As a successful lash technician, you can’t just use ANY eyelash tweezers. When it comes to high performance, precision, and expert isolation, you deserve the best of the best. Enter The Lash Professional eyelash tweezers.

These stainless steel lash tweezers come in a variety of configurations so that you can find styles perfect for any technique. Need a curved eyelash extension tweezer to create the perfect volume fan? We’ve got you covered. On the hunt for the best straight lash tweezer to apply classic eyelash extensions easily? We’ve got that too.

How to Choose Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Not every style of lash tweezers will work for every lash artist. When you’re ready to purchase your next pair of tweezers for lashes, follow these steps to find the best fit.

Know Your Lash Styles

The first step in choosing lash tweezers is to know the lash looks you’ll be creating for clients. Will you be working with volume lashes to create a dramatic fluff? Do your clients lean toward more natural lash styles? Lash tweezers are built to handle different styles, so narrowing down the looks you’re offering will help you decide!

Understand the Differences

Tip ends, materials, and grip — oh my! There are so many elements that go into creating eyelash extension tweezers and each one is essential. Learn the differences between the tip end styles, the tweezer materials, and the grip used to determine which tweezer to choose. You may be enamored with a classic tweezer but the grip just feels off in your hand. Try out each kind to find what feels natural.

Shop Quality Lash Tweezers

Of course, no one wants to invest in eyelash extension tweezers that break after a week. Quality lash tweezers will be your best friend as you create lash looks, so you want to make sure they’ll last! The Lash Professional offers sleek and durable lash tweezers made just for you.

Choose More Than One

The more, the better! If you realize that just one pair of lash tweezers isn’t enough for all the styles you offer, find a few that work. Once you know your favorite materials and grip, you can invest in the right tip-end styles that match your lash looks.

Lash Tweezer Care

Let’s not forget about care! Like every other eyelash extension tool you use, your lash tweezers will last much longer if you properly clean and store them. After every client, wash your eyelash extension tweezers with warm, soapy water and place in barbicide for 10 minutes. Wash them one more time with warm water and soap before drying thoroughly. Your tweezers will be sterilized and ready for the next client!

Before you make your choice, dive deeper into each tweezer by acquainting yourself with each of the eight types of professional lash tweezers! After all, your eyelash tweezers will be with you through thick and thin. Let The Lash Professional supplies support you through it all!