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Are you a lash salon owner looking to amplify your business's online presence and attract more clients? Look no further! Our comprehensive online training program is designed specifically for lash artist entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of digital marketing to grow their business.

Why Meta Ads?

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business, including lash salons. Meta Ads, including Facebook and Instagram Ads, offer a powerful platform to reach potential clients and drive them to your salon. With precise targeting options and advanced analytics, Meta Ads allow you to connect with the right audience at the right time, maximizing your return on investment.


In this course, we’re all about results. Unlike other business courses with generic information, each element in this course is specific to the lash industry. This way, you can apply exactly what you’ve learned in real-world situations.

We’ll cover a lot of ground in this course. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

Intro to marketing

  • Digital Marketing Terms
  • Digital Marketing Acronyms
  • What are Meta Ads?
  • Reasons to Market with Meta
  • Demographics for Media Platforms

Make an online presence

  • Finding Your Target Audience
  • Ideal Client Creation
  • Building an Online Presence
  • Create Online Engagement
  • How to Take Great Lash Photos 
  • What to Avoid in Your Photos
  • Essential Apps to Use
  • Utilizing Essential AI
  • Using Hashtags

Set-Up meta ads

  • Steps to Meta Ads
  • Creating a Meta Business Page
  • How to Use Facebook Ads Manager

launch a campaign

  • Making a Campaign Objective
  • The Marketing Funnel
  • Defining Your Target Audience
  • Setting Your Budget
  • Scheduling Your Ads
  • Choosing Ad Placements
  • Facebook Ad Placement Options
  • Instagram Ad Placement Options
  • Ad Placement Considerations

Create your ads

  • Creating an Ad
  • Ad Visuals
  • Sizing of Ads
  • Marketing Research
  • Ad Formats
  • Craft Your Ad Copy
  • Keyword Research
  • Destination Ad URL

Optimize your Ads

  • Set Up Google Pixel to Track Conversions
  • How to Monitor and Optimize Your Ads
  • Dealing with Ad Fatigue
  • Meta Marketing Plan
  • Meta Marketing Plan Calendar
  • Marketing Calendar Example

All the information you’ll learn is designed to be straightforward and much easier to understand than what’s in clunky business books. Plus, you’ve got lash knowledge at your fingertips in this virtual course.

What You'll LEARN

The Lash Professional's Meta Ad training program is specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by lash entrepreneurs in the digital marketing landscape.

Understanding the basics of meta ads: Learn the fundamentals of Meta Ads, including how they work, different ad formats, and best practices for creating effective ads.

• account setuP: Step by step guidance on setting up Meta Ads accounts to ensure they are properly configured for maximum effectiveness. 

Targeting your audience: Discover advanced targeting options to reach potential clients based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

crafting compelling ad creative: Learn how to create eye-catching ad creatives that grab attention and compel viewers to take action.

budgeting and optimization: Understand how to set budgets, bid strategies, and optimize your ad campaigns for maximum results.

Measuring success: Dive into the world of ad analytics and learn how to track and measure the performance of your campaigns to continuously improve.

meet your instructor

Vanessa Molica, your expert guide to mastering Meta Ads for your lash business! With 7 years of experience in digital marketing and a deep understanding of the lash industry, Vanessa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

As a seasoned professional, Vanessa has a proven track record of success in leveraging Meta Ads to drive tangible results for lash businesses. She understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in the lash space and is passionate about empowering fellow lash entrepreneurs to succeed in the digital realm.

Here's what sets Vanessa apart:

 Expertise in Digital Marketing: With extensive experience in digital marketing, Vanessa is well-versed in the latest trends, strategies, and tools to help you navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

 Industry Insights: She has a deep understanding of the lash industry, including the nuances of running a successful lash salon. Vanessa knows what it takes to stand out in a crowded market and will provide you with practical insights tailored to your business. 

 Proven Results: Vanessa has a track record of delivering real results for lash  businesses using Meta Ads. From increasing brand awareness to driving conversions, she knows how to harness the power of digital advertising to achieve your business objectives.

 Passion for Education: Above all, Vanessa is passionate about education and helping others succeed. She is dedicated to providing you with high-quality training, personalized guidance, and ongoing support to help you reach your full potential.

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