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Silicon rods

Does your client want wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am level curled lashes? Are they more of a soft and subtle curl kind of lash girl? With The Lash Professional’s silicon lash lift rods, the world is in your pretty little hands!

You can use the three different rod sizes to achieve every look your clients request. These rods come in small, medium, and large to determine the level of curl your client will receive. Use the small rod to achieve a tight curl, the medium rod for a middle-ground level curl, and the large rod for a relaxed and natural curl.

These essential lash lift rods allow you to create any style curl that your heart desires.

How to select a lift rod

Well, it depends on what your beloved client wants! Always start there. Then, look at your client’s natural lash length. A client with medium to long lashes can use any of the lash rods. A client with short lashes will need to use the small rod.

Small- a tight curl

Medium- a medium curl

Large- a relaxed curl

On rare occasions, if the lash lift rod is too long and is pushing into your client’s inner or outer eye area, you may trim off the edges of the rod with scissors. But, if the rods have been cut you can’t reuse them.


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