Single Session30 Day Coaching Program90 Day Coaching Program
• 45 minute coaching sessions
• 30 Day Coaching Program: 4 calls
• 90 Day Coaching PRogram: 12 calls
• coaching areas: 
salon management, lash entrepreneurship, building a lash brand, and Advertising on meta (facebook & instagram)

I can coach you in...

One-on-one coaching in salon management, lash entrepreneurship, building a lash extensions brand, and advertising on Meta offers personalized guidance and support tailored to the specific needs and goals of individuals in the beauty industry.

Here's a detailed description of what each aspect of the coaching might entail:

Salon Management:
 Understanding the fundamentals of running a successful salon, including staff management, inventory control, and customer service.

• Developing strategies for efficient scheduling, maximizing revenue, and minimizing overhead costs.

• Implementing effective marketing tactics to attract and retain clients.

• Creating a positive and welcoming salon environment conducive to client satisfaction and loyalty.


Lash Entrepreneurship:
• Exploring the opportunities and challenges of starting and growing a lash-focused business.
• Crafting a unique value proposition and defining target markets.
• Developing a business plan outlining goals, budgeting, and timelines.
• Learning the ins and outs of lash extension techniques, product selection, and sanitation practices.
• Identifying potential revenue streams beyond lash application, such as retailing products or offering training courses.

Building a Lash Extensions Brand:
• Establishing a brand identity that resonates with target customers and sets the business apart from competitors.
• Creating compelling branding materials, including logos, packaging, and marketing collateral.
• Building an online presence through a professional website and social media platforms.
• Cultivating a loyal customer base through exceptional service, quality products, and consistent branding.
• Leveraging influencer partnerships and collaborations to expand brand awareness and reach.
Advertising on Meta (formerly Facebook):
• Understanding the advertising options available on Meta's platform, including Facebook and Instagram.
• Setting up targeted ad campaigns based on demographics, interests, and behaviors of the desired audience.
• Crafting engaging ad creatives that resonate with the target market and drive action.
• Monitoring ad performance and optimizing campaigns for maximum return on investment.
• Utilizing advanced features such as retargeting, lookalike audiences, and dynamic ads to enhance advertising effectiveness.

Overall, one-on-one coaching in these areas provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to succeed in the competitive beauty industry, whether they're just starting out or looking to take their existing business to the next level.

How coaching sessions work

One-on-one coaching sessions with Vanessa, a seasoned salon owner and brand entrepreneur, are designed to provide personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific needs and goals in the lash industry.

Here's how the coaching sessions typically work:



Coaching Initial consultation:

• The coaching journey begins with an initial consultation where you'll have the opportunity to discuss your objectives, challenges, and aspirations with Vanessa.

• During this session, Vanessa will take the time to understand your background, current business situation, and areas where you're seeking assistance or improvement.

• Together, you'll outline your goals and establish a roadmap for the coaching sessions ahead.


Goal Setting and strategy Development:

• Based on the insights gathered from the initial consultation, Vanessa will work with you to define clear and achievable goals for your salon and brand.

• She'll help you develop a strategic plan that outlines actionable steps to reach your objectives, considering factors such as market analysis, competition, and target audience.


Personalized Coaching Sessions:

• Coaching sessions with Vanessa are conducted one-on-one, either in person or virtually, depending on your preferences and availability.

• Each session is tailored to address specific topics or challenges relevant to your business, such as salon management, brand development, marketing strategies, or advertising on platforms like Meta.

• Vanessa will share her expertise, insights, and best practices, providing practical advice and actionable recommendations to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.


Hands-On Support and Feedback:

• Throughout the coaching process, Vanessa offers hands-on support and feedback to guide you in implementing the strategies and techniques discussed during the sessions.

• She'll review your progress, offer constructive criticism, and provide additional resources or support as needed to ensure you stay on track towards success.


Accountability and Follow-Up:

• Vanessa believes in accountability and follows up with you regularly to monitor your progress and address any challenges or concerns that may arise.

• She'll help you stay accountable to your goals, providing motivation and encouragement to keep pushing forward even when faced with obstacles.


Ongoing Support and Resources:

• Beyond the scheduled coaching sessions, Vanessa remains available to provide ongoing support and guidance whenever you need it.

• She'll share valuable resources, tools, and industry insights to empower you in your journey as a lash salon owner and brand entrepreneur.


*Should you require expedited one-on-one coaching, Vanessa provides the option for a single-session.

One-on-one coaching sessions with Vanessa offer a collaborative and personalized approach to help you unlock your full potential and achieve success in the lash industry. With her expertise and support, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to thrive as a salon owner and brand entrepreneur.

Why work with vanessA?

Vanessa is a business coach with experience.

From owning multiple lash salons to building a lash brand, she has done it all in the lash industry. Vanessa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry, particularly in the niche of lash extensions. As a successful salon owner and brand founder, Vanessa understands the challenges and opportunities that come with building a thriving business in this competitive field.

In this personalized coaching program, Vanessa will work closely with you to assess your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations. Whether you're just starting your journey in the lash industry or seeking to elevate your existing business to new heights, Vanessa will provide tailored guidance and support every step of the way.

Through one-on-one sessions, Vanessa will share her insights on salon management best practices, lash entrepreneurship strategies, brand building techniques, and effective advertising on platforms like Meta. Together, you'll explore innovative approaches to grow your business, attract more clients, and establish a strong brand presence in the market.

Vanessa's coaching approach is hands-on and collaborative, focusing on practical solutions and actionable steps that align with your unique vision and objectives. With her mentorship, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate the challenges of the beauty industry and achieve long-term success as a lash extension salon owner and brand entrepreneur.

Get ready to unlock your full potential and take your lash business to new heights with Vanessa's expert guidance and support.

The success is yours

Vanessa, as a dedicated one-on-one lash business coach, employs a multifaceted approach to measure her clients' success.

Goal Achievement:

Vanessa works closely with her clients to establish clear, achievable goals at the outset of their coaching journey.

Throughout the coaching process, she continuously assesses the progress made towards these goals, celebrating milestones reached and adjusting strategies as needed to ensure success.


Business Growth:

One of the key indicators of success for Vanessa's clients is the growth of their lash businesses.

Vanessa tracks metrics such as revenue increase, client retention rates, and expansion of services or product offerings to measure the tangible growth experienced by her clients.


Client Satisfaction:

Vanessa places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction and loyalty.

She gathers feedback from her clients to gauge their level of satisfaction with the coaching process and the results achieved, making adjustments to her approach based on their input.


Personal Development:

Beyond the business metrics, Vanessa assesses her clients' personal development and growth as entrepreneurs.

She looks for signs of increased confidence, leadership skills, and strategic thinking, which indicate a deeper level of growth and readiness to navigate the challenges of the lash industry independently.


Adoption of Strategies:

Vanessa measures success by the extent to which her clients adopt and implement the strategies and techniques discussed during coaching sessions.

She evaluates their ability to integrate new practices into their business operations and marketing efforts, assessing the effectiveness of these changes in driving positive outcomes.


Long-Term Sustainability:

Ultimately, Vanessa aims to help her clients build businesses that are not only successful in the short term but also sustainable in the long run.

She assesses the resilience of her clients' businesses, their ability to adapt to changes in the market, and their readiness to continue growing and evolving beyond the coaching relationship.


Through a holistic approach that considers both quantitative and qualitative measures of success, Vanessa ensures that her clients achieve their goals, grow their businesses, and develop the skills and mindset needed for long-term success in the lash industry.


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