How to Become an Eyelash Technician - The Lash Professional

How to Become an Eyelash Technician - The Lash Professional

13 Types of Eyelash Extensions - The Lash Professional

13 Types of Eyelash Extensions - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in NYC

November 13, 2018 by The Lash Professional. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to mascara? Looking to find a qualified salon to get your eyelash extensions? We have you covered! The following is a list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC to make the process of selecting the right salon for you a little easier.

Eye Design New York

Eye Design New York kicks off the list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC. This is a glamorous, top-notch salon that truly takes care of their customers. Their lash technicians are considered to be experts in the industry. Customers describe the Eye Design Specialists as knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented, and attentive. 

Customer review:

“HANDS DOWN THE BEST. and the nicest. it doesn't get better than this. the clean environment, the extremely professional and articulate staff, and the wonderful - talented - eye design specialists. highly recommend.” —Healing E

Dazzling Lash Bar

A beautiful studio, a cozy blanket, cashmere lashes and a glass of rosé—can’t get any better than that! Dazzling Lash Bar is also well known for staying updated on the latest trends and incorporating these as part of their services. Some of these services include the Mega Volume and Russian Volume lash extensions. If you visit this salon, expect nothing but excellent customer service.

The Lash Loft

The Lash Loft tailors their eyelash extension service based on the clients’ unique wants and needs. Unlike other salons, Lash Loft doesn’t have a standard amount of pieces to apply, it’s all about you. The Lash Loft’s customers describe this salon as an inviting, clean, beautiful environment with excellent customer service.


EyeLoveLash takes the fifth spot of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC. This salon is rated by several customers as a lash studio with lash extensions that last. You can also rest assured that your technician will always be up to date on skills and industry trends. EyeLoveLash strongly believes in constant self-improvement for all of their eyelash specialists. A clean, courteous, professional, and relaxing environment awaits!

Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions

Say yes to the perks! Aside from its high-quality and professional service, Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions are quite popular for their amazing perks. New customers receive a 50% off discount of a new set in addition to a free mink upgrade!

Customer review:

I have been coming here for years. The employees are friendly and professional, and always greet you when you come in. Service is fast. I love my extensions and I have had the best experience here over the years. The more you go, the more perks you get. Definitely recommend! — Kelly G

Extend Eyelash Extension

High quality, affordable, accommodating. This is what you can expect at Extend Eyelash Extension. This salon is popular because of its welcoming and highly professional environment. You’ll love your new gorgeous lashes for a reasonable price, and the complimentary foot massage! Also, did we mention the perks for returning costumers?

Allure Lashes

At Allure Lashes, it’s all about you, the customer. To begin the lashing experience, Allure offers thorough and highly informative consultations, which are especially beneficial for those getting lash extensions for the first time. Allure strives to provide only the best products and techniques for a great experience. Beautiful results and going above and beyond for their clients wins Allure a spot on this list!

Customer review:

“Best lash place I've tried! Went here on a friend's recommendation and each time my experience has been very positive. Warm, welcoming, and informative staff. I don't lose a single lash in the first week and they stay very well for several weeks after that!” —Jenna  B

Whitney in the City

Aside from knowledge and experience, Whitney in the City takes this spot on the list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC because of their outstanding customer service and ability to connect with their clients. This salon also offers hair and makeup services. 

Customer review:

Whitney is absolutely amazing! She has such an amazing ability to know intuitively what your lash extensions should look like to make them flatter your face the most. Whitney is so friendly and an absolute darling when it comes to the comfort of her clients. Her lash application is perfection, and there is not a better lash artist in New York City!” — Claire S

Face & Body NYC

Looking gorgeous begins with Face & Body NYC! This salon aims to provide the highest quality service and gentle products for fabulous and strong lashes. Their talented lash technicians recommend the best lashes for you based on your eye shape, resulting in a unique flattering look. 


We hope this list of the 10 best eyelash extensions in NYC helps you find a salon that fits your wants and needs. Best of luck on your eyelash journey!

Want to learn how to do lashes in New York? Click here to sign up for online eyelash extension training.
Best Eyelash Extensions Before and After Pics

Best Eyelash Extensions Before and After Pics - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Seattle

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Seattle - The Lash Professional

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth it? - The Lash Professional

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth it? - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Diego - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Diego - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Diego

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

If eyes are the first thing someone notices about you, give them even more to love! Eyelash extensions will enhance your eyes by giving you the appearance of fuller and longer lashes 24/7. If you’re looking for a salon to get lashed, look no further! Here are the top eyelash extensions in San Diego to make your search a little easier. 


Keyluxe Beauty and Ink

Who needs complex makeup routines when you can effortlessly enhance your natural beauty? Keyluxe will give you amazing lashes, making you the lash envy anywhere you go! Attention to detail, professionalism, a personable approach, and quality work are the qualities that win Keyluxe a spot in the list of the best eyelash extensions in San Diego.


Customer review:


“I’ve been a client of Kyra’s for quite a while now and I can confidently say Kyra is just amazing! She is an amazing artist and professional. She will clearly explain everything to you and answer any questions. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing work Kyra has done for me.” — Karen L.


Blowbunny Salon

From the moment you walk in through the door to the moment you leave, you’ll experience nothing but phenomenal customer service at Blowbunny Salon. This salon offers several services and you’ll love every single one of them. Blowbunny provides flawless lashes using only the highest quality products and latest techniques.


Customer review:


“Love this place! I always have a great experience. The owner is fantastic and as a result, so are all of the technicians. They are polite, considerate, professional and immensely talented!” — Karen V.


Blink Lash Boutique

In the blink of an eye, you’ll have the gorgeous lashes you’ve always dreamed of! Get lashed at Blink Lash Boutique and receive exceptional customer service and high-quality results from a knowledgeable team in a beautiful environment.


Customer review:


“Most natural lashes and best customer service! I’ve been going to Blink for almost 2 years and still get asked if my lashes are real! All the girls that work there are wonderful and highly trained. I’ve recommended Blink to several of my girlfriends and they are loyal customers also!” — Roxanne B.


San Diego Lashes

If customized lash extensions are what you’re looking for, visit San Diego Lashes salon. The team at San Diego Lashes offers a large variety of lashes to provide you with the most flattering look for your unique eye shape. The experts at this salon are described as honest, caring, and professional. This salon is also well known for their long-lasting lashes.


Customer review:


“As a fellow lash artist, I can tell you that Jamie is a phenomenal lash artist who not only delivers gorgeous looking lashes but also takes in your overall aesthetic to ensure that the lashes are flattering to your face and eye shape. She is only one of a select few in San Diego that I trust to do my eyelashes. I highly recommend her.” — Tara W.


Tenderoni Lashes

It’s all in the details, lash babes, and Tenderoni gets that! Candace, the talented Founder & Master Lash Artist, practices the eye framing technique to achieve the perfect look for your unique eye shape. Tenderoni allows customers to tailor everything from the lashes’ length, thickness, and curl to achieve beautiful coverage and the best look for you.


Customer review:


“Candace is a magic maker. Not only is she easy to talk to – she is professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented.” — Cheryl C.


Diva Lash Boutique

Look and feel like a diva with your new fabulous lashes! DivaLash Boutique wins a spot in the list of the best eyelash extensions in San Diego because of their talent, high-quality service, and going above and beyond to exceed their customers’ needs.


Customer review:


“I am absolutely thrilled with my lashes and with Dee. She was very professional, courteous and friendly. I can’t stop showing off my new lashes! They look fab! Thank you, Dee!” — Suzanne H.


Garnet Lash Studios

Enhancing your natural beauty while taking care of your natural eyelashes is Garnet Lash Studio’s top priority. You’ll love getting lashed in a beautiful salon with a knowledgeable team that’s truly dedicated to their customers. Several of their reviewers say they love Garnet because of their longer-lasting lash extensions. Also, did we mention their adorable apparel?!


Customer review:


“I have had lashes 4x before this and they are by far the best !!! They look and feel amazing and I can’t wait to keep them up … the service is amazing they are super professional and they really take their time with every client to make sure they are 100% happy !! I would recommend it 100%” — Jenifer S.


This Lash Life

We might be a little biased, but This Lash Life is a good life! Andrea, the talented Lash Artist at This Lash Life, is fully aware of their customers’ wants and needs, accommodating, and all about attention to detail.


Customer review:


“Believe me when I say, ladies, she [Andrea] is the MASTER OF LASHES!! She is highly accommodating to her clients’ needs, takes her time and perfects your lashes, and actually cares!!!” — Ava T.


Tranquility Lashes

Tranquility is what you’ll experience after cutting your makeup routine in half. From a relaxing environment to outstanding customer care to incredible results, Tranquility Lashes delivers the ultimate lashing experience for their clients. You’ll walk out of this salon feeling amazing inside and out.


Customer review:


“Jason is an amazing professional creating beautiful lashes for all that use his services. His studio is very calm and peaceful. You are transported into a zen-like experience. Have no doubt that your lashes will be luxurious, beautifully full, and oh so natural looking. I could not give Jason a higher recommendation.” — Patricia A.


Poshe’ Lash & Skin Care

Ready for gorgeous and long-lasting lashes? The highly skilled lash technicians at Poshe’ Lash & Skin Care pride themselves for having loyal clients that have been repeat customers for years. Poshe’ will give you beautiful and customized lash extensions while maintaining the health of your natural lashes.


Customer review:


“ As a licensed Cosmetologist myself, I am extremely particular of which professionals I trust. I’ve been coming to Poshe for 3+yrs for lash extensions. Holly is extremely talented and I always leave with beautifully long, full, gorgeous lashes that last! All technicians have very high standards to ensure every client receives a luxurious, quality experience.” — Rene T.


Want to learn how to do lashes in San Diego? Click here to sign up for eyelash extension training in San Diego today!


Busy schedule? You can get your eyelash extension certification online too.

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in LA - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in LA - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in LA

January 16, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

No more clumps, no more smudges, no more tears. If you’ve decided to flutter your eyelashes by ditching mascara and embracing lash extensions, you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of the best eyelash extensions in LA to help you find a salon that fits your wants and needs. 

Beautyful Lashes 

Beautyful Lashes will leave you feeling like a total babe after your lashing session. This salon has the best eyelash extensions in LA because of their precision, expert lash application, and top quality results. Clients also love Beautyful because their lash artists are so caring and passionate about their work, the lashing session doesn’t feel like service!

Customer review:

“I couldn't be happier to have found Mydygma. She is absolutely THE BEST. I've never had a problem. She has a fantastic personality and a glowing smile. I walk out with the most stunningly sexy eyelashes and compliments everywhere I go. I couldn't recommend her more! Thank you!”  — Zehava H.

Eye do Lashes

Say “eye do” to flawless lashes! Eye do Lashes is a small salon with big talent. Their regular clients describe this salon as a friendly, homey and warm environment. The excellent customer service and professionalism of Eye do Lashes attract a large variety of clients, including celebrities!

Customer review:

“I love this place and my new lashes! Got a full set and it only took 1 hour. Great office space, comfortable experience, and nice customer service. Will definitely be coming back for my re-lash in a few weeks.”  — Marissa G.

Kelly Lash

Let the praise begin! Kelly Lash is the master of natural-looking, beautiful lashes. By using a top lash application technique, the results are natural-looking, resulting in endless compliments! In addition to her expertise and professionalism, Kelly’s kind and personable approach have driven this salon to be one of the top eyelash extensions in LA.

Customer review:

“As a professional Make-Up Artist working steadily in television I have seen all kinds of eyelash extensions on various clients and Kelly Lash is the best that I have seen bar none.  It is obvious that Kelly from Kelly Lash takes pride in her work and goes to any length to make sure the lash extensions are perfectly placed and the eyes are beautifully enhanced.” — Rachel H.

Lashes D’Anna

Excellent customer service. Friendly environment. Great prices. Lashes D’Anna goes above and beyond for their customers. Their goal is to offer a relaxing, friendly, and professional service for their lash babes. D’Anna’s clients know they can expect nothing but excellent results, and feeling happy and confident when they leave this salon.

Customer review:

“Loving my lashes since the first time I came to see Anna about a year ago!! Ever since then, her studio & clientele has grown to no bounds due to the quality & their expert work. I'm always complimented on my lashes, and how natural they look!!” — Cari C.

Peniel & Beauty

The highly professional and knowledgeable team at Peniel & Beauty will take care of you throughout the lashing process. Their lash artists take the time to explain the process thoroughly and to clarify any questions. You’ll be impressed from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave with your flawless lashes.

Customer review:

“This is my favorite eyelash bar! I come every 3 weeks and Sean is super helpful with picking the size and type of extension. He is prompt with answering questions and very accommodating. True professionals!” — Gloria Y.

Omnia Lashes

The 5-star reviews are endless for Omnia Lashes salon. The experts at this beautiful salon will provide you with the ultimate lashing experience you’ve been looking for. Before getting started with the lashing process, the lash technicians provide customers with recommendations based on their natural lashes and the look they’re seeking. This results in a seamless process and natural-looking extensions.

Customer review:

“I've been to a number of lash places and this is by far the best. You can tell they really care about their customers. They take the time to ask what you want and recommend what's best for your lashes. Shanice was amazing and the end result was so great and exactly what I wanted!” — Ciah G.

Sublime Eyes

Sublime Eyes, sublime lashes, and a sublime service— these are the things you can expect at this top lash extension salon in LA. Sublime’s customers claim to experience longer lasting lashes and look forward to their next appointment because of their kind, detail-oriented, and talented lash professionals.

Customer review:

“10's all across the board for this one! Angel and his team are flawless. Impeccable service and talent. My forever home for threading, lashes and Microblading needs!”  — Sasha J.

Lashed by Alyssia 

Ready to be lash-addicted? You will be after you visit Lashed by Alyssia. This salon keeps clients coming through the door with their high quality and long-lasting lash extensions. The lash professionals at Lashed by Alyssia are not only talented but also caring and highly passionate about what they do.

Customer review:

“Alyssia truly cares about her craft and has provided me with the most consistent lash extensions I've ever had! Not only is her application spot on every time, but I am also always able to get an appointment right when I need my fills! If you're considering going to the lash side, I 10/10 recommend Lashed by Alyssia!”  — Diana E.

Iconic Lash Co

First impressions are everything, and Iconic Lash Co is fully aware of that. With 250 lash size options to choose from, it’s easy to achieve your ideal look. The lash technicians at Iconic Lash exceed their clients’ expectations with efficiency, consistent quality, and attention to detail.

Customer review:

“I've been going to Priscilla for years and honestly have never found anyone better. I moved away and wait till I'm in town just so I can get them done by her. No one's lashes have ever lasted longer and her volume are the fullest I've had. Would definitely recommend”  — Kristin W.

Iris + West Lash Co

Iris +West Lash Co puts an emphasis on lash health with its 'Easy On The Eyes’ technique. Owner Amanda Robinson is a lover of the "no-makeup makeup" look. You'll love this spot if you are searching for a natural lash look that says "What lash extensions? I woke up like this."  

A focus on healthy, beautiful lashes and natural, feminine results make Iris +West a go-to destination for eyelash extensions in LA.

Customer review:

"The softest, most delicately applied & most natural lash extensions I've ever gotten. Along with Amanda, the whole team is incredible, fun to talk to during your appointment, on time & very professional. I make sure all my friends who are looking for lashes come here, Iris + West for life." — Remi B.

Want to learn how to do lashes in LA? Click here to sign up for eyelash extension training in Los Angeles today! 
Busy schedule? We have eyelash extension classes online too.
10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Francisco - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Francisco - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Francisco

February 13, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

It's time to ditch the falsies, eyelash curler and mascara wand! You deserve the best eyelashes, and those obsolete just aren’t cutting it anymore. Treat yourself to some of the best eyelash extensions in San Francisco, and try out one of these top boutiques. Are you ready to get lashed?

Artisan Eyelashes

We don’t ask for much - just perfect lashes! Artisan Eyelashes nail the look every time whether you're looking for full glam lashes or to enhance your natural beauty. 

Customer Review:

“Believe the hype, eyelashes make everything better! I was referred to Artisan Eyelashes by a friend and was not disappointed at all. The entire staff was extremely professional and welcoming. I was a little nervous at first but all my fears went away immediately after walking through the door.” -Katie S.

Eye Plus Lash

We've heard all the horror stories- glued eyelids, peacock-looking lashes, and irritated eyelids. Clients that received lash extensions from technician Mai at Eye Plus Lash rave about her ability to interpret and execute whatever look you're going for

Customer Review:

“Mai is a miracle worker. I’ve been on the hunt for the best lash extension professional in the Bay Area, and Mai has surpassed every single professional I’ve worked with. Seriously.” -Meesh L.

Happy Lashes

The ladies at Happy Lashes aren't happy until you're happy with your complete eyelash makeover. So, turn that frown upside down and your lash game up a notch with this eyelash boutique in San Francisco.

Customer Review:

“I have a fabulous experience at Happy Lashes. The whole process with Jade was relaxing and the end result was beautiful lashes that nobody doubted were natural. Very pleased with the naturally beautiful result.” -Lindsey B.

Iris+West Lash Co.

Curious about eyelash extension, but afraid to take the plunge? The lash ladies at Iris+West Lash Co. are here to ease your nerves. Clients who've had their eyelash done here love the care that is taken to make the extensions look as natural as possible.

Customer Review:

“Iris + West is the best when it comes to eyelash extensions!! Amanda is so quick and gets you to your dream set in no time. Her attention to detail and how she places the lashes really opens your eyes and gives you a flirty romantic look. I’m so into it!” - T D.

Lacquer & Lashes

Licensed esthetician and certified lash artist Nicole believes that all women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. At her shop Lacquer & Lashes, Nicole combines 14 years of professional experience with a passion to bring your inner boss out for everyone to see.

Customer Review:

“Nicole is incredible!! First time getting eyelash extensions and she made the whole experience easy and comforting. She gave me a natural, refreshing look that was perfect to compliment my facial features. She is a true artist and each eyelash set is individualized for each person.” - Kristina S.

Lash Lab

Who wouldn’t want to look flawless? Lash Lab provides premium service and delivers only the best eyelashes.

Customer Review:

“I recently got eyelash extensions for the very first time at Lash Lab. You guess it, I absolutely LOVE them! I no longer have to bother with liquid liner and mascara. You will really embody the Beyoncé song Flawless when it comes to these lashes & literally just wake up more beautiful.” - Nina R.

Lash + Face by Chi

You’ve seen the J curl, B curl, c curl, and on! But, have you heard of Lôngmi Lashes? At Lash + Face by Chi, Lôngmi Lashes are applied with a multi-layer technique achieves a natural, full looking lash that will trick any unsuspecting friend into believing that your lash extensions are the real deal.

Customer Review:

“Love getting my lashes done by Jamie! Her work is the best out of all the salons I’ve been to and my lashes always look full, long, and fabulous! This is also the only place you can get Long-Mi lashes done where they place extensions on all layers of your lashes. I highly recommend you book an appointment if you have an event to get to, or if you just want amazing lashes every day you can get it done every 2 weeks. My lashes always look great, but natural at the same time!” - Jenn L.

Skincare & Eyelash Extensions by Kyu

When it comes down to it, we all just want beautifully long lashes and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Skincare & Eyelash Extensions by Kyu. Clients who’ve received services from Kyu rave about efficient and quality care.

Customer Review:

“I was really impressed by the eyelash extensions. It was my first time getting them. Kyu was very professional and gentle when she glued them on. My eyelashes turned out amazing!! I will definitely come back and get her service again.” -Goy J.

The Girls’ Lounge

We all know the anxiety of having a technician work so close to our face. That’s why The Girl’s Lounge selling point is its ability to put client’s at ease with a clean facility, and friendly staff. Technician’s here do not compromise care and quality for speed.

Customer Review:

“I got my lashes done with Diana for the first time and boy oh boy was I impressed. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and was able to perfect the look I was going for. I would highly recommend Miss D!” - Tea F.

Yuki Lashes

For our boss girls, Yuki Lashes has your back for whatever persona you’d like to fulfill. Customers especially love the diversity of lashes and the solid execution from this loving lash team. Take your look from a corporate office setting to Saturday night girl’s night. 

Customer Review:

“Yuki is freaking amazing!!! Whatever look you are aiming for strives to please. I’ve gone in wanting all-natural and she nailed it. I came in wanting volume for the holidays and New Years and vavavoom I got those batty eyes luscious lashes.”- Zane T.

Want to learn how to do lashes in SF? Click here to sign up for eyelash extension training in San Francisco today! 
Busy schedule? We have lash extension training online too.
Top 10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Dallas - The Lash Professional

Top 10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Dallas - The Lash Professional

Top 10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Dallas

February 18, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

We can't get enough of lash extensions! Lash extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve the no-makeup look. Or, if you want your inner diva to shine all day, every day, there are eyelash extensions out there for you. Did we mention that you'll also be able to get rid of your mascara, eyelash curler, and falsies? This neat treatment isn't just for the beauty gurus, ladies.

Check out our top ten list of the best eyelash extension studios in Dallas, and get lashed!

Barbie Lashes & Spa

Whether you're looking to enhance your natural beauty or are striving to achieve that iconic Barbie doll look, Barbie Lashes and Spa has your back! Clients who get lashes here rave about the technician LeAnne's attention to detail.

Customer Review:

I have been wanting lash extensions and after searching the web I chose LeAnne of Barbie Lashes after reading the great reviews. I just had them done today and am over the top thrilled as she is a great job and I am one happy girl.” -Shonda H.

B-Lashed Beauty & Bridal Bar

You don't have to be a blushing bride to get a beautiful set of extensions from B-Lashed Beauty and Bridal Bar. It's your big day every day when one of the B-Lashed expert technicians gives you your dream lashes. If that's not a fairytale with a happy ending, then we don't know what is!

Customer Review:

"By far the best experience I've ever had with extensions. I've been to about five other people in the DFW area and this is my last stop. Great customer service. Very professional. Very clean. Prompt on time. I love my lashes. Highly recommend!" -Alexandra P.

Flirty Girl Lash Studio

You won't be able to resist the temptation to bat your lashes after getting extensions from Flirty Girl Lash Studio! These natural looking lashes will leave your friends and family second guessing if these beauties are the real deal or not.

Customer Review:

Everyone at Flirty Girl Lash is so nice! The studio is clean and relaxing. Appointments are easy to make. There’s never a long wait and I’m always in and out as promised. Anna does my lashes and I would highly recommend her. My lashes always look natural just like I request.” -Alyxandria S.


For new lash lovers, the ladies at Lash.i.Candy are here to ease your anxiety and educate you on all things lash-related. These experts will walk you step-by-step through the lash process and aftercare to make ensure you're comfortable with your new extensions.

Customer Review:

Highly recommend! I came after several experiences with another local place that were not doing a very good job on my lashes. The girls in the office were helpful, very knowledgeable, and did a really good job on my lashes!” -Caitlin H.

Lashing Out

We're freaking out over Lashing Out! These lash ladies deliver great premium products and even better service. Clients gush over their beautiful eyelash extensions and the studio's family-like environment.

Customer Review:

I love my girls at Lashing Out! I’ve been going for about two years since I moved to the area. I have been getting lashes for about seven years so I 've had lots of experience with different technicians and salons. The girls treat me like family and are so friendly and warm in addition to being experts in the industry.” -Stephanie G.

Luxx Lash

The treatment as Luxx Lash is simply a luxury! Clients at this lash extension studio can't get enough of the attention to detail and overall finished product. We wouldn't mind spending an hour or two in luxury at this studio.

Customer Review:

Wow! What an experience! Luxx Lash is amazing - love the attention to detail they take to truly make sure they meet your needs. I’ve never had such an enjoyable two-hour experience. I usually dread having to go in but Luxx Lash makes it so you don’t ever want to leave! They’re super friendly and always looking to make your experience the best.” - Kristi M.

LaBella Lash Beauty Bar 

Ladies who get lashes from LaBella Lash should not expect anything less than beautiful eyelash extensions. Past clients swear by this eyelash boutique and claim that they would not go anywhere else. With over a decade in business, LaBella has earned the praise of many lash lovers in DFW.

Customer Review:

"She places the lashes strategically to your eye and face structure. The quality of her work is unspoken for: she ensures your lashes don't get damaged as a consequence of the lash application and every single time my lashes are FULL!" -Daniella O.

The Eyeconic Lash

Just as the name suggests, lash extensions from The Eyeconic Lash will enhance your natural beauty and transform you into a head turner. Client-favorite aesthetician, Karla, works diligently to ensure that you don't leave until you've achieved the iconic look you want.

Customer Review:

I got my first set of lashes by Karla years ago, and have been hooked since. A lash fiend! Karla has single-handedly been the dealer to my lash addiction, supplying me with a product to which none can compare.” -Liz H.

The Lash Exchange 

We wouldn't exchange our beloved extensions for anything -- except for the chance to get lashed by the ladies at The Lash Exchange. The Exchange has found a healthy balance between quality and attention to detail to create an excellent business.

Customer Review:

So amazing! If you want quality lashes by an amazing artist go to The Lash Exchange. They pay attention to details and the customer is their number one concern. The results are spectacular!” - Faith K.


The Lash Cove

Don't know anything about eyelash extensions? The Lash Cove is the place to go! These lash friends aren't just amazing, they are knowledgeable of all things lash extension. When you lay back on the lash ladies' table you'll get more than extensions -- you'll get a lesson in all things lash.

"The Lash Cove goes beyond my standards in lash care needs. I've been a loyal customer for a while now. There lash technicians are thoroughly trained and educated. They really know their stuff and the salon is beautifully decorated, very sanitary, and everyone on the team is professional. I am consistently getting compliments on how pretty my lashes are. When I reveal that I have them done, 100% of the time people are shocked because they look incredibly natural. Appointments fill up quickly so book your reservations now." -Lisa N.

Want to learn how to do lashes in Dallas? Click here to sign up for eyelash extension training in Dallas today!
Busy schedule? You can get your eyelash extension certification online too.
10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Manhattan - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Manhattan - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Manhattan

March 13, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

In Manhattan, where the city never sleeps and opportunity is everywhere, it's important to be ready for anything. No time for mascara, falsies, biotin hair growth pills, or eyelash curlers!

Look your best all the time with beautiful eyelash extensions. These natural looking lashes are applied to your lashes to create full and fluffy lashes. Rock the makeup-less look or enhance your go-to glam look with eyelash extensions that will last.  The best part is that no one has to know that they are extensions!


We've found the best eyelash extensions in Manhattan. Level up your hustle and look with eyelash extensions, and stand out among the hordes of tourists.

Allure Lashes

Say hello to flirty, fun eyelashes by Allure Lashes. Dazzle your gal pals, and draw attention to your gorgeous face with eyelash extensions. Once you get extensions, you'll never look back!

Customer Review:

"Kris is absolutely amazing! The quality of these lashes makes a significant difference than anywhere else I've been. They take great care of you and the entire process. Wouldn't go anywhere else." -Hana C.

Blue Geisha Lashes

Get the star treatment at Blue Geisha Lashes! This all-star lash squad is lead by multi-award winning lash artist TB Kim. Star-studded TB judges international lash competitions giving her the opportunity to bring fresh and new ideas to your lashes.

Customer Review:

"I've been going here for a while and finally decided I needed to write a review! I have always had a pleasant experience here every single time. They really listen to you and are so patient even when your descriptions of what you want make no sense. They are so committed to making you happy with the outcome of your lashes. I always leave pleased! The ambiance is super cute and relaxing and the customer service is unmatched!" -Whitney L.


While you're keeping up with the latest fashion trends, the ladies at EyeLoveLash are keeping up with current eyelash products. Like fashion, new eyelash products and application standards are created to improve the overall user experience. That means EyeLoveLash is giving you only the best products and continually conducting skill checks to ensure you get the lashes of your dreams.

Customer Review:

"I had my first eyelash extension here in EyeLoveLash. The experience is wonderful. The eyelash expertise will introduce different types of eyelashes based on your personal needs. I purchased premium lashes. The quality is pretty food and it lasts for around three weeks. There's no need for makeup anymore!" -Liu Y.

Extend Eyelash Extension

You invest a lot of time and money to primp and buff your body from head to toe with waxes, moisturizers, and serums. Well, it's time to extend that meticulous care to your lashes with Extend Eyelash Extension. These lash ladies are your go-to lash specialist in the Big Apple!

Customer Review:

"Love this place! Always so peaceful every time, absolutely excellent customer service and great quality of lashes that last! My absolute favorite part is the foot massage. Although not complementary, she makes the experience even more relaxing! Overall, I highly recommend this place." -Latoya A.

Golden Lash

Life is a dream with Golden Lashes! The lash techs at this Manhattan studio have a great passion for all things lashes. They are dedicated to providing you with the best quality lashes and customer care.

Customer Review:

"Golden Lash is the best! I've been getting eyelash extensions in NYC for years. I've tried a lot of different places and have high standards. Kevin at Golden Lash is definitely the best and his prices are competitive. He's also very accommodating with scheduling appointments so you don't have to book weeks/months in advance." -Chloe W.

Lash Eyeland

Indulge yourself and take a trip to Lash Eyeland! No, you won't find this 'eyeland' in the tropics; in fact, this lash shop is located on 7th Avenue. However, you will feel like your lounging in luxury when you visit this top eyelash studio in Manhattan.

Customer Review:

"I had a wonderful experience as a first time customer at Lash Eyeland. The ladies who worked there provided excellent customer service and guidance to which lash extensions were best suited for my face and bone structure. Also, it's located in a convenient location on 7th Avenue. It's inside a very lovely building with a clean, quiet, and relaxing environment! I highly recommend this business." -Kiara B.

Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions

Lash Forever Eyelash Extensions is a premier lash salon in Manhattan. These lash specialist conduct thorough lash consultations to examine your natural lashes and eye shape to find the best extension for your face.

Customer Review:

"Couldn't have asked for better lashes! The staff here are super friendly and very informative on the aftercare of my lashes. During the consultation, they suggested which length and style of lashes were best for my eye shape and what kind of look I wanted to achieve. We ended up choosing the C-Curl and varied 10-13mm lashes. My last technician Anne was phenomenal.  She made my stay comfortable and lash application wast and pain-free. I'm in love with my new lashes. Definitely, recommend this place!" -Anh T.

Lashlove NYC

Achieve lash perfection with your dream team of lash experts at LashLove NYC! At LashLove NYC, their creative passion for understanding and advancing the science of beauty to help you feel more confident. We like the sound of that!

Customer Review:

"Nicole is the best! Always meticulous and takes the time to make sure I leave with perfect lashes every single time! I have received so many compliments since I started seeing her because she does such an amazing job! Unlike other places, Nicole also took the time to give me great aftercare instructions. I couldn't recommend her more!" -Holly F.


Settle in for an hour of luxury at Lashwell! This lash studio specializes in luxury eyelash extensions in Manhattan with premium lash products. So, lay back and relax because Lashwell is here to pamper you and your eyelashes.

Customer Review:

"I've been getting my eyelashes done for more than three years now and have gone to several places, but Lashwell is by far the best. Ever since I first went to Katie a year ago, I've been going back on monthly basis. She is so skilled and attentive compared to everyone else I've been to. On top of that, the ambiance at Lashwell is very relaxing. There's always soothing music in the background and they even apply a hydrating undereye mask while they do your lashes." -Wendy X.

Pink Lash

You'll get nothing but the best at Pink Lash! This Manhattan studio employs only the top eyelash professionals to ensure that you get the pretty in pink look that you are looking for. Clients especially love their new client promotion and early bird discounts!

Customer Review:

"An all-around fantastic salon! It was my first time getting eyelash extensions and I went in not knowing anything. The receptionist and technicians instantly made me feel comfortable and gave me detailed recommendations as to what would work and look best with my current lashes and eye shape. After not a lash was out of place and I was really impressed with how they turned out! My lashes stayed on for almost a month. The salon itself is pristine, and prices are extremely reasonable. Definitely, recommend this place." -Phoebe W.

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