Light Liquid Consistency 
1 Second Drying Time

The Lash Professional's N1 eyelash extension glue is a must have adhesive for both classic and volume lashes. With a 1-second average dry time, lash artists can speed up their lashing time while giving clients up to 8 weeks of lash retention. You can feel confident knowing that our adhesive is durable and incredibly safe for your clients. 

For lash artists who cringe at the thought of wasting product, you're in luck! The perfect 5ml size of the eyelash extension glue is usable up to 6 weeks after it's been opend, so you'll have plenty of time to use it all up! 

How to Use Lash Extension Glue

How exactly do you use eyelash extension glue? 

Well, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow to ensure that your client’s lash extensions aren’t going anywhere. The first step is to prepare your lash glue. Make sure you shake up your eyelash extension glue so all of the ingredients are well blended. 

When your client is ready to go, you’ll want to place your glue in a convenient location. We personally recommend investing in a glue rings or a crystal stone. Both work great! It's all about prefrence. 

Make sure you only apply just enough glue to keep your client’s lashes in place. You don’t want to overload extensions with unnecessary glue. More is not better when it comes to lash glue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of eyelash extension glue should I use?

There’s a reason that multiple types of lash extension glues have been developed. When picking your glue pay attention to the speed it dries. If you move a little slower you should stay away from any eyelash extension glue that dries really fast. Try something right in between. 

Also, a client can react to certain types of adhesive. For this reason, it’s best to have a few options for your clients. Invest in a lash extension glue specifically made for sensitivities. 

Where should I store my eyelash extension glue?

Proper care of any lash extension glue is essential for a long-lasting life. That being said, it’s best to store open glue bottles in a cool and dry space. This will keep your adhesive from drying up under the sun or filling with condensation in the refrigerator.

How do I properly remove eyelash extension glue?

Lucky for you, The Lash Professional has made removing eyelash extensions easy! With our gel eyelash extension remover, you can dissolve the eyelash extension glue and carefully remove lashes. Follow up the lash removal with a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining glue.


N1 Adhesive Low Humidity (below 45%)

Drying Time- ½ Second

Curing Time- Slower

Retention Time- Up to 8 weeks

N1 Adhesive Mid Humidity (45% to 55%)

Drying Time- 1 Second

Curing Time- Average

Retention Time- Up to 8 weeks

N1 Adhesive High Humidity (above 55%)

Drying Time- 2 Second

Curing Time- Quicker

Retention Time- Up to 8 weeks

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Daniella A.
United States United States

All time fave!

This is my go to year-round adhesive!

Samantha S.
United States United States

Best glue

The best glue ever they hold on very well

Chelsey e.

Literally number 1 adhesive out there!

I have been lashing for almost 10 years and have used probably 10-15 different brands. I found No. 1 about 3 years ago and have not changed since. Fast drying and long lasting! Highley recommend for artist who are fast at applying.


No 1 adhesive

I am loving this glue. Ive had great retention as well as easy application.

Cheyanne F.


Every single client I have who used to struggle with retention has the best retention now because of No. 1 glue! I recommend this to all of my lash tech friends. 10/10. If I could give this glue 100 stars, I would!