Light Liquid Consistency 
3 Second Drying Time


Used for both volume and classic curl lash sets, the N3 eyelash extension glue is the perfect option to extend the life of your lashes. Lash artists can speed up their lashing time with the N3 eyelash extension glue’s 3-second average dry time. Clients can enjoy up to 6 weeks of stunning lash extensions with a quick and seamless application.

If you’re a lash artist who hates to waste extra product, you’ll love the 5ml size of this glue. The N3 eyelash extension glue can last up to 6 weeks once opened. The glue’s light liquid consistency make it the ideal application tool for keeping lashes looking stunning and fresh for weeks to come. 

Drying and Curing Time

N3 Adhesive Low Humidity (Below 45%)

Drying Time- 2 Second

Curing Time- Slower

Retention Time- Up to 6 weeks

N3 Adhesive Mid Humidity (Between 45% to 55%)

Drying Time- 3 Second

Curing Time- Average

Retention Time- Up to 6 weeks

N3 Adhesive High Humidity (Above 55%)

Drying Time- 4 Second

Curing Time- Quicker

Retention Time- Up to 6 weeks

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