D Curl lashes are all about the drama! As one of the curliest lashes on the market, it provides all the curl anyone could possibly want. D Curl lashes get their incredible curl by replicating a half-circle shape that makes an eye-opening statement. This lash is the perfect go-to for any lash artist looking to create a “Doll” look with a hint of added drama for their clients. Whether you’re looking for that classic D Curl lash look or want to add some extra volume to your already curled lashes, there’s a D Curl lash look for you.

The Lash Professional recommends using the D Curl lashes on clients with naturally curly lashes. You can’t go wrong with adding more curl to their lashes! Using D Curl lashes on straight or downward-pointing eyelashes will require some application adjustments for a long-lasting, flawless look.