Eyelash extensions have become an increasingly popular beauty trend, providing an effective solution to achieve fuller and longer lashes without needing mascara or false eyelashes. If you are contemplating getting eyelash extensions, one of your primary questions might be, “How long do eyelash extensions take?" We will explore all aspects of the process as we answer this question, as well as highlight factors that could extend its duration during an appointment.

Understanding the Eyelash Extension Process

Trained technicians must professionally apply eyelash extensions; typically, this entails attaching individual extensions to each natural lash strand and adhering them permanently to them. To understand how long this procedure takes, all of its steps must be understood.

1. Consultation (5-10 minutes)

At the outset of any process involving eyelash extensions, consultation is important to ensure that you and your technician can achieve your desired look. In this session, discuss what look you wish to achieve as well as any preferences or concerns that you may have for their treatment. This step ensures both parties can work towards reaching their desired goal together.

2. Prep Time (10-15 Minutes)

Before applying eyelash extensions, your technician carefully prepares both eyes and the surrounding area. This includes cleaning natural lashes to remove makeup or residue; an uncluttered surface allows the wings to adhere more securely, as well as protecting lower lashes with eye pads so they do not interfere with the application process.

3. Application (1.5 to 2 Hours)

The application phase of eyelash extensions is often the longest part of the process. It will likely take the most time and repetition of keyword searches for "How long do eyelash extensions take?". Application times will depend on several factors, such as some lashes being applied, the technician's experience using them, and the desired style; on average, it takes 1.5-2 hours.

Your natural lashes will have carefully adhered to one another using a unique adhesive, while our technician uses different lengths, curls, and thicknesses of extensions to achieve your desired look. This meticulous work requires steady hands with considerable skill.

At this stage, you must remain relaxed and comfortable, as this process involves having your eyes closed throughout. Some clients even find this part of the experience so relaxing that they fall asleep!

4. Drying and Additional Touches (15-20 minutes)

After your lash extensions have been applied, your technician will give you time for the adhesive to fully set before making adjustments and trimming any stray lashes as necessary to complete the look. It's also an opportunity to discuss aftercare or any questions.

Factors That Affect the Duration

The frame of an eyelash extension appointment depends on many variables; let's examine these and how they influence it:

  1. Experience of the Technician

The experience and expertise of your lash technician are both significant factors when it comes to how long eyelash extension application takes. Highly trained technicians tend to work more quickly and efficiently; for quicker applications, look for technicians known for their precision and speed.

  1. Style and Volume

Your eyelash extension style and volume selection can affect how long an appointment lasts; typically, a natural or classic set takes less time compared to more dramatic or voluminous extensions that involve attaching individual lashes individually.

  1. Initial Natural Lash Condition

Conditions surrounding your natural lashes can also have a direct effect on how long an extension application takes. When natural lashes are healthy and well-kept, attaching extensions should go smoothly. Still, if they're sparse or damaged, an experienced technician may require more time for a secure bond to develop between extensions and natural lashes.

  1. Fills vs. Full Sets

Receiving a refill or touch-up generally takes less time than obtaining a complete set. Refills involve applying extensions directly onto existing lashes, while complete sets require attaching extensions to all-natural lashes—an advantage to getting refills instead of complete sets!

  1. Communicating and Establishing Expectations

Effective communication between you and your technician is essential to meeting your expectations. Discussing specific looks or concerns during a consultation will streamline the process and reduce miscommunication.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Take on Average?

On average, eyelash extensions usually take 1.5-2 hours to apply - though this estimate may differ depending on the abovementioned factors. Refill appointments, typically required every 2-4 weeks to maintain them, can take 45 minutes up to an hour.


How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Take appointments vary in terms of their duration depending on various factors such as the experience of the technician, type and volume of extensions selected by the client, condition of natural lashes being treated, whether or not you require a complete set or refill, etc. A full set typically lasts about 1.5-2 hours, while refills take shorter. It's wise to plan for extra time for consultation and drying, which could add up to 2.5-3 hours of total duration for an appointment.

Remember that eyelash extensions should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, so communicate your expectations to the technician and trust their expertise. With an average-length eyelash extension process in mind, now is an excellent time to book an appointment and experience stunningly longer lashes.

November 15, 2023 — Umair Nazaqat