Gel Formula
Gentle, but strong


No need to pull and tug on your client’s delicate lashes! The Lash Professional’s lash extension remover gently breaks down the strongest lash adhesives.

Eyelash extension glue has strength comparable to super glue. Harsh tugging can break natural lashes or pull them out prematurely. Don’t do it—get the lash extension remover!

Our no-drip gel eyelash extension remover will also nourish natural lashes. Unlike some removers, our lash extension remover contains a blend of ingredients that will condition natural lashes while gently removing adhesive.

Lash Glue Remover

Introducing the Lash Professional's Lash Glue Remover, a must-have for effortless and safe removal of eyelash extensions. Our specialized formula is gentle yet effective, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. Say goodbye to residue and hello to a clean slate for your next lash application. Trust the brand that professionals rely on – choose Lash Professional for a superior Lash Glue Remover that prioritizes both effectiveness and care for your natural lashes. Elevate your lash maintenance routine with a product designed to meet the high standards of lash professionals and enthusiasts alike.

How to Use Lash Extension Remover

When you’re ready to remove your client’s lash extensions, there are a few key steps you’ll want to follow to protect both your client’s natural lashes and the surrounding skin.

First, you’ll want to place eyelash eye pads under the bottom lashes. This will protect the sensitive skin under your client’s eyes and make it easier for you to see the lash extensions. Then, lightly saturate two lint-free micro brushes with lash extension remover. In a gentle stroking motion, work from base to tip, gently coating the eyelash extension. With some time, the eyelash extension will easily slide off the natural eyelash.

Repeat this process until the lashes have slid off the natural lashes. When all extensions have been removed, cleanse the natural lashes to remove excess product.


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