it very far. It is safe to say that a little investment – on a lash bed – is a very important investment. So, let’s talk about what to look for in a lash extension bed!

        Adjustable Features to Enhance Your Salon Offerings

        Yes, lashes are life…but maybe you want to offer a few other things at your salon! Services such as sugar hair removal, lash lifts and tints, and spray tans are great additions to your menu. You’ll want to be sure you have a bed that is versatile and adjustable to the comfort of your clients for ANY service. Being able to lay your client flat for lashes or incline them slightly for another service will be important as you grow as an artist.

        Now, I know what you are thinking… “Should I get a lash BED or a lash CHAIR?!” This is actually a huge debate in the lash world, and my answer is, YES! Yes, to either. I’ve had both; I actually still have both. Beds are great if you know you will only be doing lashes (or when you are starting out as they are a bit less expensive). Chairs are great for when you add a few other things to your service menu! Take a look at your business and decide which will be the most beneficial for you!

        Lash Extension Bed That Matches Your Décor

        This may seem silly, but babes, feng shui is everything in this industry! Finding a lash extension bed that matches your décor is huge. For example, in my space I have everything white and black with pops of gold. When I was using my lash extension bed, it had black legs and a reddish upholstery – no thanks! I purchased the cutest bed cover from The Lash Professional and it looked amazing with a fluffy white blanket draped over it!

        Make sure you are maintaining the appearance of your lash bed, while also maintaining the cleanliness. Yes, your lash bed needs to be perfectly subitizable. Another reason I loved having The Lash Professional’s bed cover; I could throw it right into the wash! It doesn’t get much better than that. Now that I use a lash chair (it’s still all black and still has the fluffy white blanket draped over it) I’m not able to use the bed cover, but I wipe the surface of the chair down with medical grade cleaning wipes after every client.

        Lash Extension Furniture Product Warranties

        Now, there is no secret that lash beds are actually sold as massage beds or tables. It is what it is. Until our industry grows, this is the reality of it! Luckily, larger massage companies – because the massage and spa industry is much larger than the lash one – offer warranties on their supplies! This is good for us lash lovers. Ensuring your lash bed has a warranty will be very important. Most companies that sell these beds, such as EarthLite.com and OakWorks.com will offer a limited lifetime warranty which is great. Just make sure to read the find print.

        Ensuring you have means of protecting your bed from everyday wear and tear is going to be just as important as a warranty, so make sure you take good care of your bed!

        Lash Bed Enhancements

        Let me start this section by saying, I could write a whole blog on this, alone, but I will spare you my rambling about all the awesome way’s I’ve souped up my lash beds in the past. Instead, I’ll just give you a few great options for making sure you have a perfect work space and a comfy client! First, find a memory foam topper. As super comfy as lash extension beds can be (not), making sure your clients are snug and content during their appointment is soooo important. Seriously, a client who is comfy will re-book more often, and most of the time tip more! So, use a twin size mattress topper under that super awesome bed cover that I mentioned before. Next, find a pillow for your clients – yes for their comfort but mostly for you!

        The perfect pillow will have a work space for you, right next to your client’s head! Just like the one on the right. The Lash Professional offers a pillow just like the one I drew in the picture; it rocks!

        The last lash extension bed enhancement I will touch on today is to just have a blanket. I’ve blogged about it before and I’ll blog about it again. You know that saying, “happy wife, happy life” (so true)… put client in there instead.


        These are just a few tips of what to look for in a lash extension bed and what to do to ensure you are killing the game of lashes. It’s not hard, just invest some time; time is money, and if you spend it on making sure your space is perfect, it will pay off. Your clients will be thanking you, and you’ll be thanking me when your business is booming!

        Why Should You Attend Beauty Trade Shows? The Lash Professional

        Why Should You Attend Beauty Trade Shows?

        Why Should You Attend Beauty Trade Shows?

        June 18, 2018 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

        Trade shows are exciting, no matter what industry you are in! The beauty industry knows how to throw a party, so to speak. But beauty trade shows and conventions are more than just a party--they are strategic opportunities for lash artists and business owners. Here’s why.

        Learn New Beauty Trends

        First of all, big shows like International Beauty Show in Las Vegas are the perfect opportunity for you to educate yourself on all of the new industry trends! Like I said, whether you are a business owner or employee, trade shows will expose you to the latest and greatest techniques, products, and so much more! Why would you want to pass an opportunity like that up?!

        Grow as a Lash Artist or Salon Owner

        No, I’m not talking about lash re-growth, I am talking about evolving; as a lash business, artist, and individual...who loves lashes! That’s right, being around some of the top lash companies and artists in this industry is a sure-fire way to get your creative juices flowing. Submerging yourself into the center of their world will motivate you to grind, by any means necessary and of course will be a testament as to how far you can go!

        Sometimes we get so caught up in our business and work that we forget to stop to self evaluate. Doing this is so important. Being aware of your own strengths and weakness will allow you to grow and evolve into everything you’ve ever wanted to be! Having someone or something to gage and compare yourself to will help you with doing so. Now, don’t get me wrong…everyone is an individual and is special and unique in their own way; we should never compare ourselves to others for any other reason than to grow into a better individual. BUT, being aware of your competitors strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own, will allow you the tools you need to succeed in this industry.

        Meet Other Lash Professionals and Beauty Experts

        Networking is something we know a lot about (you know, attaching lashes to one another all day every day), but I am actually referring to professional networking! If you are anything like me, networking isn’t always easy… I overhear someone in a supermarket say they do lashes and I hesitate to reach out (I am very shy, believe it or not). Trade shows, however, create a whole new level of comfort. People WANT you to reach out to them; networking is literally the reason people go to these things. Successful networking can be a life changing experience; having people to learn from and lean on can take you to the next level of lashing.

        Become Recognizable in the Lash Industry

        Ahhh, yes, the lime light! Ok, lime light may be a stretch, but exposure is real! In the beauty industry, as we all know, exposure is everything. Along with networking, exposure is something that can bump you to the next level. Make sure people are aware of who you are and that you are a force to recon with. With exposure will come reputability and with reputability will come success. Trade shows aren’t the only way to do this, but they sure do make it a lot easier!

        Generate New Lash Business

        By show up, I mean you have an opportunity to really show people what you are made of! Whether you are exhibiting (have a booth) or are merely attending, don’t let yourself fade into the background. Trade shows give you an opportunity to express yourself and your business. Why is that important you ask? Well, think about this: If you assume 20,000 people go to a trade show, you can assume that about 15,000 of those people discover new companies that they want to be a part of. Actually, those stats aren’t “assumed”, they are real! Susan Ratliff, previous owner of Exhibit Experts and writer of “Exhibit like an Expert” wrote in her book that “77%” of attendees will essentially join forces with a new company, whether it’s a new vendor, retailer, or who knows, maybe a new salon or lash artist!"

        Now keep in mind, for The Lash Professional, shows like IBS Vegas are most ideal for exhibiting. Shows like IBS give us an opportunity to sell our lash products and lash training to professionals like you! For a lash salon or lash artist to exhibit, however, Beauty Con and bridal shows may be more beneficial. These types of shows will allow you to sell your services to potential clients. Companies like Exhibit Experts are designed and available to help you work through your options and will create an incredible booth for you to be sure you SHOW UP, no matter where you are exhibiting. Check out their website to see what I am talking about! And come see The Lash Professional at IBS Las Vegas this weekend, while you are at it, and you can see the incredible booth they've created for us!

        Have Fun!

        This is probably the easiest reason for you to give in to; trade shows are fun! Being submerged in an environment that you are passionate about is so uplifting and fulfilling. From the educational classes to give-aways and so much more. Nothing will gain the attention of potential costumers/clients more than a company or artist who is having a good time. Participating in all the fun will show everyone what kind of person or company you are, which will benefit you in the long run! What better way to build a business or passion than to have fun.

        There are pros and cons to exhibiting or even just to attend trade shows such as cost and time. Well, from the wise mouth of a dear friend of mine, you can’t get money if you don’t invest money. And, because I think it is necessary, I’ll end with another quote from Susan Ratliff’s book as well, which is actually a quote from Zig Ziggler, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” And that is the truest truth I’ve ever heard!

        Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

        Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

        Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

        July 9, 2018 by The Lash Professional. Posted in Get Money. 

        Ahhh, the most recent debate in the industry: Lash lifts or lash extensions? I know we’ve all been curious, so I am going to break it down and tell you how I see things. Lash lifts are coming up quick on the tail of lash extensions…but are they really the “better alternative” ? Decide for yourself! But first, here is a quick explanation of what both are! Straight from the PureWow blog by Brianna Lapolla," A lash lift is really like a push-up bra for your lashes!"... That being said, lash extensions are like an augmentation for them!

          Lash Lift (n.)

          A chemical treatment that adds a semi-permanent curl to your lashes.

          Lash Extensions (n.)

          Synthetic extensions that are applied to each individual natural lash.

          Lash Lift Prices vs Lash Extension Prices

          The price you pay for fabulous lashes is never going to be cheap… As they say, good lashes aren’t cheap and cheap lashes aren’t good! There are three price factors to a service: the price for the client, the price for the artist, and the price for the lashes!

          Lash Lifts:

          Client Price-

          The other huge pro is price, though it can also be a con but I’ll get to the pricing con a little later. Lash lift’s usually cost around $80-180 (depending on the area), but with a retention time of 6-8 weeks you are paying that amount a lot less often then lash extensions! Though the lashes have a retention time of 6-8 weeks at $80 - 180 per appointment, if you get your lashes done 8 times per year and pay an average of $120 per service, you will spend about $960 just on lash lifts.

          Artist Price-

          Due to minimal saturation of lash lift artists in the industry, you are able to charge a higher price for this service. Products are very pricey, but they definitely pay themselves off.

          Lash Price-

          Ok, what do I mean by the lash price? I mean the price the lash has to pay to stay fabulous! Yes, aftercare. To maintain curly natural lashes, lashes must remain dry for an extended period of time. Essentially it’s a perm…for your lashes! And in the famous words of Elle Woods, “ The first cardinal rule of per maintenance is that you are forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the immonium thygocolate.

          Lash Extensions:

          Client Price-  

          Though your initial appointment is anywhere from $100-200 (depending on the area) fills are a significant amount averaging about $50 per fill. Lash extensions, initially may seems very expensive as the first appointment price ranges from 100-$200. Yikes. Though lash extensions have a retention time of 2-4 weeks averaging $50 for fill appointments, if you get your lashes done 12 times per year (factoring in an initial appointment at $150) you will spend about $700 just on lash extensions!

          Artist Price- 

          Because lash extensions are a bit more saturated in the industry, the price per service isn’t very high. However, due to 2-4 week retention time, clients come consistently and often! Due to loyal clientele and affordable products, lash extensions don’t require a huge investment! (Check out The Lash Professional's product prices here!)

          Lash Price-

          The price for lash extensions is high. Lash extensions require maintenance! Avoiding products with oil, touching the lashes, and sleeping on your face will keep your lashes fabulous! It seems like a lot, but once it becomes routine it’s easy peasy!

          Lash Lift Risk vs Lash Extension Risk

          Every good thing comes with risks. It is important to always (always always always) research a service or trend before you go for it. So, let’s talk about the dreaded risks of lash lifts and lash extensions because… you have to risk it for the biscuit (the biscuit being some killer lashes).

          Lash Lifts:
          • Due to the intense chemicals used during the lash lift service, there are serious complications, side effects, or even intense injuries that may occur. The loss of lashes is not uncommon. On a more serious scale, blindness has even been known to occur if done incorrectly.
          • If the lashes are an undesirable shape or curl, the client must wait 6-8 weeks for the lashes to relax. Though there are relaxers that can be applied to the lashes, it is not advised as the lashes may become over-processed and fall out.
          • Set aside all of the scary complication and high prices in the long run, lash lifts are for your natural lashes and come out looking just that - natural! If you prefer that look they may be perfect for you, but if you prefer a full lash line and a fluffy set of lashes, you will never be happy with a lash lift.

          Lash Extensions:
          • If lash extensions are done incorrectly, can damage the natural lash causing lash loss.
          • Lash extensions may cause an allergic reaction, though there are alternative adhesives that can be used for clients with sensitive eyes.
          • If not taken care of, lash extensions can cause an infection (however washing them and brushing them can easily avoid this!)
          • There is a high possibility that you might look BOMB AS HECK! (just kidding, that is only a risk if you don’t know how to handle your good looks responsibly LOL)

          Lash Lift Benefits vs Lash Extension Benefits

          With every risk comes reward; hence, the biscuit (oh what I would give for a biscuit, but I'm referring to lashing ...again!). Weighing the reward will ultimately point you in the right direction. Lash lifts aren't for everyone! But then again, neither are lash extensions.

          Lash Lifts:
          • Your clients come much less often, allowing you to fill your schedule with a lot more NEW clientele!
          • Due to the minimal saturation of lash lift artists in the industry, you are able to charge a higher price for this service, as demand is high.
          • Lash lifts require a very minimal amount of work once you've been trained. Just grab our top-rated lash lift supplies and get started. After applying the product, you merely sit…and wait! Voila… curled lashes.

          Lash Extensions:
          • Clients come fairly often and consistently, creating a very consistent income for artists.
          • Because clients come often, artists and clients are able to create a closer connection and client/artist relationship. These relationships, or friendships if you will, result in clients being loyal as hell!
          • If properly trained, the risk of error or injury to the client in incredibly low. There is a minimal amount of adhesive applied to each lash, allowing the client to leave feeling comfortable (and beautiful!)
          • With the wide variety of curl/length/diameter/style, an artist can literally transform a client’s lashes… which can transform a client’s life!

          The Winner of Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

          Ok, so don’t get me wrong… the lash lifts vs lash extensions battle may still not convince you that lash extensions are the bomb.com, but I wanted to be sure to thoroughly lay out all the facts! I know it is a lot of information, so for a simple version of the comparison check out the comparison chart above! As exciting as lash lifts may be, lash extensions are the industry game-changer. For women who often wear multiple layers of mascara or even strip lashes, lash extensions are the alternative that allow you to wake up looking fabulous, with moderate price, minimal risk, and a high reward! There aren’t many things that pay off like that.

          Beauty Brand Ambassador Programs - The Lash Professional The Lash Professional

          Beauty Brand Ambassador Programs - The Lash Professional

          Best Beauty Brand Ambassador Programs

          February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

          Yes, I know there are tons of lash brand ambassador programs, but let’s talk about the beauty industry as a whole, and where to find the best beauty brand ambassador programs. Us lash sisters love to know all about the best of the best and what brands to rep. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to cover The Lash Professional’s Lash Brand Ambassador Program, too (cause it rocks)!

          My Fav Brand Ambassador Programs

          HD Beauty The Skincare Boutique

          I’ve come to really love this skincare brand and especially love how they structure their brand ambassador program! Their requirements encourage ambassadors to post often and in return they give you discounts and goodies. Pretty cool right? Here is the breakdown straight for their site.

            • Must post a minimum of 1 photo or video bi-weekly.
            • Remain respectful and positively endorse the brand.
            • Promote links to the website/social media, being sure to encourage everyone to use your discount code.
            • Promotion and support for each ambassador and continued help to grow.
            • Provided with tools to succeed, including products and supplies to support.
            • The potential to earn for each sale that goes through using your discount code.

            Kathrine Cosmetics

            I’m all about cruelty-free products, so this company is right up my ally. If you are looking for a makeup brand to rep and feel good about standing behind, Kathrine Cosmetics is it. The requirements are a little “grey” on the website, but all they want is women who will represent their company in a good light and stand behind their mission! Easy enough, right? Here is the very simple breakdown of their brand ambassador program requirements and benefits straight from their website.


            A Kathrine Girl will be a “beautiful, animal loving, strong, courageous, intelligent, compassionate, and world changing makeup enthusiasts.” Basically, they want you to be the best version of you!


            Benefits include products at a discount and some for free. You may also receive invites to private parties and events and also access to new stuff. You may even receive compensation for referrals.

            The Lash Professional

            Yes, what we have all been waiting for: my raving review and very typical gawking over this brand that I am (clearly) obsessed with. The Lash Professional has seriously become my family. I have built a business, been a trainer, and traveled to trade shows all because of this simple brand ambassador program! And they don’t just give you one option, there are three options depending on qualifications! Yes, seriously. Let me explain how it works.


            Level 1

            • Lash Certified
            • Exclusively Carry our Products and Supplies
            • Passionate about The Lash Professional Brand
            • Active on Social Media Regarding Lash Extensions
            • Professional Image and Reputation
            • Believe In and Live by the Sisterhood Code

            Level 2

            • Lash Professional Certified
            • Exclusively Carry our Products and Supplies
            • Passionate about The Lash Professional Brand
            • Active on Social Media Regarding Lash Extensions
            • Professional Image and Reputation
            • Believe In and Live by the Sisterhood Code

            Level 3

            • The Lash Professional Classic and Volume  Training Certified
            • Exclusively Carry our Full Line of Products and Supplies
            • Passionate about The Lash Professional Brand
            • Active on Social Media Regarding Lash Extensions
            • Professional Image and Reputation
            • Believe In and Live by the Sisterhood Code


            Level 1

            • Exclusive 5% Discount on all The Lash Professional’s Products and Supplies
            • Social Media Promotion
            • Gifts

            Level 2

            • Exclusive 10% Discount on all The Lash Professional’s Products
            • Social Media Promotion
            • Gifts
            • First to Receive New Products and Supplies

            Level 3

            • Exclusive 20% Discount on All The Lash Professional’s Products
            • Social Media Promotion
            • Gifts
            • First to Receive New Products and Supplies
            • All Expenses Paid Travel Domestically and Internationally for Tradeshows
            • Nationwide The Lash Professional Teaching Opportunities

            Importance of Becoming a Brand Ambassador

            Whether you are here reading about the beauty brand ambassador programs or interested in The Lash Professional ambassador program, there is a method to the madness. Being part of brand ambassador programs isn’t just about getting a discount or getting free stuff. The goal is to establish a relationship with a brand you are passionate about. Together, you and said brand can help each other grow. Always be sure to weigh the requirements and the benefits, making sure you are getting a return on the investment you make in your brand of choice.

            The Lash Professional has helped me grow not only as an artist, but as an individual. Being a part of a company that supports sisterhood within the beauty industry has allowed me to create friendships and relationships that I will have for a lifetime! I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.

            Become a Lash Brand Ambassador for The Lash Professional Today!

            The Truth About Being an Entrepreneur - The Lash Professional

            The Truth About Being an Entrepreneur - The Lash Professional

            The Truth About Being an Entrepreneur

            February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

            There’s a common misconception that when you become a business owner, everything will magically be perfect. Don’t fall for it. There is nothing magical about being an entrepreneur. Owning your own business is hard.

            But with every lesson I’ve learned, I’ve become stronger. I don’t want you to have to learn all these lessons through trial and error like me. I’m hoping you can learn from my roller-coaster of a journey and skip all the messy stuff on your own journey. So here it is, my truth:

            1. You Have to Be Willing to Learn

            You won’t know everything that you need to know to run a successful business. This is okay. I started my first lash salon almost seven years ago and I still don’t know everything I need to know. Everyday I’m learning. And again, that’s okay. All you have to do is be aware that you don’t know everything and be willing to learn as much as you can. You can learn from a book, from a mentor or from simply observing.

            Don’t stop yourself from reaching a goal because you’re worried that you don’t know everything.

            Did you know the beauty industry is the fastest growing industry?! Read more in Cosmetology Career Path: From Colorist to Lash Marketing Pro.

            2. Be Prepared to Work 24/7

            When you work for someone else you can leave work at work. You come into the salon or office, do your job and go home. When you’re an owner, your whole life is submerged in your business. I get calls and emails even when I’m sitting on the beach in Hawaii. I could ignore them. You know, deal with them when I get back to Arizona. But my lash salons are my babies. Could you ignore a call or email from your baby (you know if babies could call or email)? Beach side or not, babies come first!

            The truth is you won’t have more time to do yoga, dance all night or be cozy on the couch with your family because your business will need you to be able survive.

            3. You Won’t Be the Boss

            I currently own four lash salons along with The Lash Professional and, girl, I’m not a boss. Do you know who my boss is? My clients. Yep, you read that right. I work for them. They tell me if I’m doing well or not, they tell me if I hired correctly or made a mistake, and they tell me if the lash cleanser I’ve been working on for months is the best thing ever or whether it needs more work. I answer to them. You will too. Our clients are our bosses.

            4. Sometimes You Have to Be the “Bad Guy”

            Being an entrepreneur and owner of lash salons, I am forced to make difficult decisions that people don’t always understand.

            You may have to discipline or fire employees, end business relationships that aren’t working for you and your bottom line or make other decisions that people might not like.

            You have to be okay with this because you won’t be liked by everyone, especially when you’re running your own business.

            5. The Sacrifices are All Worth It

            Almost every day I walk into our headquarters so grateful for the business my team and I have created. This business is worth all the difficult lessons I had to learn to get here.

            Being an entrepreneur has given me the opportunity to meet amazing women who have become some of my favorite people in this whole entire world. And, what is more important than meaningful relationships?!

            So, what do I want you to take away from this? Well, being an entrepreneur is hard. It is very hard! But WOW is it rewarding.

            XO, VANESSA MOLICA

            Curious about how to get started as a lash entrepreneur? Read our blog post on How to Build a Profitable Lash Extension Business.