10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Las Vegas - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Las Vegas - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Las Vegas

May 23, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

It's finally here lash babes! That's right! We're about to list the 10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Las Vegas! You are about to be sinning up and down that strip with some bomb a** lashes! You go girl. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well, your dirty little secrets will stay, but your lashes you can take with you.


Angela the owner of Extravalash is starting off as #1 best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas! If you're looking for someone who is passionate and ready to give you a boost of confidence, you found your girl. Angela is booking appointment's right now, but hurry, because those appointments fill up quickly.

Customer Review:

"My lashes look amazing. Angela is extremely patient and skilled. It was my first time getting extensions so she walked me through every step and explained every detail before we got started. The process itself was painless and relaxing. Well worth the time and money." BR 


Pink Cherry Wax

Pink Cherry Wax is now offering lash extension services! Welcome to the family Pink Cherry Wax. So girl (or boy), throw away those annoying lash strips and let one of Shaina's lash artist's rid you of that pesky strip problem. Bye, bye to lashes falling off at midnight and hello to perfect eyelash extensions at all times of the day and night. Visit Pink Cherry Wax for some bomb eyelash extensions in Las Vegas!

Customer Review:

"If I could give this place 10 stars I would! I love the ambiance, customer service, staff, and owner! Fantastic place for all of your waxing and lash needs." Bailey 


Vegas Lash Lounge

No one want's clumpy mascara! Okurrr... Before you head out for the evening or that special occasion head over to Vegas Lash Lounge. Why? Because it's one of the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, that's why. You won't be disappointed. Promise. We know lashes.

Customer Review:

"I love Vegas Lash Lounge! I've been going for over 6 months and I'm always so pleased when I leave. Maia is my lash tech and she's amazing. When I first started going, this was my first time trying lashes. Maia explained everything to me and I felt comfortable. Still, to this day, every time I come in she asks if I still love my lashes or if I feel like I need to change something. I really appreciate that she doesn't just assume. However, no need to change because they're always beautiful. Maia is so friendly and easy to talk to.

The shop is clean and nice. The chairs are so cozy, it's hard not to fall asleep sometimes and they play nice and relaxing music. George, the owner is great. He is always pleasant and has a smile on his face. Thank you, George and Maia! You guys are amazing." Clara 


Cherry Lash

There is no way Cherry Lash didn't make the list of one of the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas! This yummy smelling place (literally smells like cherries) has been a staple of Las Vegas for a long time and for good, good reason. This place knows detail. Cherry Lash will leave you feeling like a beauty queen in the city of beauty queens!

Customer Review:

"Ok so I am so addicted to my lash extensions and I have tried many places but nothing compares to the bomb lashes that you get at Cherry Lash Lounge not to mention the spa treatment. Cherry makes me feel so beautiful I recommend it to everyone!!"  Jaime 


I Candy Brow & Lash Boutique

Talk about experience, I Candy Brow & Lash Boutique has been serving Las Vegas beauties since 2009! Listen, we get that you don't just let anybody touch your pretty little face. And, I Candy is not that just anybody. You will leave this lash boutique with the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas. Thank you very much! The best for the best...that's you, babe!

Customer Review:

"I was very reluctant to get eyelash extensions. I have sensitive skin so I was nervous that the lash adhesive would irritate my skin.  Lindsay not only put my mind at ease, but she also did such an amazing job that I've been going to her for a year now! I absolutely love her, and my beautiful perfect eyelashes! I refer everyone her way. Her darling boutique is spotless! Her OCD perfectionism is perfect for this tedious luxury. If you're considering getting lashes make sure you do it here."  Seana 


4 Seasons Glow

Are you ready to enjoy the many benefits of having lash extensions? Jillian keeps her product line organic to ensure the safest application just for you at 4 Seasons Glow. Who doesn't like organic?! And who doesn't like amazing eyelash extensions?! Exactly!!! Check out 4 Season Glow for those amazing eyelash extension in Las Vegas that you've been searching for. Oh, you found it boo.

Customer Review:

"I love My Eyelashes so muchhhhhhhhhh. Want to say thank you, Jill, for amazing work!!! Jill is the best! Highly recommend whoever looking to do the eyelashes call Jill and you won't be disappointed. This is my first time doing eyelashes, I told Jill that I want it to look natural cuz I don't wear makeup everyday. And Jill did a pretty good job."  Jattalee 


Sassy Lashes

Don't settle for less than you deserve! Sassy Lashes is all about going above and beyond to give you the best-customized eyelash extensions in Las Vegas. Want to know what else makes this place so freakin' great? They know lashes from the inside, out. Sassy Lashes has its own product line and training courses. Now tell me who doesn't want their eyelash extensions done by the experts of the industry?! We got you boo.

Customer Review:

"My experience with sassy lashes has always been great! Chloe at the front desk was super sweet and recommended Ciara to do my lashes. I started off with a mixed set but upgraded to a volume set during my fill. Ciara is awesome and super sweet as well. My lashes are super full, lightweight and comfortable. Highly recommend Sassy Lashes." Chyanna 


Lash Daddy

Okay, Lash Daddy! We see you!! These lash artists are all about giving you the best of the best eyelash extensions. If you are looking for an everyday look or full glam they won't disappoint! And listen, if you name your salon Lash Daddy, how could you not be amazing. This is our kind of place. You have TLP's vote for one of the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas!

Customer Review:

"I love this place! This is my place to get lash extensions for the first time because it was the only place I could find that would confirm that they didn't offer real mink lashes. 

I have gone to Heidi every time I've gotten my lashes done and she is fantastic. She is extremely meticulous, professional, and kind. I always feel so comfortable with her and so I haven't gone to anybody else! Heidi also always gives me the opportunity to save $5 on my service which I really appreciate! 

My lashes typically last 2-3 weeks before they start looking janky and I need a fill. It's only like $45-50 per fill which I think is a fair price and definitely worth it for beautiful lashes!" Susan 


Nailed and Lashed

This place has it all. Nailed and Lashed is the place to get your nails, eyelash extension, and hair done. It's beauty heaven. Yes, please! Leave this place feeling like a million bucks. And hopefully, if you feel like a million bucks, you will make a million bucks in the casino! It works like that right?!

Customer Review:

"Love! Got my lashes done for the first time by Reina and she was great! Ask for her! Super gentle and does exactly what you want!" Julienne 


Vanity Lashes

With a name like that, how can it not be the on the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas list? Vanity Lashes has a great reputation for a reason and it's for their great lashes. Make sure you make an appointment because when you are the best, you are always booked. Get those lashes done babe.

Customer Review:

"Jay is very friendly and personable. She takes delicate care of the lashes and is attentive to your needs. She has over six years of experience in this field. It's easy to see why she has such a great rating on Yelp. Thank you Jay!" Alexandria H.

Want to learn how to be a lash artist? Take TLP's classic eyelash extension training in Las Vegas.

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Houston - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Houston - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Houston

May 31, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Houston is such an awesome city! This thriving city was built on community and what better way to show community than to share the communities best-kept secrets. Well, actually, these top places to get eyelash extensions in Houston isn't really a secret. There is no way we or anyone else could keep the secret. It's too good to share!

Wink Lash Bar

This might be the cutest of all the lash spaces. Seriously, you won't want to leave. From the cozy rooms to the chic waiting area, Wink Lash Bar has it all. If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Houston, this is your spot.

Customer Review:

"Awesome awesome!!! If you are hesitating don't!! I was admittedly very late due to an accident on 45. The manager Susan was very accommodating and changed some things around. But the best part was the lashes!! Khanh was really great. She listened really well to what I was wanting and I got exactly what I asked for. She really took her time and I was a completely new customer. Very friendly staff and my lashes look so beautiful. I've had them at different salons from around the country and this was definitely one of my better experiences!!! Thank you, Khanh. You have earned a repeat customer." H.H.


Lashes By Ann

There are so many things that make us love Lashes By Anne, but our favorite thing is they open at 7 am. How could you not love that? We are busy and a place that will work with our crazy schedule is greatly appreciated. Not only can you come in at 7 am to get your eyelash extensions, but you can also go in at 7 am to get the best eyelash extension in Houston. Thanks, Ann for creating a place that takes care of us, even super early in the morning!

Customer Review:

"Always professional and impeccable work! My lashes are full and long without any makeup. I'll never not have extensions after my experience with Lashes By Ann! I have naturally red hair and the lashes still look good on my skin tone. Highly recommend this service!" Misty


Dream Lash Studio

This place is definitely a dream! Dream Lash Studio has a reputation for being the best eyelash extensions in Houston for good reason. You will feel like a million bucks walking out of this studio. And, who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks? Exactly!

Customer Review:

"I have been going to dream lash Studio for over 2 years now! Let me just say I've moved around the Huston area several times and have tried other places, and hands down this one is the best! From the customer service to the excellent job all the technicians do! Jenny, D'Angelo, and Sophia are all amazing! They are such perfectionist. I have never experienced any issues with my lashes. Fatima is also great with squeezing in last minute appointments. Definitely, recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Thank you for always doing such a five star." Yvette


Lily Lash Artistry

Are you looking for a place that will design your eyes? How about a place that is considered to have the best eyelash extensions of Houston? We thought you might be! Lily Lash Artistry is your place. Call to make an appointment to get a look that suits you. Hurry up though, they book up fast!

"Lily gives my lashes LIFE! Her studio is so clean and welcoming. When I first went in I had no idea what to ask for and Lily gave me the perfect first set - classic just to get used to them! Then when I went in for my 2nd set I wanted something fuller so she did a hybrid and I am obsessed! One quick tip, don't park next door to her building make sure you park in the back! I parked next door (in the men's warehouse parking apparently) and was towed. The crappy part was it was an unmarked space so live and learn but don't be like me!!" Kenzie


Wonder Lash Studio

Whichever lash artist you get at Wonder Lash Studio you won't be disappointed. Each and everyone takes great pride in their work so there is no wonder (hehe) they are rated one of the best places to get eyelash extensions in Houston.

"Scheduled my appointment really fast and I asked for Lynn! Let me tell you, I am so satisfied with the results! I asked her for soft, natural, and not too full eyelash extension. She delivered everything I wanted. She was really gentle while doing it and I didn't feel any pain at all. The lashes weren't too heavy because I forgot I even had them on! The only con was my eye was burning a little after it was done, but I understand that's normal and it went away. I have the 2D lashes and paid 99 for them. I will definitely make a regular place for me and get my lashes refilled here! Ask for Lynn! She's amazing!" Thuong


Lashes By Victoria

Have you seen pictures of mega eyelash extensions on Instagram? Well, if you're hyped on them like everyone else Lashes By Victoria is the place to go. These lash artists are trained in mega volume lashes and love giving their clients that fullness. This place had to be on the list of best eyelash extensions in Houston for all the reasons, but especially for their outstanding volume!

Customer Review:

"I've had extensions done at many places before and by far, this place is THE BEST! Hannah was so extremely attentive and sweet. She did an amazingggg job. I am wowed! Awesome customer service and everyone is so polite. This will be my lash place forever!" Rachel


Q-Lash Studio

When you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Houston you need to go to Q-Lash Studio. They are all about making sure you get exactly the look you want. You won't be disappointed that you choose to go here! Hurry and schedule your appointment so you can strut your stuff in H Town!

"Let me start off by saying I've been getting my lashes done for 8 years now. I'm the type of girl that loves the care. I was with my old lash tech for 7 years before I realized I needed a change. One of the latest trends is volume lashes. With this type of extension, your lash artist will apply 2-6 ultra lightweight lashes to each of your own natural lashes. This is the style that I get. You can either choose classic or volume. 

My lash tech's name is Kim. She's incredibly outstanding! She takes her sweet time. You feel at peace when you're waiting for your lashes. You do not feel any tugs or pulls. I always fall asleep! She does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Kim! Scheduling is super easy for us texters. You can text the number provided to schedule your appointments. There's limited parking space so try to get there at a decent time." Thrinh


Chic Lash Boutique

This place has been helping women feel their absolute best since 2012. That experience is what gets Chic Lash Boutique rated as best eyelash extensions in Houston. They know what they're doing! Check them out for eyelash extensions that help you shine even more.

Customer Review:

"Sidney does a stellar job! I always love my lashes, they stay on wonderfully, I only have to go every 2-3 weeks and they always look so good! I would never go anywhere else or have anyone else do them. Sidney has been doing mine for almost a year. My appt always runs on time, front desk staff very friendly and helpful, in and out with great lashes!" Katie


Luxe Lash Studio

The Lash Professional hasn't had the opportunity to try Luxe Lash Studio but we can't wait to. We've heard great things from their clients, so of course, we had to put them on the list for best eyelash extensions in Houston.

Customer Review:

"I received beautiful lashes from Dee. Luxe lash studio is great and extremely affordable! This was my first time getting eyelash extensions, and she was helpful with letting me know the tips and tricks to maintain them and keeping them healthy!" Allison


Lashes By Bree

Everyone loves Bree and her eyelash extensions. We think you will too! Try her out for the best of eyelash extensions of Houston.

Customer Review:

"Bree is so sweet! I had never done extensions before and she answered all my questions. I'm a pretty busy person and found it really convenient to have her come to my home. She offered me a good variety of appointment times, sent confirmation texts and arrived on time. Not to mention my lashes look amazingly natural for a fraction of the price of others." Terry


Want to learn how to be a lash artist?! Take TLP's classic eyelash extension training in Houston today!

Houston Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your allure and find the best lashes near you in Houston with top-notch eyelash extensions. Looking for lash extensions Houston can be a game-changer for your beauty routine. These lashes Houston offer a convenient way to boost your natural beauty effortlessly.

The quest for quality lashes near me leads to various salons and specialists offering diverse styles, from classic to volume lashes. With the abundance of options for eyelash extensions Houston, it's crucial to choose a reliable salon that offers professional-grade application and high-quality materials.

Eyelash implants are a form of cosmetic surgery involving transplanting additional eyelashes around the eye. The process typically involves removing a section of hair from the patient, typically from the back of the head, grafting the hair to the eyelids, replacing the existing eyelashes. The procedure typically involves 60 to 70 inches per eye, and after removal and a thorough cleaning of the oil on the hair, they are reattached to the patient by delicately sewing the lashes back on.”

Lash extensions in Houston promise a flawless, long-lasting look without the daily hassle of mascara. Expert technicians ensure a seamless application process, adhering to your desired style and comfort level. These lashes not only elevate your appearance but also save time in your daily makeup routine.

If you're in Houston, experience the convenience and elegance of Housten lash extensions that suit your preferences. Get ready to purchase lashes that redefine your look and leave you feeling confident and radiant. Choose the right salon for eyelash extensions in Houston and elevate your charm effortlessly.

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10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Orlando - The Lash Professional The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Orlando - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Orlando

June 6, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Who doesn't love Orlando and who doesn't love having the best eyelash extensions? Exactly! That's what we're talking about. Make your lash dreams come true babe! You know we got you.


Maxim-Eyes Lashes

Take your lashes to the max at Maxim-Eyes Lashes. If you've been looking for the best eyelash extensions in Orlando you have to try out this spot. You can thank us after!

Customer Review

"I've been having my lashes done at Maxim-Eyes for a few years and absolutely love them. I couldn't imagine getting them done anywhere else. Celine and all of her girls are amazing. My lashes come out perfect every time and last forever. Her salon is super clean and relaxing. They are always flexible with scheduling and their prices are super fair. HIGHLY recommend!" Kennedy


Oh La La Brow Bar & Waxing Studio

We've heard good things about this place and can't wait for you to try them. Oh LA LA Brow and Wax Bar will get your brows and lashes on point. Are you looking for the best eyelash extensions in Orlando, try them out!

Customer Review

"I came to Oh La La for lashes after my friend recommended it, and I'm so glad I did. They did such an amazing job. The booking process was so easy and simple, and they worked with my hectic schedule to find time for me. The salon is clean, well organized, and beautifully decorated. It's also centrally located so very easy to get to. The staff is so nice and friendly, and we had a great time chatting and passing time during the whole process. Micaela is AMAZING. She listened to my concerns and talked me through the process so I knew what was happening when. She made sure that I got optimal results and that I was comfortable the whole time. My lashes look SO good. They look like my own lashes, but so much healthier and fuller. I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommend!" Huda


The Lash & Body Lounge

Want to have the best eyelash extensions in Orlando? Of course, you do. So hurry and make an appointment at The Lash and Body Lounge today.

Customer Review:

"I got my lashes done by Miriam a few weeks ago before my wedding and could not have been more pleased with how they looked in pictures. They were dramatic, yet not overwhelming, the perfect compliment to the makeup artists' work! I would absolutely get lashes with Miriam again, especially right before a nice vacation. They were easy enough to maintain, I received lots of compliments on them, and they stayed on for weeks. She even sent me home with spooly brushes and a bottle of soap to use to clean them every day. An extra bonus- Miriam is a total sweetheart! Such a nice, genuine woman." Deanna 


Davi Salon

We never thought we would be recommending getting your lashes done inside of a Walmart, but people say they do great work. Try them out?! To be honest, we are skeptical, but if you give them us a try and let us know if they are one of the best places to get eyelash extension in Orlando.

Customer Review:

"Amazing amazing amazing! I've never been so happy with my nails before, Kathy is seriously talented. And beyond that, she is a very sweet person who will make you feel completely comfortable. I loved how creative and excited she was, it gave me complete confidence in her from the start. I'm also new to Orlando so I tried a few other nail salons in the area before, now I'll never see anyone else. I also got eyelash extensions which I had not originally intended on doing but I figured why not. I am SO glad I did, I'll never have to wear mascara again, it's absolutely gorgeous. Thank you soooo much, Kathy!!!" Valerie 


VAMPD Brow and Lash Lounge

The Lash Professional loves details and Vampd brow and lash is all about the details! From the website to their space to their services, everything is done with complete detail in thought. We are all about us some VAMPD. Stop in and get the best eyelash extensions in Orlando!

Customer Review:

"So glad I found this place! I was interested in eyelash extensions and was researching a ridiculous amount of places. I landed on Vampd's Instagram page that showed client after photos and was immediately sold. Booking an appointment online was super easy and they send follow up texts and emails for confirmation and address location. I've been seeing Megan who does amazing every time! It's an expensive habit but I'm happily addicted to their Manhattan set." Chelsea


The Pearl Spa

Want to feel pampered? Of course you do, you're human. Come check out The Pearl Spa for the best eyelash extensions in Orlando.

Customer Review:

"I have been getting my lashes done here for months. I have referred so many people here because they always stop me on the street and ask me who does my lashes. Linda does an amazing job. She is very talented but also very sweet and I look forward to going in to see her. Eyelash extensions are expensive but they are totally worth it." Kristen 


Yessi Lash

Say yes to Yessi Lash! Yessi loves what she does and it shows. There is a reason this babe has a reputation for doing the best eyelash extensions in Orlando.

Customer Review:

"She's simply the best. She has perfected her craft and knows it so well. She can see what curl and shape would look great. A true artist. On top of that, she is such a cool lady! I really miss her and her lashing skills. I drove from Ocala to Orlando for my appts because she's that good. I've had lashes in Houston, Minneapolis, Jax, NY...I'd pick Yessi. I have moved out of state again or else I'd still be making that drive to see my favorite." Jenn


The Lash Lounge Winter Park

A good lash place is hard to find, but, if you're like us, once you find it you're loyal. Well, babe, you will be loyal AF to The Lash Lounge at Winter Park. Make an appointment to get you the best eyelash extensions in Orlando. Who doesn't want the best?

Customer Review:

"I feel so lucky to have found The Lash Lounge so soon after moving to Orlando. Convenient location and luxurious settings come to mind. I had been to the Lash Lounge in California and I am happy to say, the winter park location lives up to my expectations. Jade May be the best lash tech I've ever met! She achieved a flawless classic mink set that I am in love with! I strongly considered not naming Jade in this review so that I could keep her all to myself. But alas, that's not what yelp is all about." Tristyn


Winter Park Lash Studio

Melissa, the owner of Winter Park Lash Studio, loves what she does and it shows in her work. Everyone that leaves her studio leaves with the best eyelash extension in Orlando because she cares. Call and make an appointment!

Customer Review:

"If you are looking for full, beautiful lashes Melissa is your girl! Her eyelash extensions look real and no need to wear mascara. I've been to other eyelash stylist and I was not in love with the results, Melissa does the best! She did my lashes right before my wedding and they were so good that my photographer took a close up picture of them. She takes pride in her work and it shows, you won't be disappointed." Crystal 



Stop in and get the best set of ultra-glam eyelash extensions in Orlando! K is one passionate girl and lashes are her passion.

Customer Review:

"K is amazing and very professional. She is detailed and doesn't rush to make sure she does a clean job. Positive attitude and well worth it!" MSS


Want to be a lash artist? Take The Lash Professional's classic eyelash extension training in Orlando and start your career today!  

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Nashville - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Nashville - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Nashville

June 10, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

We totally get it! You want the best eyelash extensions in Nashville. Why wouldn't you? And guess what babe? We got you! Check out these top rated lash salons. You're one step closer to those camera-ready lashes! Instagram model, say what!

Lash Out Nashville

If you're looking to get the best eyelash extensions in Nashville Lash Out is your place. These girls have talent! Whether you're looking for something more natural or something more dramatic, they will take care of your pretty little eyes. You won't be disappointed with these lash artists. Hurry up and book though, they fill up fast!

"Brand new to Nashville from Chicago and needed a new lash spot! I obviously googled and read Yelp reviews and so glad I chose Lash Out! Brittany was phenomenal and so friendly and also has become my personal concierge when it comes to the best spots in Nashville for beauty! I've received so many compliments on my lashes and highly recommend!!!" Ashley



Amy, the owner and the master behind lash is a true perfectionist. You can see her perfection shine through in her lash studio from the quality of work to the details of the decor. Can't get in with this lash fairy? Don't worry, the rest of her team is fantastic too. Do you think Amy would just let anyone work under her name?! No way! Only the best here!

"I've been going to Lash for two years and showed up with virtually no lashes after cancer. Amy has worked with me to have beautiful lashes and her application of lashes is not only fast but impeccable. I've never had any issues, only compliments. Recently, I used another one of the folks there (Caitlyn), and she was magnificent too! Every time I leave I feel like a million bucks. I've had lashes done other places before Lash, but not anywhere since!" Caroline


Spa Haus Nashville

Okay, we love this place because you not only can get pretty lashes, but you can also get spa services. We recommend getting that facial and massage before getting the best eyelash extensions in Nashville! Give Spa Haus Nashville a call to book your day of pampering.

"I recently got eyelash extensions and I am so happy with the results. Chelsey did a wonderful job providing professional recommendations without the feeling of being "up-sold"-which is a common occurrence. Aside from the wonderful results, she was so kind, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and so accommodating. The atmosphere is so relaxing and spotless-so much so, that I fell asleep, which I thought impossible to do during eyelash extension session. I definitely recommend!" Amina



You have to try out Lash envy if you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Nashville. There is a reason everyone is talking about Shala. This pretty lady has some lash talent!

"I visited Lash Envy last night on a referral from a girlfriend of mine who has been wearing extensions for a few months now. After seeing her beautiful full lashes in person, I had to have them too! Shala is very sweet & made me feel right at home. The appointment went by quick as we had a great conversation the entire time. I was expecting there to be some discomfort during the application process but I literally couldn't feel anything while she applied them! 

The end result was great, they are long & full but at the same time, they are very natural & could fool anyone to believe they're real! I woke up today & swiped on a little bronzer and gloss & was out the door, it felt so amazing to not have to fuss with mascara!!! I also had her shape my brows as well & she did a wonderful job. So, I would highly recommend Shala to anyone who's interested in these services!!!" Jasmin


Flirt and Flutter

Lashes that flirt, yes please! Flirt and Flutter is the place to get the best eyelash extensions in Nashville. Don't believe us? Book an appointment and you will see for yourself. You can thank us later!

"I am so happy to find this amazing, professional, sweet, GREAT at her craft lasher!!!! The vibe when you walk through the door is tranquil, clean and happy. I found her on YELP so, reviews really do make a difference. I got my lashes down in LA 2 weeks ago, loved them, but had a lot fall out and the shape was nice but not really me. Aubreeanna customizes your lashes to the shape of your eyes. I could not be happier with my lashes. They are full and light. Thank you so much beautiful Aubreeanna I will see you in 2 weeks for my fill!" Rochelle



It's a big sign if you have to book a few weeks ahead for a lash appointment that the lash place is the bomb. I know waiting sucks, but waiting for the best eyelash extensions in Nashville is worth it. You want the best right?!

"Cat is seriously amazing. I've lived in LA and New York and worked with some amazing lash artists, but Cat is my absolute favorite of all time. I have been going to her for almost two years and I get compliments constantly on my lashes. Her eye for detail is *impeccable*, and bonus, she is simply a wonderful person and a joy to see on a regular basis. She books up fast so I make sure to schedule my follow-ups at least 10-14 days ahead of time." Rebecca



If your dream is to have the best eyelash extensions in Nashville you have to go to @Lash. Dreams can come true babe.

"Nikita is awesome. I usually have anxiety when getting my lashes done but at her shop, I was completely relaxed - she has good music and a nice warm bed and she is good company if you're in for a conversation. The best part of all my lashes look amazing and since I got them done a few people have commented on how they look like they are mine and how beautiful they are. I highly recommend her to anyone!" Jennifer


Zoe’s Lash Bar & Spa

Zoe is your answer to having the best eyelash extensions in Nashville. If you want people to stop what they're doing to compliment your lashes, this girl will make that happen. We all love compliments right?

"I have been seeing Zoe to get my lashes done for the past several months and she does a fantastic job! I frequently get compliments on my lashes - they look so natural that people frequently think they are my own! Zoe is friendly and professional - I live in East Nashville, but she is worth the drive." Becky


Treasa’s Skin Wax and Lash

"Love my lashes. I was recommended to Treasa by two different people and she did not disappoint. She made me feel comfortable enough to take naps during my eyelash fills. She has genuine conversations and works with what you want. Her specials are a great start but after you're first eyelash set, you'll keep coming back. I've had lashes done by two different artists before and Treasa's work is the best I've seen. It's natural, lightweight, and holds." Val


Southern Lash Lounge

"My experience with Ashley at the Southern Lash Lounge was wonderful! I contacted Ashley after a horrible experience with another eyelash extension salon. The salon I went to very clearly did not know what they were doing and completely ruined my eyelashes - where I did not have hardly any eyelashes left. I reached out to Ashley for help and she was so sweet and helpful. Although I had a better feeling after talking to Ashley, I was still nervous about getting more lashes put on. 

Ashley was so sweet and answered any questions I had and talked me through the process - and how it was different from what I had experienced before. Ashley's process of putting the eyelashes on was so relaxing and comfortable - I even fell asleep! I am so happy that I found the Southern Lash Lounge because I am so thrilled with the finished product! I have eyelashes again and they are long, beautiful, and look so natural!" Amy


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10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Jose The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Jose - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in San Jose

June 13, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

We all want great eyelash extensions right? If you live in or are stopping by for a visit and are in need of the best eyelash extensions in San Jose, look no further. We will lead you in that direction! Make an appointment at any of these lash salons and you'll be happy!

Extreme Beauty Lounge

The name says it all! Extreme Beauty Lounge loves to do those extreme lashes, ya know, volume. But don't worry if you prefer something more natural they can do that too. If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in San Jose, you have to try them out! You'll be happy you did, we promise.

Customer Review:

"I went here to get eyelash extensions and I got them done from Yvette and she was honestly amazing!! She was so nice and she was really gentle with everything! I was really nervous about how they were going to turn out but I fell IN LOVE with them! They're exactly what I wanted and the curl and length are perfect!! They look so good on me!! I am so happy with my eyelash extensions! Go to Yvette if you want awesome eyelash extensions and great service!" Loveen 


Lashes by Nikki

People love Nikki and her lashes for a good reason. Stop in and see for yourself why she is known for the best eyelash extensions in San Jose. Your lash dreams are just a phone call away.

Customer Review:

"Nikki is very sweet and attentive! She provides good quality work, as she has been doing this for a very long time. She's very knowledgeable and knows what's best for your lashes and the overall look you are trying to achieve. The set usually lasts about 4 weeks and that's a plus for me since I live pretty far! 

Her hands are very gentle and she does them quickly, but still makes them full and precise. She is very easy to schedule with and she will work around your schedule. However you like your lashes, she'll do it that way. She always makes sure that you are comfortable. I love how she makes conversation with you through the process! Her absolute intention is to make sure all of her clients leave happy and satisfied, that's what I love about her. I highly recommend her if you want your lashes done, she takes great pride in her work." Ariane 


Beautiful You

Have you heard of Beautiful You? They believe that you are beautiful on the inside and the eyelash extensions will only help showcase it. We like that and we like some great lashes. See what all the buzz is about and try the best eyelash extensions in San Jose. They're waiting for you!

Customer Review:

"Service was excellent. I got Vivian and she has her own private room and she's very nice and does and amazing job. I will for sure be coming back. They always have times available for appointments. Vivian made sure I was comfortable at all times and her work is amazing!" Andrea 


Lashed Eyelash Studio

Okay so, Lashed Eyelash Studio is the freakin' cutest place! No wonder this is the place to go for the best eyelash extensions in San Jose. If you're looking for something natural or glam, the ladies here will hook it up. Try it out for yourself!

Customer Review:

"This place is amazing! I've been getting my lashes done for a couple of years now and this is by far the best experience! The place is so trendy, everyone is so nice and what I appreciate the most they are always on time and communicating via text and email even if they are running a few minutes late! Anne is just an absolute pro- my lashes are full and look amazing for a whole month so the fact that I only need to get my fill once a month instead of going every other week is an absolute lifesaver- since I travel all the way from Livermore. I give them 5 stars and they will have my business for a long time! Highly highly recommend!" Stanislava


The Beauty Methods

Hurry up and book your appointment because this place gets crazy booked up, crazy fast. Why? Well, it's because one of the best places to get eyelash extensions in San Jose. Whatever method they're using, we like it!

Customer Review:

"I love, love, my lashes!!! Nikky made my lashes classic natural but beautiful!! I asked Nikky to make my lashes not too much but more natural in a "cute pretty way" where my co-workers will notice something different about my face/eyes but make them guess in a good way. Nikky did exactly what I wanted...It's been 12 days, I'm very surprised that my lashes look the same as the first day I had them...
It's a good sign that means this awesome facility "the beauty methods" only use the best of good quality products..And of course, my beautiful talented lash artist "Nikky". Good quality products married with talented well-trained artist= perfection!!! Thanks a bunch, Nikky!!!" Loida



This isn't a dream! This is real life babe and Dreamality is here to make your lash dreams come true. Check them out for the best eyelash extensions in San Jose. They are rated top 10 for a reason, but if you need some proof go see for yourself!

Customer Review:

"Recently got a wispy mix set and it looks amazing as always! I just got back from Coachella (7 days post-lash appointment) AND LET ME TELL YOU. My lashes still look superb and full. I honestly do not know how Dalena does it, she attaches the lashes with so much grace and art that even the strongest forces of winds and dust cannot make them fall out. I thought I was going to come home to only half the lash extensions still attached to my lashes because of the weather conditions (dry, hot, windy) but I was wrong. The studio is conveniently located in a quiet plaza, with lots of parking, and Dalena has done a great job renovating and personalizing her space. The white and blush theme is extremely pleasing to the eye, and the decorations are super cute. Thank you Dalena for another masterpiece work!" Hannah


Bloom Boutique

Bloom to your best self at Bloom Boutique. Not only is this place adorable, but also their lash artist are the best of the best! No wonder they are rated best eyelash extensions in San Jose. There is proof in their work!

Customer Review:

"I did a ton of research before going with Bloom; the last thing I wanted was to be a horror story of lash extensions gone wrong! Thankfully, Bloom talked me through the process and helped me pick the right lash type for me. I've been going to Maria for almost 6 months now and can't imagine life without lashes! They always look beautiful and I consistently get compliments on them. They are very natural looking (which is what I want), but they give my face that extra oomph it needs. Any my real lashes are in great condition since I take such good care of them now. Cute atmosphere, great service, beautiful lashes! Worth every penny." Suzanne


Lashes By Hanh

They don't mess around at Lashes By Hanh. And we are glad they don't. Everyone here wants the best eyelash extensions in San Jose and they are delivering it here. Have you ever had mega lashes? They are known for adding that mega volume to your eyes. If you haven't given them a try or their mega lashes, it's about that time boo. Make it happen!

Customer Review:

"I LOVE my mega volume lashes!!! I'm so glade I went to Hanh. The spa was calming, clean and quite. The process was painless and relaxing. I took a nap and woke up in glam heaven. Keeping them clean is so easy with the foam cleanser (used $30 deposit) pat dry with a cotton pad then brush out with mini black eyebrow brush (like they have at Ulta, Mac, Sephora ) and they feel brand new and beautified! I also keep a lash brush in my purse whenever hey need a quick lift me up. I've always been a side sleeper so I'm not too worried about ruining them during the night. I'll admit not being able to rub my eyes after washing my face is a bummer but totally worth it. I will be returning for refills and trying other last style options. Thank you, Hanh!!" Lauren


Cindy Pro

Everyone loves them some Cindy and it's obvious why. She cares about each and every client. She wants everyone to leave feeling better than they came in: inside and out. Give her a try and see why she is on our top 10 best eyelash extensions in San Jose.

Customer Review:

"I kissed a few frogs until I found the one (Cindy). She LISTENS! I am very specific and meticulous (basically a pain in the butt of a client) But she listens to all my little requests and gets it right every time! Cindy has been doing my lashes for over 2 years now every 2 weeks. I cheated on her a couple of times (sorry Cindy!) due to her being booked and sometimes I need them done last minute... but always get buyers remorse and wish I just waited longer or planned ahead... and as a licensed esthetician, I can surely attest to the quality of her work. Thanks, Cindy!" Ketie


Lash Allure

The owner Jaye is known in the lash world. She knows what she is doing and so does all of her lash artist's. If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in San Jose, you found it at Lash AllureYou won't be disappointed.

Customer Review:

"Lash Allure is hands-down on another level compared to the other lash extension salons. In Bay Area there are probably a hundred lash techs -- but not all lash techs are equal in skill/dedication to the craft. Lash Allure has the top lash techs I've come across in 7 years. These girls are just as lash-obsessed (if not more) than their clients and do lash competitions all over the world. This place isn't necessarily for the client who just wants cheap/the look. This place is for the picky, the meticulous, the lashes-are-life person. Like me. I can't even begin to imagine how I could function if Lash Allure wasn't in my life." Sophia


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10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Fresno - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Fresno - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Fresno

June 21, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Fresno has it all! If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno, don't worry we have you. You have some options. But hurry! Open appointments don't last forever when you're the best. Find the best that seems to fit you the best and make that appointment right away. Cheers to beautiful lashes!

The Lash and Brow Studio

There is a reason why everyone says that The Lash and Brow Studio is the best place to get eyelash extensions in Fresno. They believe in quality. Quality customer service, products, and lashes! We love quality and we know you do too. Check them out!

Customer Review:

"First off, who needs falsies or mascara when you can get lash extensions! Second, Felix, who does my lashes is phenomenal. He brings such ease and relaxation during the whole process. As a regular, you feel like family and always welcomed. He is very knowledgeable as he has been doing lashes for about 5 years. He knows all techniques and can manage lengths for all lashes. Every two weeks I go in for fills, mega volume, and I walk out very happy. You wake up looking bright and awake with your lashes. I went from 17's to 13's and my lashes still look great with both lengths. I suggest you come in and get them done, you'll be satisfied with the results! You won't regret it! Falsies and mascara are a thing in the past once you go here." Nicki


Fab U Lash

Are you looking for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno? Well, don't wait any longer to get those lashes done, because Fab U Lash is here to take care of you. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible because they book up fast! Make the appointment that will take your eyes to that next level!

Customer Review:

"I wanted to wait a couple of days so I could leave an honest review. I have tried multiple people around the area in hopes of finding someone who is good and Denise is it. She's very professional explaining what you need to do in taking care of your lashes. My main concern was the fall out rate and of course the appearance of the lashes. It's been a couple of days and I have yet an eyelash to fall out! This is a first compared to other people I had gone to. The lashes look natural yet full. I just love them! I have definitely found my lash lady."


Lash Out Loud Eyelash Extensions

We know you want to lash out loud with Lash Out Loud Eyelash Extensions. Stop in for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno. You won't regret it.

Customer Review:

"I have been coming to lash out loud for months now and have had nothing but positive experiences! Irene (lash artist) is friendly, accommodating, and always does a great job. She is a true expert in lash extension application and her work is amazing. If you're looking for safe, fashionable, and flawless lashes this is the place to go!!" Melissa


Fixations Lash Spa

The ladies at Fixations love lashes and it shows. They make sure every single client leaves their space feeling even more beautiful than when they walked in. Make an appointment here for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno! Fixations will make you fall in love with lashes.

Customer Review:

"Love my new eyelash extensions! My first time at having them done Felicia did a wonderful job. She's very friendly and nice and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I definitely recommend coming to Fixation Lash Spa. Felicia and Michelle are accommodating and make you feel like family. Can't wait to come back for my fills. Thank you Felicia!" Julie


Embellashes By Anousone

Anousone and Jackie have that lash pride and you can see it in their work. There is something special about a couple of ladies with passion isn't there? If you're looking for some bomb lashes, hit these ladies up. Schedule with Embellashes for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno!

Customer Review:

"Lovely studio in an energetic area downtown. Anousone and Jackie are super knowledgeable and professional experts. Very sweet and friendly too which calms newbies. Jackie explained everything in detail, including important aftercare and maintenance. She has a gentle touch. I wanted natural lashes and that's what she delivered. Natural but a huge impact. I think I look years younger. I can't stop looking at them! Thank you Jackie!!" Michelle


iLash Studio

These lash artists have that experience you're looking for. Who wants their lash artist to not be trained or certified? Not us! Check out the ladies at iLash Studio for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno! They got that experience that will get you those lashes you want.

Customer Review:

"I have been getting my lashes done by Lindsay for a little over a year now & not only do I absolutely love my lashes but I love Lindsay! She works with my schedule & I have never had her once cancel on me or ask to rearrange! She is reliable! I went to one lash place & they were done horribly & then I got Lindsay's number & she fixed them! Her quality of work is perfect! I know about 6-7 other people who go to her & also feel the same way I do! If you're looking for beautiful lashes make sure you call the lash lounge!" Jessica


Forever Adored

Want the best eyelash extensions in Fresno? Look no longer! Forever Adored is ready to make your lashes full. Sure we will take some lashes that make us feel even more adored. Try them out today! More adoration coming soon!!!

Customer Review:

"Got my lashes done here everything was top notch! I went back to get my hair and makeup done for an event and that was even better. Kelly and her team are the best in town. I would highly recommend for lashes, hair, and makeup." Sherri


Helen’s Beauty Corner

If you live in Fresno, you've probably heard of Helen. People are talking about how great her lashes are all day and all night. It's hard to keep her a secret. Her lashes are a walking advertisement. Stop by Helen's Beauty Corner to see for yourself why everyone thinks she does the best eyelash extensions in Fresno. Let us know!

Customer Review:

"Helen is an amazing lash artist! I have been getting my lashes done for years and I'm very loyal to my lash artist! Unfortunately, my lash artist moved to Hanford and I needed to find someone! Her work on Instagram instantly caught my eye! She's very meticulous with her application and is seriously one of the best! I am so fortunate to have found her! I got so many compliments after seeing her!" Elaine


The Lash Lounge Fresno

Have you heard of The Lash Lounge? It's a Franchise so you might have seen them in other cities too. Have you been curious? Well, whatever city they're in they are known for their great work. If you're like us, you like great work! Try out The Lash Lounge for the best eyelash extensions in Fresno. Great lashes coming soon for you little babe!

"First-time lasher here. I was hesitant at first, but everyone made me feel comfortable. Brittany clarified to me the various styles, material, and fullness of the lashes beforehand. I got the Classic Mink lashes. Afterward, Brittany explained me aftercare instructions and products available. Since I am a first-time lash wearer, I did not get the membership. However, the membership offered is a great deal for someone who wants to maintain their lashes." Merari


Xtremely Lashed

Kristina is the star of Xtremely Lashed. This girl will have you feeling like a million bucks after you get up from her lash table. Make an appointment with her so you can have the best eyelash extensions in Fresno. We know you want to! We all the best lashes. Get yours today!

Customer Review:

"Kristina does beautiful lashes. I receive compliments all the time and women asking where I go to get such gorgeous lashes. Just know it may take a few hours your first time. I should also point out I had my lashes done by someone else for my first time and this person glued my eyes shut and it took her 30-45 min to unglue them. It was awful! I found Kristina on yelp and she removed the glue and made my lashes beautiful. She's an expert and I highly recommend her!" Missy


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10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Sacramento - The Lash Professional The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Sacramento - The Lash Professional

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Sacramento

June 27, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Are you looking for the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento? Well, babe, The Lash Professional has your back. Enjoy this little list of 10 and get you those lashes you've been dying for. Dreams can come true!

The Lash Addict

The owners of The Lash Addict, Maya and Julie, took their combined experience and created one of the best places to get some bomb eyelash extensions in Sacramento. If you can't get in with these two beauties, their whole team is awesome. Hurry and schedule your appointment!

Customer Review:

"I've been going to Lash Addict for a few months now. I love not having to deal with mascara and these lashes allow that. I've always made a mess of mascara but I really like to look of being able to see my lashes! Samantha was my most recent esthetician and was professional, and respected when I wanted quiet and I had last minute concerns. since my prior appointment, I seemed to have lost more lashes quicker and they didn't seem quite as noticeable. She made sure my color was what I had expected and was able to add a few more giving me look I wanted." Anne


Sidney Le Beauty

Sidney of Sidney Le Beauty has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years so it's no wonder her salon is one of the best places to get eyelash extensions in Sacramento. Her eye for beauty and talent gives her the upper hand on the competition. They book up crazy fast, so make your appointment today. Don't miss out.

Customer Review:

"Brittney Romero is so talented at doing lash extensions! She is very sweet, takes her time, does my lashes how I* like them, and I LOVE that she fans my lashes for a really long time (resulting in having no burning eyes from the glue). She is a perfectionist. I also love that there are some days I don't want to talk during my appointment because I'm so tired and she respects that lol, and there are days where I'm so hyped off of coffee that I want to talk and she'll small talk with me .

I've been following Brittney's work for 2 years and she really is about her clients. I have had MANY estheticians touch my lashes and Brittney is the only one I truly desire to go to because I know she will get EVERY lash and never rush the process. You can tell she loves what she does because it shows in her customer service and quality of work and dedication." Marisela 


Elle 23 Spa

Elle 23 Spa is a full-service spa that specializes in lashes. Are you looking for the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento? Well, babe, here it is! You can even get a facial and a massage before. We heard Julie is wonderful! Check this lovely lady out asap!

Customer Review:

"She is amazing. Plain and simple. I told her how I like them more full and without a beat made them perfect. I really don't want to go anywhere else. This is exactly how it should be done. She's talkative and nice, her glue didn't sting at all, and it was very reasonably priced. You can tell she's an expert. She was fast (I hate when it takes forever) BUT it looks like she took her time.

Thank you so much! Great experience. I almost asked her to do my eyebrows but I didn't want to take too much of her time. Might have to try a facial next time too." Christi


Honey Beauty

This place, Honey Beauty, is the sweetest spot to get eyelash extensions in Sacramento! Pour some sugar on me. But really, this salon makes you look and feel like a million bucks. Who doesn't want to feel and look like a million bucks?

Customer Review:

"Nikki is amazing! I have gotten my eyelashes done at other places and have had reactions and I've never had a reaction from Nikki. She's so quick and efficient! I actually hate when people touch my eyes but she's so fast it's amazing! Also, her lashes last forever! I'm in shock how long they last! I'm so happy I found Nikki! I won't go to anyone else!" Jaime


BP Lash Studio

Beverly, the shining star of BP Lash Studio takes pride in everything she does. That includes her lashes. Don't you want your lash artist to take pride in her work? We sure do! Come visit Beverly for the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento! We promise you won't be disappointed.

Customer Review:

"I've been going to Beverly to get my lashes done for about a year now. I can't emphasize enough how much I love her. My lashes look perfect every time and she is the sweetest! Her prices are very reasonable and you can book your appointments online, which makes the process easy." Ashley


Lash Out Beauty Bar

The girls at Lash Out Beauty Bar know lashes! They can hook you up with some volume baby!!! Check them out if you want the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento.

Customer Review:

"This is the absolute best lash salon I have found. All the girls are super sweet and do a great job. Their prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality. It's definitely an addicting process, but worth the time it shaves off your morning makeup routine." Layal


Glammed up X Elia

It's no big surprise that Elia is known for doing the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento. This girl has it going on. If you want to be glammed up, this is your girl. Visit Elia for some bomb lashes! We know you want to.

Customer Review:

"I recently moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area and wanted to try someone new to get my lashes done! I was previously going to Amazing Lash Studio and hating my experience. I'm glad to have found Elia! What a difference. She took her time doing my lashes and explained the different types, sizes, and prices before starting my service. Her work area was clean and she had fantastic music playing. She was a pleasure to talk with and even recommend good places for me to try in Sac since I'm new in town! 

We chose a size 13 with a CC curl for my lashes with size 8/9 in the corners and I couldn't be happier! She explained aftercare to me and even provided me with the cutest lash brush!! 10/10 would recommend! PLUS her prices are extremely fair for someone like me who really enjoys feeling extra confident with lashes but doesn't make tons of money. Thank you Elia!" Marlena


Makeup Lee Mee

This lash salon is known for lashes that stay. We don't want our lashes falling out the next day right? Check them out for the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento. Your lash dreams are only a phone call away!

Customer Review:

"I LOVE this place! It's by far the best lashes I've ever had done. I don't have any problems with them falling out before they should because you lose at least 5 lashes per day per eye naturally whether you have lash extensions or not. The owner is the one who usually does mine and she's so amazing! I'm never disappointed and she's so friendly and welcoming. I must say between how quick she is and inexpensive I'll be a loyal client forever. I have no problem booking appointments like I've seen some say but I also don't wait until the last minute." Kim


Lash Away Studio

Make an appointment with Lash Away Studio and get the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento! TLP loves everything about this place and we know you will too. Tell us how your lashes turn out!

Customer Review:

"I'm so hooked! I save so much time every day without having to worry about my eyes. I got the classic, it's not too heavy. Perfect weight and length. Anna is awesome she will work with you to get you what you want. Plus you can always change it up to other set and play around." Judy


Lala’s Lashes

We all need some lashes in our life! If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Sacramento, Lala's Lashes is your must stop place. Get you some lashes boo.

Customer Review:

"I've gotten my lashes done at chain salons, small boutiques, and different private parties over the past few years. I was never able to find someone that was "great". Either the lashes were excessive, even though I asked for natural or they would look great only to have 1/2 fall off within a manner of days, or they'd look hodge podge and stay on forever. Lala is the ONLY person that applied my lashes beautifully, just the right "natural" look for me AND they stay on for a good 3-4 weeks! Her prices are reasonable and she is so pleasant. Come support her and get some truly amazing lashes done!" Glady


Are you interested in becoming a lash artist? Take The Lash Professional's Online Classic Lash Training.

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Honolulu

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Honolulu

10 Best Eyelash Extensions in Honolulu

July 12, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu, this post is for you! But remember, when you're booking with the best you need to do quickly. They all book up fast!

Lash Brow Cafe

The girls at Lash & Brow Cafe are passionate about eyelash extensions. Not only do they offer the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu, but they are also always looking at how to get even better. Can they actually get better?! The Lash Professional loves the passion and devotion they have to be the best. Book an appointment with them today. You'll be happy you did.

Customer Review:

"Vera is my girl at Lash and Brow Cafe. I have been getting my lashes done by her for almost a year and couldn't be happier with her work. I get compliments all the time! Location of her salon is great with plenty of parking. Vera is also very flexible and accommodating when it comes to scheduling an appointment. Highly recommend!" Laura


Lash Love

Nikki, the owner of Lash Love makes everyone feel like a million bucks. And, we're not just talking lashes. This pretty little thing takes care of her client's hearts too. All we can say is this place is the place to get the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu and refill of that heart kool-aid.

Customer Review:

"Malia is my go-to lash girl if you want lashes because of her precision work and kind personality. She makes the process of getting your lashes done really easy and the beds are comfortable. The studio is very clean and the location is so easy as it is above Moku kitchen. They do validate and so you end up paying about $2 to 3 for parking. Lashes stay on for about 3 weeks and Malia can help you choose what would match your face." Stacy


Summer Eyes By Lily Yuriko Satoh

Whether you're about to have a baby, have a baby, or a baby is not in your plans you'll be happy with these lashes! If you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu, Summer Eyes is your spot. Make an appointment as soon as possible, they get booked up fast!

Customer Review:

"Love Summer Eyes! The ladies here are very sweet and do an amazing job. The first time was with Yuko and she gave me a full set (got them before I gave birth! Do it, ladies, you'll thank me later), and I promise it lasted just about 2 months (until the last few lashes fell off that is). I've had experience caring for extensions before but I was only expecting them to stay on for maybe 3 weeks tops before I was "bald" again like with my previous lash artist. I'm just passing my two-week mark and still have lashes as full of a set as I would have on a "fill" with the previous lash artist. Lash extensions are a must for new Mommies!! I'm so glad I got mine on again, and I'll be sticking with it this time!" Merielle


Babe Cave Hawaii

So you're looking for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu? Well, we have your spot. Babe Cave Hawaii will take your face from a 10 to a 15. Don't settle for mediocrity. You're the best, so you need the best!

"Babe Cave is my secret for wispy, full and natural looking lashes. I can be very picky about beauty services. Candace is AMAZING. I've never had the confidence to leave the house without a ton of eye makeup, but after receiving services from Candace, I finally feel comfortable enough with no makeup at all. She knows what set of lashes will work best on you and I always have fun letting her experiment with my look. My left eye is usually uneven and getting my lashes done has really helped balance them out. I've gotten so many compliments from people saying they look so natural." Jane


Eyelash Extensions Hawaii

Everyone loves Karen and it's for a good reason. This lash babe definitely makes lash dreams come true. If you're looking for experience and passion, Karen is your girl. Check out Eyelash Extensions Hawaii for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu.

Customer Review:

"Karen is AWESOME! This by far was the BEST lash service I received! I was a bit skeptical because of the horrible experience I had in MAUI at Beauty Spa in Kihei! (Don't go there!).... Karen did an amazing job!!! Her room was nice & clean and she took her time! I came in with a specific look and she wasn't sure if she could do it, but she tried!! And actually did exactly how I wanted them! My lashes are so pretty! They feel light...like I don't have anything false on.. also they feel very comfortable!!! I fell asleep when she was working on me! That's how relaxed I was! Her suite is really nice and when your eyes are open.. you get a nice view!! I'm now addicted lol! Thank you, Karen!!! You have now gained a new client!!!" Shaniece


Salon Island Beauty

The ladies at Salon Island Beauty hook it up! This is the place for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu. The secret is out!

Customer Review:

"After getting my lashes done with Ana three times now, I'm so hooked! I used to get my lashes done in California and my best friend was a licensed professional who did my lashes. In all honestly, Ana is so much better than her!! She will kill me if she read this! 
My lashes have so much volume and they don't come off as easily as when my best friend did them. Ana is so gentle that I fall asleep every time she does my lashes. The best part is that I don't have to put eyeliner or eyeshadow anymore. I don't feel as embarrassed going out without any makeup!" Barbara 


Live Love Lash by Jade

Jade is your lady for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu. This girl will hook it up. If you have a wedding you need to look amazing for or you just want to look amazing, go here!

Customer Review:

"Jade is the best! I had my lashes done by Jade for my wedding and they were exactly what I wanted. I asked for a fuller longer look and she delivered! People kept asking me how I got my lashes so long. Because, even with how long and full they were, they somehow still looked like I could have grown them myself! I highly recommend her, she is so friendly and her daughters are sweethearts" Daria


Kristin Wood Lashes

This beauty, Kristen Wood, is, of course, the owner of Kristen Wood LashesShe has created such beautiful lash salons that you never want to leave. Her artists are fully trained and all can give you the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu. There is something about dependability right?!

Customer Review:

"I am obsessed with my Kristin Wood Lashes!! Even more obsessed with Marissa, my lash guru at the King St. location, for taking care of me. You are amazing and thank you so much for making me feel pretty every time I come in. Won't go to anyone else. You are all amazing!!!! Well worth the price and investment in myself" Marianne


Kimmie Jacob

Miss Kimmie is known for doing the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu. If you want the best, which we know you do, she is your lash artist. It's all about the detail and she is detailed. Hurry and book an appointment, this girl gets booked up quickly!

Customer Review:

"I was referred here by a friend who has been having her lashes done by Kimmie for years and I am so grateful for the referral! Kimmie started doing my lashes in November of last year and she seriously is the BEST- She is so sweet and super accommodating, even though she herself is crazy busy, and she is VERY good at what she does! Every time I have an appointment I leave happy because my lashes look AMAZING, all thanks to Kimmie!" Erin


Ooh La Lash and Beauty

The best place for the best eyelash extensions in Honolulu! Try it out and you will be extremely happy!!!

Customer Review:

"Best place to get your eyelashes done! Linda is amazing! She knows what she's doing and very professional and warm. I get so many compliments about my lashes! The storefront is really nice and the chairs are so comfy! It's a really nice therapeutic process." Linda


Want to learn how to be a lash artist? Take The Lash Professional's Honolulu Classic Lash Training.

Lash Lift Training | What to Look For

Lash Lift Training | What to Look For

Lash Lift Training | What to Look For

February 18, 2021 by The Lash Professional. 

Do you even lift? No, not weights. Lashes! If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about enrolling in a lash lift training course. Great idea, lash boss! There are a lot of sites out there claiming to have bomb a** lash lift training courses, but not all of them are reputable. I’m here to tell you what you should be looking for in a training to set you up for success! If you’ve gotten to this point, and you’re like “what the heck is a lash lift,” check out this blog!

Lash lift training must-haves

There are a few factors that are really crucial to a quality lash lift course, so I’ve laid out the five that I think are most important.

Lash lift products

A good training will not only show you how to lift lashes, but it will explain all of the products that you are using. You need to fully understand what your lash lift supplies do. It is important that you are able to explain the full process to a client, if they should ask. Knowledge is power, and the more you demonstrate your knowledge, the more clients trust you.

Lash lift examples

Does the training course you’re looking at include examples of quality lash lifts? If you’re taking an online lash lift course, an important part of training are photos and videos. I mean, if you can’t see how it’s supposed to look, how are you supposed to be confident in your work? It’s especially important in this case, because you don’t have an instructor physically in front of you to demonstrate the process while you’re learning. According to Inc.com, 65% of people are visual learners, which means that a manual isn’t enough to properly train with.

Lash tint training

Are you interested in lash tinting as well? Many clients like to have their lashes lifted and then tinted, which means you should probably know how to do both. A good training course will include a section on how to tint lashes so you can keep your clients happy!

Troubleshooting lash lifts

We’re all human, and problems arise in every situation. Does the course you’re considering teach you how to troubleshoot these problems? What about the ins and outs of lash lift cleanliness and safety? Sh*t happens, and a real lash boss should be prepared for anything! A good course will teach you how to both avoid mishaps and deal with them if they occur.

Reputable lash lift courses

Last but not least, is the company reputable? Have past students posted reviews of the company? Is their website easy on the eyes? That one sounds silly, but a nice website means they put time and effort into advertising their product or course. It also means that they take pride in what they have to offer. Is the price reasonable for what you’re getting? Let me clarify. REASONABLE DOES NOT MEAN CHEAP. Lash lift and tint training for $100? No way, girlfriend. If a course seems too good to be true, it probably is. The saying “you get what you pay for” is totally true.

All of this being said, if you are looking for a bomb lash lift training course, check out TLP’s Lash Lift Course. I do encourage you to do your own research, though, and find what fits you!

Alright, babes, that’s all I have for you for now!

Best Oil Free Mascara for Eyelash Extensions – Lash Retail - The Lash Professional

Best Oil Free Mascara for Eyelash Extensions – Lash Retail - The Lash Professional

Best Oil Free Mascara for Eyelash Extensions – Lash Retail

October 22, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

Have you been looking for the best oil-free mascara that will treat you and your lashes, right? Babes, we got you covered!

So many brands of mascara out there may look good, but they have oils in them that will ruin the fiercest eyelash extensions. Why, oh why, do oil-based mascara do that?

The reason is that the oils in the mascara break down the glue holding your lash extensions on! In other words, one of the best ways to makeeyelash extensions last is to avoid oil-based mascara.

So, what kind of mascara should you use? Personally, we recommend an oil-free mascara. To help you find the perfect mascara for your professional eyelash extensions kit, we’ve put together this list of our favorite oil-free mascara brands.

Is Oil-Free Mascara Safe for Eyelash Extensions?

Before we dive into our list of the best oil-free mascara brands for eyelash extensions, let’s discuss why this type of mascara is best. Truthfully, oil-free mascara is really the only safe option for those stunning extensions.

As much as you may love oil-based or waterproof mascaras, they can be incredibly damaging to your beautiful lashes. Oil-free, or water-based mascara, is created without the chemicals and oils that break down the lash glue and destroy the bond that holds your lash extension on.

Additionally, an oil-free mascara is great for those with sensitive skin! Since these mascaras are often not made with harsh chemicals, they are a top choice for those who may have reactions to other brands.

All in all, oil-free mascara is the safest option when it comes to caring for your eyelash extensions! Now, let’s get into those top brands so you can add them to your cart today.

Best Oil-Free Mascaras

1. The Lash Professional’s Lash Extension Safe Mascara

Hands down, ladies, this is one of the best oil-free mascara out there. First and foremost, this mascara goes on like a dream and comes off easy. Say goodbye to that unnecessary makeup remover. All you need is a little water to get this mascara off at the end of the day!

Additionally, this mascara is excellent for your eyelash extensions and your natural lashes! With a formula made to nurture your natural lashes, The Lash Professional’s Lash Extension Safe Mascara is essential to keeping your lash looks on top.

2. Benefit’s BADgirl Lash Mascara

    If you’re looking for a mascara that gives you the volume you crave, then tryBADgirl Lash Mascara from Benefit!

    Apply as much—or as little—of this oil-free mascara to achieve natural or thick eyelashes. Thanks to its brush, you can create volume with ease!

    3. Maybelline’s Great Lash Washable Mascara

    Maybelline’s Great Lash brand has been around for 40 years for a reason! With theirWashable Mascara, you can condition your natural lashes and achieve thicker lashes.

    Plus, this oil-free mascara comes in four colors: very black, blackest black, brownish-black, and dark brown.

    4. Lacôme’s Définicils Mascara

    For a natural, but noticeable lash look, try out Lacôme’sDéfinicils Mascara. This mascara comes in three colors—black, deep black, and deep brown.

    If you want to test this mascara out, or need a go-to travel mascara, you’re in luck! Lacôme’s mascara has a travel-size black mascara option.

    5. Saint Laurent’s Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils

    With a new enriching formula, Saint Laurent’s Volume Effect Faux Cils provides voluminous looks and conditions your lashes. In addition, you can get this mascara in some unique colors, like bright blue or a deep burgundy.

    For those lash babes who rock color eyelash extensions, try adding this mascara to your daily makeup routine for daring lashes!

    Lash Tip: Don’t forget to clean your lashes at the end of the day! A disposable lash brush and can help remove all the product and leave your natural lashes and extensions fresh.

    Give Your Lashes the Royal Treatment!

    When it comes to self-care, giving your lashes an extra boost between lash extension fills is a no-brainer!

    These are just a handful of the many great mascara brands out there. Regardless, we feel that these are the best oil-free mascara brands to use that have your lashes’ best interest at heart.

    Knowing the right mascara is only one small part of what it takes to be a real lash boss. There are so manyexpert eyelash extension tips and tricks to learn!

    Ultimately, the best first step is to check out The Lash Professional’slash extension classes!

    With hands-on training with experts from The Lash Professional, you’ll be lashing star looks in no time. Plus, if you’re a hustler, we get that struggle. That’s why these fantastic courses are also available online!

    Now you can have exclusive lashing knowledge right at your fingertips!

    Eyelash Extension Business Plan | How To

    Eyelash Extension Business Plan | How To

    Eyelash Extension Business Plan | How To

    October 24, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

    Oh hey!  Good to see you again.  So, now that you're a lash boss inside, are you ready to take on the world with your lash boss magic?  I hope so, because this blog will give you tips for how to create an eyelash extension business plan.

    Business Idea

    Obviously to have a business plan, you need to start somewhere.  If you're on The Lash Professional, you're probably looking into starting an eyelash extension business.  However, these tips can work with any type of salon business plan.

    Market Research

    Before you even think about writing a business plan, you need to extensively research the market you're planning to be part of.  John Rampton of Entrepreneur suggests spending twice the amount of time researching that you do actually writing your business plan.  The article I linked has a lot of great, specific information for how to navigate a market, so check that out.

    Business Plan Finances

    It's really important that you work out early on how much money you'll need to start your business.  This will influence whether you hire employees, where your salon is, the hours you work, etc.  Along with this, break up this number into different spending categories.

    Business Marketing

    Are you going to market your business?  How much, if any, money are you going to spend on advertising?  Where are you going to advertise?  Some people pay for newspaper ads, or ads on grocery store carts.  Maybe your perspective clientele is super social media savvy, so you want to target Instagram users.  Plan to market strategically, so that you're not wasting any of your startup money.


    Are you going to be working alone?  Are you going to hire employees?  If you hire employees, how many will you hire to start?  Are you going to pay them commission or hourly?  Finances are obviously crucial if you're flying solo, but when other people are dependent on you, have your sh*t figured out!

    Business Location

    Where will your business be?  Would you prefer to work out of your home, or do you want to lease a space? Maybe you actually want to own a space!  More power to you, lash boss.  If you decide to work somewhere other than your home, try to find a good location that is easy to spot and find by clients.

    Business Services

    You also need to decide what services you're going to provide.  Will your salon just offer lash extensions, or do you plan on adding lash lifts and tints as well?  (Ahem, we think you should!)  The Lash and Sugar Company offers not only lash extensions, lifts, and tints, but sugaring and tanning as well!  This makes it a one-stop-shop for clients.  Convenience for them, money for Lash and Sugar!  Considering adding any beauty service is a good thing to do, because the more a client can rely on you, the more likely they are to keep coming back for more.

    Business Supplies

    All of that being said, where are you going to get the things you need to run your business?  You can't do lashes without, well, lashes.  Find brands that you like, would personally use, and won't break your budget. See how everything goes back to finances?!

    For all things lashes, check out The Lash Professional.  Not only will you be offering your client the best products, you'll be joining a Lash Gang that has your back through your eyelash extension business journey.

    What are you waiting for?  Go write that business plan, babe!

    XX, Cam
      Top 5 Eyelash Extension YouTube Channels - The Lash Professional

      Top 5 Eyelash Extension YouTube Channels - The Lash Professional

      Top 5 Eyelash Extension YouTube Channels

      October 31, 2019 by The Lash Professional. 

      Happy Thursday, lash boss!  I hope you've had a fabulous week...and haven't spent all of it in a YouTube black hole like I have.  But, I mean, can you blame me?  I love good eyelash extension videos, whether it's techniques, how to deal with clients, or supply hauls.  If you're like me, you really didn't even know that these types of channels existed until recently.  I'm going to give you the lowdown on my fave channels, so that you can soak up all the inspiration.

      1 | The Lash Professional

      Would this even be a  TLP blog if I didn't toot our own horn?  While we only have one video right now (and it's great, of course), we are going to bring you the best info, straight from the experts.  We believe that the more education you have access to, the better a lash boss you'll be.  So, check out our first video about all things tweezers, and keep an eye out for more bad a*s videos.

      2 | Danielle Mount

      Danielle feels like my best friend, and I've never even met her.  The info that she blesses us with is so helpful, because it covers every base.  Watch Danielle's videos if you want tips on how to edit your lash photos, retention, and even safety.  Danielle is a certified bad b*tch for sure.

      3 | LashBox LA

      All of LashBox LA's videos are narrated by their Global Education Director, Lydia.  One of the things I love is that she's all about protecting the interests of the lash artists, and helping them grow!  As I said earlier, we believe in education, so if you're looking for tips and tricks about lashing, or even how to manage your clientele, check out LashBox LA's videos.

      4 | Kari Bristow

      Kari's channel makes me smile.  I love how she not only educates and gives you helpful tips and tricks, but she takes you along with her to trade shows.  Kari is a traditional YouTuber, crossed with a lash artist, and as someone who enjoys both lash videos and vlogs, I like that I don't have to choose when I'm on Kari's channel.  Her videos highlight a lot of brands, which is great, especially if you're just starting out and are on the hunt for reputable supplies.

      5 | FabuPRO

      FabuPRO gets up close and personal with lashes.  No, really.  Go watch their videos.  I love that they show actual lashing and cleansing so that we can see what real life looks like.  It's not always bomb lashes on Instagram, people!  Sometimes you'll have clients whose lashes really need to be cleaned, and FabuPRO shows you how.  I also like that they have videos about mapping techniques and even lash reveals with real clients.

      The takeaway here is that there's tons of free education if you look for it!  We and our fellow lash babes put out this content for you, so you can lash so hard.  Soak it up like a sponge, baby, because there's more coming your way, especially from The Lash Professional.

      xx Cam