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  • Hormonal Imbalances Effects 
  • Natural Lash Growth Cycle
  • Preparing Lashes Properly 
  • To Prime or Not to Prime
  • Choosing the Perfect Extension 
  • Choosing the Perfect Style 
  • Get to Know Your Adhesive
  • Choosing the Right Adhesive 
  • Caring for Your Adhesive
  • Changing Adhesive During Appointment
  • Humidity and Adhesive Breakdown
  • Adhesive Curing Practices
  • Proper Adhesive Usage 
  • Best Attachment Options
  • Perfected Placement Techniques
  • What Lashes to Lash
  • Signs of Lash Stress 
  • Prolonging Fill Retention
  • Extended Client Aftercare


Are you sick of having bad glue days? Are you sick of your clients coming in with half their extensions gone? Are you sick of text messages from your clients saying their extensions are falling out. Are you sick of having poor lash retention? This course was made for you.

In this lash retention training we go over every possible thing that could be affecting your retention. Stop having poor retention. The time is now. Once you sign up, we send you access to the training portal. You can work on your lash retention training immediately. This course is amazing because it’s available to you anytime and anywhere. There is absolutely no reason why you should have poor lash retention anymore.


Lash Mapping

Eye Theory

Eye Distance

Eye Analysis

Eye Tilt

Eye Shapes

Correcting for Eye Irregularities

Face Theory

Face Shapes

Advanced Mapping

Lash Styling

Curl Mixing

Curl Sectioning

Texture & Layering

Straight Line Effect

Fluff Effect

Winged Liner Effect

Smokey Eye Effect

The Bond



N1 Eyelash Extension Adhesive

2 Lash Tweezers

Mixed Tray of Eyelash Extensions

10 Eyepads

Lash Traveling Bag

Lash Styling Training Manual PDF

Downloadable Certificate


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