In the world of lashing, one size does not fit all. To protect your client’s natural lashes and have them saying “WOW,” the first step is simple—lash selection! Whether your client requests “full and bold” or “as natural as possible,” understanding which black lashes to select is important. Using the correct lash length, weight, and curl for your client’s lashes is just part of the gig!

Every experienced lash artist knows that carrying an arsenal of different black lashes is their greatest weapon. Master whatever style request comes your way by creating a lash collection that supports any client. Whether it’s bold or “barely there,” hooded or deep-set eyelids, naturally curly or straight lashes, the selection of premium faux mink black lashes is here to help you create an amazing finished look. If you don’t know much about curl, length, and diameter, take the time to dive in deeper to each lash, from the J Curl all the way to the L+!